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People Shared their Stories
Story by Addala shiva

 Rated : 5.0

First of all, the rooms agency has allocated us are super, except that camp in sarchu accommodation was awesome, I would suggest you not to choose tempo package in this trip as it is not at all worth it. Bikes aren't that good, they delayed the trip a lot but somehow managed to reach the destination by the end of the day. Our group is the big one and had nearly 56 people. Better go with a bunch of your friends unless you've them for sure you will feel bored as you see only mountains, rocks, sand and river during the entire trip. Don't forget to carry proper medicine as high altitude sickness might eat you and the effects were severe till you adapt to it.

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Story by Harshit Swami

 Rated : 5.0

My experience with this tour is so good the guide Keshu and Tapka Nubro are very good the motorbikes from Manali to Jispa are superb but the bikes from Jispa to Sonmarg are not so good you really have to work on that the problem is when we are in Jispa to change the bike the bikes which we are going to take just completed a trip from Srinagar to Jispa and we handed over the bikes with just a routine checkup which is not sufficient for a mountain road trip your agency will have to work on this one more problem is faced by us is we are a group of 19 people and whenever we reach the destination stay point there is always a chaos of booking arrangement for 1 room no doubt the booking which is done by you the place is always good but the rooms booked as per 19 members are not there 2 -3 persons have to adjust always and the other arrangements are good the only thing which I want to suggest is your agency will have to appoint a person for ground zero reporting and there should be one trained medical person.