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People Shared their Stories
Story by Kosha Modi

 Rated : 5.0

We were a group of 50 students who went on a trip booked through thrillophilia. We had two stops in our journey, Kullu, and Prashar Lake. Kullu: We reached Kullu after an overnight bus journey. There were 10 tents, each with clean attached bathrooms. The tents were in a secluded area by the riverside. The location was beautiful and private. We did river rafting (around 4 kms) and rope activities by the day time. Around the evening, we all enjoyed by the bonfire. You can also walk around the streets during the day, and get a feel of the place. All in all, it was a very memorable experience. Next morning, we left for Mandi in a bus, and then left for trekking to Prashar Lake. It was a picturesque 7 km trek, doable for beginners. The view was extremely scenic especially at the top. There were 14 tents for all us, and a sleeping bag for each (The temperature had really fallen due to a hailstorm). Tasty food was served by the lake . There was a great view of snow-clad mountains from the location. All in all, the place was very serene and beautiful. One drawback was, that there were just three dirty bathrooms for 50 people. This trip is very suitable for adventurous people wanting a break from the city life in a destination which is not overcrowded.

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Story by ekanshdewangan

 Rated : 5.0


It was the perfect trek for the biegniers, but the person who never done trek before i will tell that it was Not that easy trek that you think too, Actually it was the moderate trek. We start trekking morning 10 am after travelling 15 km through, jungle and river we reached the destination prashar lake. The lake is accompanied by fast flowing beas river the lake prashar is very scenic. With deep blue waters and a pagoda structured temple it create a very sacred feelings in visitors mind. The most striking characteristic of the place is its silence that you may experience nowhere else.

Story by Aaditya Mehra

 Rated : 5.0

Prashar lake is one of the most beautiful and scenic places. We had visited the place between April and July and again in September and November and the later one is the best time i would suggest for anyone to visit such a peaceful and serene beauty!

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Story by Gajaadhar Khanna

 Rated : 5.0

The place is lovely, amazing and visiting this place is like a dream come true. We enjoyed the beautiful sights on the way and around the lake. It was one of the best tours i have been on.

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Story by Kashyap Trivedi

 Rated : 5.0

Excellent destination with awesome views. It is lies 49KM north of Mandi in Himachal Pradesh and located at height of 2730m above the sea level. With deep blue water the lake looks mind blowing.

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Story by Ekaling Khanna

 Rated : 5.0

Eye capturing valleys and excellent all around views of snow capped peak that makes this lakes beautiful and refreshing. The lake view and the visit to the age old pagoda temples was peaceful. All in all it is a paradise!

Story by Neha Jain

 Rated : 5.0

Everything about Prashar lake is magical and does wonders for the travellers thirsty heart! It is Jewel of Himachal Pradesh indeed! really the trek organizer, guides and fellow trekkers made my journey so easy and comfortable. it was really insane. thank you prashar lake and love himalayas!!

Story by Jitendra Patil

 Rated : 5.0

Prashar lake trek was really good for me as i really felt close to nature . It is true example of nature's magic that god gave to us. I really loved the overall tour and feel very blessed to Visit such a place in India.

Story by Pritha Majumdar

 Rated : 5.0

Easy and short, I really like this Parashar Lake trek in Himachal Pradesh. Beautiful lake, not so much difficulty in climbing to it and getting over within 2 days. Amazingly beautiful trek I had with Thrillophilia's team. time i had with the group i went with and a nice peaceful visit to the pagoda temples.

Story by Rachit Meheta

 Rated : 5.0

This place is truly the jewel of Himachal Pradesh and was half frozen when I visited this place. It was worth the money . We got to see the river Beas too and man, what a sight it is. Had my camera with me to capture the beauty, but I do not think one can do the place justice. I mean, it is that beautiful!

Story by Kyle Perera

 Rated : 5.0

I am a religious person and I was honoured to have gotten a chance to visit the age old pagoda temples here during the trek. Visited the little villages nearby and met the amazing people over there also. This was a memory that will be immortal for me.

Story by Harinakshi Bharadwaj

 Rated : 5.0

We visited Prashar Lake in winter which I felt to be the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh. We chose to trek from Baagi village to Prashar lake which is a good 17 or so kilometers. In the beginning of our trek we had the perfect weather, a good sunny day but on day two it started to snow so we had to camp. But it was totally worth the experience. The best part of it being the spectacular view. On reaching Prashar Lake we visited the famous and beautiful wood carved- Pagoda temple and the sunset at Prashar lake was a breathtaking and magnificent end to our trip to Himachal

Story by Tanushri Trivedi

 Rated : 4.0

My Husband and I took this trek. This was our first trek together. Both of us have been trekking individually for some time now, but our work timing never let us to take a vacation together, and when we did take it, it was just about awesome. I am glad to have chosen this place to trek. It was a really nice spot. It is full of natural beauty. The trek is of moderate-challenging level, but with ample trek experience, it was quite moderate for us to finish it. Also, the trek organizers had done a wonderful job in planning and organizing the trek. Kudos, to them!

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Story by Chitraksh Pandey

 Rated : 4.0

Prashar Lake Trek is not very popular; thus it is not crowded or polluted like other trekking spots or even other sightseeing spots in the vicinity. Other than that it is a easy level trekking tour but provides a wonderful life time experience.This is a perfect trek to take!

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Story by Dipsikha Pandit

 Rated : 4.0

Yes, the Parashar Lake trek is one of the easiest and charming treks in Himachal Pradesh. But, try it during the winters. I took it during the last winters. The trails were a bit slippery as they were covered with thick layers of snow, that was the best part of the thrill and adventure i expected during the trek. It was a brilliant tour visiting the Prashar lake and the Pagoda temples after the trek.

Story by Bandhul Mahajan

 Rated : 4.0

We started with the trekking from the baggi village to the prashar lake. The scenic beauty on the way and near the lake is truly amazing. There is also an ancient temple devoted to Prashar Rishi. We had very good and peaceful time at that place with the local people. The place is very good and so are the people over there.

Story by Ranjit Malik

 Rated : 3.0

Nice tour to pick for a vacation. But there were only two well guest houses available. So we faced lots of troubles, while camping but the beautiful views and trekking reimbursed for it. Overall i enjoyed the tour!

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