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    Netrani Scuba Diving

    Netrani is also called the Pigeon Island due to its pigeon population. It provides excellent opportunities for Snorkeling and Scuba Diving. You can explore the unexplored marine life in the depth of sea from 6 to 40 m.

    Usually, here the scuba diving and snorkelling is done from a boat that is anchored close to the island. The sharp rocks and steep cliffs make it difficult to indulge in underwater exploration from the island.

    Many varieties of coral, butterfly fish, trigger fish, parrot fish, eels and shrimps can be seen here. Divers also have reported seeing Orcas and Whale Sharks around the Island. This Island is an ideal destination for professional divers.

    How to Reach

    Bangalore - Tumkur - Arsikere - Shimoga - Sagar - Murudeshwara - Netrani Island

    Netrani is well-connected by road with Bhatkal, Kollur, Karwar, Managlore and also Bangalore. The nearest airport is in Mangalore and Bhatkal has the neared railhead. Speed boat takes approximately 20 min to reach the Island from Netrani. The nearest airport is in Mangalore.

    Exact Location: Its located around 19 km from the temple town of Murudeshwara.

    Nearest Town: Bhatkal (16 km), Mangalore (165 km)

    Best Time to Visit: December and January

    Advisory: Do not visit Netrani without permission.

    Other Information

    Murudeshwar: This place houses the famous ancient Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is believed to be 5,000-year-old. There is another shrine of Jattiga that is seated on a horse atop a hillock. The beach town Murudeshwar is located 16 km from Bhatkal.


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