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People Shared their Stories
Story by Shridevi Saini

 Rated : 4.0

Well guys vasona fort trekking is definately a memorable experience.. got to see the beautiful fort and the guide told us about its importance in Maratha war too. It was a great feeling, for a while i almost felt as if i was in red fort. yes it was truly unique experience. i wish i could have spent few more days there. Not only the trekkers but families also came to see the beauty of the place. We loved our trip!!

Story by Dakshayani Dhawan

 Rated : 4.0

Vyaghragad is another name of Vasota fort is the beautiful and adventurous Jungle trek in entire maharashtra. i would recommend it to every one to go for a trek to this place. not a difficult trek, trust me when i can do it any one can and also the view and boat journey!!

Story by Shubha Guha

 Rated : 4.0

Best place to start the trekking is from pune and best time is between december to may. while going for trek you will cross, satara, kass plateau and then bamnoli. finally from bamnoli you will go on boat to reach vasota. Though it has complex access but a rewards are great. One of the finest Trek spot in maharashtra. its is a beautiful place and the top view of the river and forest is just amazing to trek. must go for a shayadri lovers

Story by Govinda Menon

 Rated : 4.0

ours was a wonderful trip to the beautiful vasota fort and koyan wildlife santuary. Reaching an trekking on vasota has a complicated process to be undergone. Bamnoli is the nearest village from where one can head towards the fort. But to reach you need to depart on boat called launches. And yes it is a very peaceful journey on the koyan river.... wao feels out of the box. Trekking process is complicated in a sense that you need the proper permission before embarking on trek. And overll its a fantastic point!!

Story by Kama Verma

 Rated : 4.0

The temperature range of the Vasto fort is always between 13 to 27 degrees which makes it favourable destination. Vasota is rich in beauty and wilderness, there is konya backwaters and konya wildlife sancruary just beside the fort. These sites are the buzzing points of tourists and trekkers. Because of this fort and the wildlife sanctuary, the small village shayadri became so popular. The nearest city is pune thus it is easily accessible too.

Story by Abani Mahajan

 Rated : 4.0

Trekking in the beautiful trails of vasota fort does not require any master guidance but a guide will be helpful... this fort has historical connections so many historians visit the fort too. To reach the fort you need to cross a stream on boat and then you can start your trekking. The konya backwaters are also good sightseeing points.

Story by Bishnu Bhattathiri

 Rated : 4.0

unless you are full prepared i won't recommend you to visit the three vasota divisions. The old vasota fort has dense forest reserve and is home to many animal habitats too. Whereas the new vasota fort is the actual fort point where trekkers and historians come for their task and the last division called nageshwar cave which a small lord shiva temple is mostly visited by worshipers. To make your trip even more memorable you can stay for few moments at wildlife sanctuary to spot different animals and birds. over all its a great place guys....

Story by Malati Varman

 Rated : 4.0

Guys a complete package i would say, yes you will not only see the beautiful old historical fort of marathas, but you will also witness the charming beauty of koyna backwaters, evergreen dense reserve of koyna wildlife sanctuary and the spectacular nageshwar caves. The trekking starts from the vasota jungle and you can also see different kinds of trees. the best part about vasota is that it is quite a short trek that suits everyone.

Story by Ankal Patil

 Rated : 3.0

Vasota Fort is located amid of the dense vegetation having, trees and river and this is the specialty of the place. If you are a professional trekker then this site is not for you, the trails are easy and perfect for beginners. Historians frequently visit the fort simce it is associated with maratha period. the place has its uniquness and its a nice place to reax with your friends and also do some adventure. overall we had a jointly good experience.

Story by Ravi Khatri

 Rated : 3.0

Most weird thing about this vasota trek is taking permissions for starting the trekking in vasota fort. After that one can start trekking. This fort is surrounded by dense forests and a river also. As a whole it is a good trekking point.

Story by Deepesh Mehrotra

 Rated : 3.0

The best time to trek on vasota fort is monsoon and winters. in monsoon it becomes difficult. me and my friends went in july and itw as amazing. difficult and really good view and beautiful weather. And apart from trekking indulge yourself in sight exploring activities since it has so many places that you can visit. In your vasota trip you will encounter the water cistern, cave temples, koyna back waters, shiv sagar lake, dense forest, cannon and villages. and do not forget to do animal spotting and bird watching in the koyna wild life sanctuary if you going that far. we all enjoyed alot.

Story by Aatmaj Naik

 Rated : 3.0

The good point, is that you will see some never seen before places and the bad point is that the facilities are very rare like the no water, no good food on the fort. you need to come downhill for that. Bamnoli is the ultimate solution for all requirements. so please take all the necessary stuff before starting the trek. the boat journey is amazing and the trek in the dense forest is just fantastic to go. the view from top was like a dream for me, the water, hills and the valley.

Story by Nanda Gowda

 Rated : 3.0

okay let me tell you about two most beautiful attraction of vasota fort region, first is the nageshwar cave which is the sacred temple of lord shiva and second is the koyna dam which is popular for water sports and activities. Where the nageshwar has a unique shivaling on which water drops throughout the year naturally so people consider it a very sacred place. And the koyna dam where one can enjoy boat riding, water scooting and many more things, tourists buzz there quite frequently. So guys who are planning to visit vasota fort then apart from fort, sanctuary and backwater do consider these places as well.

Story by Annapurna Adiga

 Rated : 3.0

Our journey started from Bamnoli, where we spent our first camping night, next morning after having breakfast we went to tke permission of trekking on vaota fort from the authorities of forests department. Soon we got the permission and we departed on boats, yes this is what many people love and many hate. you need to cross the stream to reach MET indavli. And from there after having sight seeing you climb all the way to asota fort. the returing follows the same path too. It is an awesome destination and people loved trekking and wildlife sanctuary visit.