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People Shared their Stories
Story by Jyotis Ganaka

 Rated : 5.0

One of the best things that the British gave us is this chanced discovery on a lost path called the Valley of Flowers. This was discovered by the British traveller Frank Smith in the early 1930s. I read his book titled Valley of Flowers. It quite created something inside me. I being a nature lover, this made me feel so nice, and I ended up taking this trek. The Valley Of Flowers Trekking is one of the most sought after and the best treks to take ever.

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Story by Sweta

 Rated : 5.0

Valley of Flowers is in full bloom from mid August to Early September. So when I arrived Ghangharia on 18th August I was told that the valley needs at leaset two visits interspread with a visit to Hemkund. I have been there at a very early age and the vibrant colours still ring a bell in my mind. The old route was washed away by flash floods of 2013 so the army has bought up another route ( quiet steep at times ) and mended the bridges over Pushpavati River. The walk from Ghangharia to the gate of the valley is itself mesmerising. There are hundreds of different types of flowers on way which makes ones jaw drop. Such is the riot of colours in this route that you keep asking yourself what new will confront you in the valley. The walk from the valley gateway to Mary's grave opens up to a huge number of unknown flowers and orchids. My guide Sanjay Sathi religiously noted me the names of each flowers encountered. The towering Rathovan over the valley is also a treat to watch.

Story by Jitender Sethi

 Rated : 4.0

It was a graceful and a nice trip. I had a great and a nice time. The beauty of the towering Himalayan peaks is gigantic. I had a really great time. It was so beautiful as if the mountain is protecting the tranquil environment. the trek was also really good and challenging at the same time. one of the most beautiful place in the world

Story by Gajbaahu Prajapat

 Rated : 4.0

The trip starts from Haridwar and we depart to Govindghat via Joshimath and the Devaprayag. we were 4 friends together who were very excited about this trip. and it all started with a beautiful 250 kms drive. From there we rested over at the Govindghat for the night. The next day, we trekked for 14 kilometers. It was awesome. We reached Ghangaria and had a relaxed evening. The next day was tedious we trekked to Valley of Flowers and got back. While this day was awesome and amazing, it was definitely very tedious for us. That night we had a nice camp stay. It was good. The 4th day started with a trek from Ghangaria to Hemkund Sahib trekking. This was a holy spot of the Sikhs. The visit to the seven snow-capped mountains was the highlight. It was the best ever day of the trek. Fifth day was trek back to Govindghat and drive to Joshimath from there. The next day we went back to Haridwar where our trek travel ended. it was avery memorable trip for all of us. we would definately recommened this place

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Story by Divjot Pillai

 Rated : 4.0

With some amazing species all around, this trek is so worthy. There are a millions of species of wild flowers. Some of the worthy flowers were saxifrags, lilies, sediams, poppy, daisies, calendular, geranium, zinnia and petunia. The trip leader was very friendly and nice enough to explain all these to us. This valley also holds many gurgling streams that adds on to the exciting natural beauty. Another noteworthy thing about this is the rich bio diversity of this place. This place also serves as a home for several species of butterflies and insects too. It was all amazing sight to see. I had a great time.

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Story by Kirti Achari

 Rated : 4.0

The trekking was an amazing experience. The trek was very well organized and nicely executed. I liked it totally. The visit to Auli in between our tour was a value added plus. This trek is one of its kinds.

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Story by Hamsini Gowda

 Rated : 4.0

The trekking was great. The inclusions in the rate were accommodation, food, trek equipment, and the services of a trek leader and safety staffs. This was pretty much a deal. We had a great time. S the meeting point was Haridwar station, we did not have to roam around a lot too. It was quite a nice experience to say the least. I wish to take more such treks in the future. The trekking trails were such a beauty to our eyes. I am so in love with this trek. Strongly recommending. The stay was also well arranged.

Story by Draupadi Khanna

 Rated : 4.0

The trek was awesome. My favourite was day 3. This is the day and the very reason that I loved this trek. The entire high altitude Valley Of Flowers was trekked. Starting day to beautiful nature, and then having the day filled with a wholesome breakfast was a bright start. This place is a sight that is a feast to the eyes and treat for one’s soul. what an experience. even camping at beautiful location was also a really great part. loved it completely.

Story by Akshaj Talwar

 Rated : 4.0

The trekking to valley of flowers is an amazing experience. You will love it no matter what. It was quite amazing and enticing too. It was like walking in dreams. I had a great time with the trip. I wish to do more such treks soon in my life. My friends also enjoyed it, but our unianimous opinion was that there was a lot of drive and very less trek.

Story by Kali Ahluwalia

 Rated : 4.0

The trip was definitely awesome and enjoyable.The trek leader and organizers are all super friendly and very helpful. even the food was really good. it was a very beautiful experience just beacuse of the place.

Story by Akshaj Dwivedi

 Rated : 4.0

The weather conditions were supportive. The trek was good too. There was a lot of photographic places, and the trek by itself was a spellbinding experience. I so recommend this. It is expensive, but the experience you get is marvellous. just witnessing so many kinds of flowers was mindblowing

Story by Shreya Bhat

 Rated : 3.0

The valeey of flower was an amazzing place to visit. although the weather was cold, it was still amazing for us. , we felt the trek was quite expensive but realsing it was worth it with the natural beauti and the amazing trek guides team. During the trek, the rain was irritating us to a great extent, but it was all fine after day 2. The drive from Haridwar is quite long and boring. They could have made meeting point elsewhere close by.

Story by Rajinder Bandopadhyay

 Rated : 3.0

While at this trek, one gets to admire one of nature’s finest creations while we are trekking. I was left speechless while witnessing an array of those thousands of flowers in a complete full bloom. To witness this we had a to choos the right season . it was the best part of chosing this time of the year. Also one must be really lucky too, to witness these beautiful flowers. amazing experience for me and my friends.