Cherry Blossom Festival: The Most Amazing Places to Witness The Spring Bloom

Breathing new life into the world, spring is a time to head out and explore the flowers, birds and blooming trees. And what goes better than celebrating this season of joy with a festival that involves seeing the beautiful cherry blossoms around the world. A tradition that dates back centuries, cherry blossom festival also popularly called Sakura is an event to witness the breathtaking beauty of nature.

Sakura is often considered to be a picturesque symbol of fragility, grace and transient beauty and signifies new beginnings. While Japan has commemorated the sakura flowers by engraving it on the 100-yen coin, U.S. has turned cherry blossoms in the most popular fragrance enchanting everyone. Native to the Himalayas and having more than 200 varieties, timing of cherry blossom blooms couldn’t be predicted. However, one thing that we can predict for sure is that they are make the landscape into a paradise on earth.

Witnessing these pretty pink flowers is a sight to remember for life. In case you are wondering where to go and see this beauty, here we are to help you out. Scroll down below to find the most amazing places across the world with their unique events and festivities to welcome the stunning season of spring:

Catch The Essence of Spring in Japan

In Japan, the cherry blossom festival is celebrated as a popular custom and known as hanami. Literally translating to ‘viewing flowers’, hanami in Japan is one of the most sought-after events and celebrated by people with picnics, tea ceremonies and cultural events to appreciate this stunning assortment of flowers.
Here are best towns in Japan to explore this beautiful festival with all its gorgeous traditions:

1) Tokyo

Best Event To Hit in Town:

One of the most picturesque events that will feast your eyes is the Naka-Meguro Sakura Festival in Tokyo. The Meugora River presents a spectacular display of cherry blossoms at the annual sakura festival as the landscape on both sides of the river is dotted by cherry blossoms.

Generally, this event takes place from mid-March and continues up to mid-April. With a wide array of festival stalls selling unique goodies like hanami dango (mochi balls) and takoyaki (savoury ball shaped snacks) in the backdrop of brightly lit cherry blossoms, this event is a great way to welcome the spring in Tokyo.

Best Places To Stay:

  • A Gorgeous 2-Bedroom Penthouse


Luxurious Views and Treats of Tokyo

This stunning apartment offers high end amenities with a brilliant vista of Mount Fuji in the backdrop of the city to greet you while staying here. Located in a quiet residential neighbourhood, this holiday home is just a few minutes away from Cherry tree (sakura) line to witness the beauty of this festival.
With public transportation easily available from the location, guests here can catch a direct train to the most amazing places. Some of the places to explore in the vicinity are supermarket, restaurants, etc.

  • A Modern Japanese Home


A Japanese Style Escapade

Enjoy the comforts of home at this 2-bedroom apartment in Japan when you’re vacationing to witness the Cherry Blossom Festival. The gorgeous apartment comes along with conveniences like a free portable wi-fi, Bluetooth speaker and all the things you need for a comfortable stay in Tokyo.
One of the best things of staying here is the wonderful neighbourhood. Many restaurants and shops are located nearby to help you explore the city and shop for some souvenirs. Also, the friendly owners arrange reservation for restaurants, beauty salon and others to make your vacation easy.

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2) Hiroshima

Best Event To Hit in Town:


To catch the most resplendent sight of cherry blossoms in Hiroshima, the best spot is to go is the Peace Memorial Park. During the hanami season, there are a lot of parties hosted here and invites a lot of lively crowds to be a part of the viewing parties for cherry blossoms.
The place is known to be a sacred place dedicated to the victims of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. However, the park comes to life during this festival as the trees on both sides of the river bloom with the spring. Being a very popular spot, it might be difficult to find a decent spot here but the effort is totally worth the view of cherry blossoms.

Best Places To Stay:


  • Cottage With An Ocean View


Dreamy Mornings With Ocean Vistas

With an exquisite view of the ocean capturing the attention of every guest, this beautiful cottage in Hiroshima is an excellent choice for tourists. With 3 bedrooms, this place easily fits in up to 8 guests who can enjoy a comfortable vacation with all the modern conveniences here.
Staying here fulfils your dream of vacationing on an island in Japan and totally worth the money. Cars and ferries are easily available from here and there is also an outdoor jacuzzi for the guests to enjoy a refreshing stay.

  • A Seaside Resort


Sea And A Scenic Getaway

For the lovers of sun and sands, this beautiful holiday homes boasts of whole house that comes with a panoramic view of the sea. With the beach right in front of you, this place is excellent to relax and unwind with some fishing and barbeque to call it a day.
At this beautiful seaside hideout, tourists can enjoy some unforgettable moments with friends and family with the refreshing vibes of Hiroshima. A ‘ciela’ right in front of the beach is an excellent place to watch the view while staying here.

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3) Kyoto

Best Event To Hit in Town:


With a thousand cherry trees and being a UNESCO world heritage site, Daigoji Temple is an exciting place to mark this festival in Kyoto. The most famous event here is Ho-Taiko Hanami Gyoretsu or Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s cherry blossom-viewing parade. The festivities are modelled after the 16th century event when Toyotomi Hideyoshi had a hanami party here.
With a lively ambience filled with music, dance and more than a 1000 cherry trees making it a beautiful spectacle, Daigoji Temple in Kyoto holds an important place in celebrating vintage culture and history.

Best Place To Stay:

  • A Traditional Japanese House


Be Overwhelmed With The Sights Of Kyoto

If your plan for seeing the Cherry Blossom festival combines with a quest to explore the beautiful city, then this holiday home is the place for you. With instant access to many famous temples, restaurants, shopping places and other points of attractions, tourists staying here find themselves to be spoilt for choice.
Along with its unbeatable location, this holiday home offers four bedrooms making it an ideal choice for families and groups of friends on a vacation. With so many places to go and visit in Kyoto, travellers would find a memorable stay at this holiday home.

  • Riverside Townhouse In the Heart of Kyoto


Delve Into The Exquisite Views From Your Balcony

One of the wonders of choosing this place to stay in Kyoto is the unforgettable vista of cherry blossoms straight from the balcony when you wake up. Located in a great location, this 100-year-old Japanese townhouse offers all the modern comforts to leave you with a memorable stay in Kyoto.
This holiday home offers easy transportation to all the major tourist places as well as offers an authentic experience of Japanese living. Furnished with Japanese antique and a fully functional kitchen, this place is an ideal stay for tourists looking for a traditional experience.

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Usher in the Gorgeous Bloom of Pink in China

Although Japan holds the fame for being the birthplace of this glorious festival, China is no far behind. In China, these flowers are upheld as a symbol of feminine beauty and often regarded as a symbol of love and passion. These magnificent flowers are scattered over many places in China and draw in flocks of tourists to represent new beginnings with the coming of spring.
Check out the top destinations in China to view the cherry blossom trees:

1) Beijing

Best Event To Hit in Town:


Yuyuantan Park in Beijing with its more than 2000 cherry trees offers one of the most picturesque events to celebrate this festival. Filled with cherry blossom themed snacks and frolicking with cheerful crowds, Yuyuantan Park is a stunning extravaganza not to be missed by both locals and tourists.
Its not only the most popular but also the largest park featuring cherry blossoms in Beijing and often attracts the best festivities. Moreover, the park is a great spot for boating besides having a swimming area and a number of cafes to make your day special with cherry blossoms.  

Best Places To Stay:

  • A Luxurious Penthouse Duplex


Experience The Classic Timeliness Of Luxury

Boasting of a tastefully designed architecture and located in an exceptional area, this holiday home in Beijing is a fantastic place to stay for families with kids. With 3 bedrooms and easily available amenities, it offers a classic choice for first time visitors in Beijing.
Some of the features of this holiday home are clubhouse, swimming pool, fitness massage facilities and entertainment facilities. With so much to offer, it’s easily a great pick for visitors in Beijing celebrating Cherry Blossom Festival.

  • A Secluded Villa Best For Partying


Blend In Peace With Parties In Beijing

Amidst nice surroundings, this holiday home in Beijing is a great place if you are looking for a place to get together with your friends for partying. There is a club house, basketball and other entertainment facilities to keep you enthralled throughout the vacation. The beautiful villa offers convenient transportation and an ideal pick for up to 10 guests.

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2) Shanghai

Best Event To Hit in Town:


Hosting a dazzling display of more than 10000 cherry trees, the landscape blossoms in Gucun Park in Shanghai. The grand festival is an enchanting event that will overwhelm you with pleasant fragrance and hues of pink, white and red.
Some of the popular activities hosted here are traditional Chinese costume shows, opera performances and even martial art shows giving you a glimpse of all things Chinese. Another exciting event here are dating games which attracts a lot of single people to have fun and make friends.

Best Places To Stay:


  • An Oasis of Luxury


Unforgettable Views, Luxuries and More!

With sweeping views of the landscape, tourists in Shanghai will love to appreciate an urban themed holiday at this apartment. Boasting of a spectacular location in the heart of French Concession, the stunning apartment makes an ideal choice for up to 4 guests on a vacation.
The furnishing with elegant art design and the ‘infinity’ views from the 16th floor may give you the feeling of staying in a modern treehouse. Add the modern amenities like wi-fi, flat screen TV, fully stocked kitchen etc, this place makes a compelling case to book for your cherry blossom vacation.

  • A Luxurious Designer Suite


A Luxurious Getaway in Shanghai

Catching the eye of tourists with its finest modern décor and beautiful furniture, this holiday home is a great pick for couples exploring Shanghai during Cherry Blossom festival. It has been elegantly designed and located in the heart of French Concession that makes it an attractive place to stay in Shanghai.

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3) Wuxi

Best Event To Hit in Town:


To welcome the beautiful spring, Wuxi hosts a spectacular International Cherry Blossom Week every year. Designed as an event to promote the bonhomie between the two countries of China and Japan, Yuantouzhu, or “Turtle Head Isle” in Wuxi makes a grand spectacle of these beautiful flowers with a series of cultural exchange events.
As the cherries begin to bloom in full swing, Wuxi gears up to attract thousands of people to witness this beautiful event. Along with a great opportunity for some unforgettable sightseeing, Wuxi has in store many unique night-themed activities and cultural extravaganza to surprise you.

Best Place To Stay:

  • A Lavish Villa For The Vacation

Make Some Great Memories With Crazy Parties

This villa in Thames Town is an ideal getaway when you are celebrating cherry blossom festival in Wuxi. Best suited for groups of friends looking for get-togethers, this villa excels in home party experience and also offers a trained butler for caring service. By choosing this place, guests can look forward to an exciting accommodation with a homely ambience for a party experience.

  • A Party House For Fun Lovers


Gather Your Friends For A Party To Remember

This 3-bedroom holiday home makes it an ideal place for big gatherings of friends to have some good times together in Wuxi. With all indoor games sorted and a line-up of services which will never get you out of the party mood, this house is a complete package for party lovers. The owners have focussed on making this place compatible with entertainment for young adults looking for parties.

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Hong Kong: Step into Cherry Blossom Beauty  

To celebrate the brilliant world of cherry blossoms, Hong Kong has joined the big leagues of China and Japan to mark this festival. With some great outdoors and a landscape filled with exuberance of the crowds, cherry blossom festival in Hong Kong is a mind-blowing event to offer your precious presence.

Best Event To Hit in Town:

The most fantastic place in Hong Kong that displays a bright spectacle of cherry blossoms is the island of Cheung Chai. For people who appreciate these beautiful flowers, this island offers a great atmosphere to take al lively stroll, click some pictures and admire the beauty of nature.
Along with the bloom of spring with cherry blossoms, tourists at Cheung Chai can have a pleasant time exploring the temples here, having a great meal at seafood restaurants and enjoy some refreshing time at the beach.

Best Places To Stay:

  • Studio Apartment With A Soothing View


Soak In The Serene Vistas Of Hong Kong

Even though the beautiful view from the window makes a great impression, this holiday home is a complete package when it comes to a stay in Hong Kong. It features a plethora of amenities helping you feel at home and easily accommodates up to 3 guests with the best comfort and space.
For guests staying here, there are in-house restaurants with live music to treat your taste buds and a swimming pool, fitness centre and business centre available. The elegant studio apartment is a wonderful space to explore the city.

  • Beach Town House in Countryside


Gear Up For The Best Of Hong Kong Living

Located in one of the most sought-after areas of Hong Kong, this stunning holiday home is a perfect abode for tourists in Hong Kong. With the beautiful surroundings of the countryside in Discovery Bay, this place offers a great space to appreciate a refreshing holiday.
One of the upsides of this place is that ferry/pier, bus stops and shopping malls are located at a walking distance. Moreover, with the beach and it’s breathtaking scenery, this holiday home will remain forever etched in your minds.

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