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    Trekking From Darjeeling To Phalut

    One of the best treks in Darjeeling, this trek offers some of the most alluring views of Mt Kanchanjunga and the Everest group of mountain peaks in Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim.
    Darjeeling to Manebhanjang is about 26 km hence should be started early in the morning. Manebhanjang to Toglu is a steep climb up to Meghma which is a 3 and half km walk. Meghma to Tonglu is another 2 km. 

    Sandakphu which is approximately 20 km from Tonglu and it offers spectacular views of the mountains and valleys. The stretch from Sandakphu to Phalut has silver-fir forest and set of Everest Mountains on the left and Kanchanjunga on the right. 

    The return journey is through tolung and can be done in two-three days depending on the time at disposal and the condition of the trekkers.


    Town : 

    Darjeeling, West Bengal

    Exact Location :

    The trek begins at Darjeeling and passes through many prominent peaks of Kanchenjunga. 


    How to get there

    By Air :

    From Delhi to Bagdogra Airport and a 4 hours journey by road will take us to Darjeeling.

    By train :

    From Delhi to NJP Railway Station.

    Nearest Town : 

    Siligudi, 30 km from darjeeling

    Distance :

    Delhi  - Bagdogra 1467 km.


    Best Time to visit

    The pre-monsoon season (Feb. to early May), especially the months of April and May, and the post-monsoon season (Sept. to early Dec.), especially Oct. and Nov., are ideal for trekking.


    Other Info

    The treks take you to virginal spots and bring you face to face with the sublime grandeur of the Himalayan Treks. The region is rich in flora and fauna. It has rhododendrons, Primulas and orchids of numerous varieties and also about six hundred different species of birds inhabit the forest on the slopes of the mountains.

    There are three leading trekking agents in Darjeeling :

    Himal Venture, Indreni Lodge (2nd floor), 7, chowrasta road, Darjeeling.

    Summit Tours, Hayden Hall, Darjeeling.

    Daku Tenzing Kanchenjunga Tours, Darjeeling.


    Foreign National should show their travel documents at Sukhiyapokhri (on the way to Manebhanjang) and also at Manebhanjang Foreigners Check Post.

Trekking in Darjeeling

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