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Story by Hari Hari

 Rated : 5.0

When we made the booking for 6-days trip to Ladakh via Thrillophilia, we had a lot of questions in our mind on how it's going to turn out, especially on whether it's a suitable honeymoon destination even for those who love a bit of adventure. That is primarily because the reviews of Ladakh were a bit scary. Almost all of the people who wrote reviews had a lot of things to warn you about- the extreme climate, sudden decrease in Oxygen levels, deserted/uninhabited places where it's difficult to get some help from anyone in case of any issues and so on. And there were some people who wrote bad reviews about Thrillophilia for some negative experiences they had to endure from the operators. But it was reassuring to see how Thrillophilia answered all the reviews, even the negative ones. They clarified how they assign tour operators based on customer reviews and in case of any negative experiences from the operators, there is not much Thrillophilia can help with apart from not assigning those operators anymore. As we were getting immediate response from Amit on all our queries on a timely basis, we decided to book the package. Cutting to the chase, we were contacted by the operator(Thupstan) the day before our arrival and he ensured that there was a taxi to pick us up on time. The tour guides and the driver of the backup vehicle he assigned for our group were so experienced that all we had to do was to keep riding until they ask us to stop. The halts were all well planned that we didn't have to worry about anything. And they were so approachable in case of any issues. And whenever we rode for a long time, they would come and inspect each bike and fixed any issues immediately. They were always willing to go the extra mile to make us comfortable. Let me quote an instance here - The driver of the backup vehicle had an issue with Blood Oxygen level when we reached Pangong. We had enough stock of Oxygen cylinders in the backup vehicle. But he didn't consider using it and hence took one of the bikes and rode to where he could find a pharmacy to get an Oxygen cylinder for himself. When one of us asked him on why he didn't use one of the cylinders that we had carried, he told us that the cylinders are just for our use and himself or any of the guides won't use that. Such was the concern they had for everyone in the group. In case anyone reading this still has a question regarding whether it's a suitable place for couples, the answer is YES. The accommodation they provide is suitable for couples as well. Even the tents are nice and safe. I could go on like this and I never thought this review is going to be this long when I started writing it. As others have mentioned in the reviews, it's such a beautiful destination and the experience is awesome. If you are thinking of taking a trip to Ladakh, go ahead and embark on this beautiful journey with Thrillophilia. I'm sure that you won't regret it.

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Story by Sunny Jose

 Rated : 5.0


I don't have words to explain the lifetime experience we had in Ladhak  this August. Everything was just Amazing, I really appreciate the hospitality and service given by the vendor ( Thundup ) our tour operator during our Ladhak tour.I would also like to thank Rizwan the Thrillophillia attache who made the tour awesome for our group by accompanying us and basically making it a fun trip. Extremely grateful to you Riz, The best part was the whole group went through the entire journey with no mishaps and it was a wonderful feeling , The itinerary prepared gave us time to adjust to the conditions and we had a ball even though we were on bikes and had to go through a Sandstorm at Hunder and a Landslide while going to Pangong from Nubra. But the trip was worthwhile and the experiences we had were out of this world, Again would like to thank all for making it a memorable experience

Story by Bhadrik Bhadrik

 Rated : 5.0


I booked Leh to Leh trip,which includes nubra valley,pengong lake as was 6 days bike trip.i had a wonderful experience and great memories. Throughout the trip, The trip leaders and support staff was very helpful. Rizwan our trip captain from thrillophilia was amazing.He made sure our trip ends in best way possible.He helped a lot when my bike was having problem else I would have been stranded alone with no help.He made sure I should be out of trouble ASAP.Big thanks to Rizwan for being great tour lead. Local tour personnels were nice too. Tundup was very helpful.he arranged all the required gears and stuff immediately.Bikes provided by him was in good condition too. Stanzin ,the person who was with us since day one,very helpful and was guide ,leader and has taken very good care of us.All the accomodations were nice , specially in Leh Wang Villa and in Nubra apricot camp . beautifully located and food was over all had an experience of a life time and strongly recommending thrillophilia for this type of packages. Thanks.

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Story by Shushant Verma

 Rated : 5.0

Amazing arrangements and a dedicated tour operator has made the 7 days of our life extremely cheerful. Bike trip to Leh is a real challenge but with such a support of Smart Team from Thrillophilia and local vendors, all became so smooth for us. Thanks to Amit Kilania, Shashank and Angchok for arranging a super memorable platform for us.???????? We will definitely come back to you for our next trip ???????? Regards, Poulomi & Shushant. Travel date - 25th May'19 to 31st May'19.

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 Rated : 4.0


My ratings would be 4.5 stars. This is definitely one of my best trip in my life & I am very grateful that I took this step. Thank entire Thrillophilia team for making the trip wonderful moment for us.It was awesome and mesmerising. I would definitely recommend to all. Physical fitness and psychological fitness is must required. (Please ensure you do a research on the dos and don't and prepare in advance)I am just writing the pros and cons. THINGS WENT WELL:1)All stay arrangements were good. Leh, Numbra and Pangong.2)Bikes given were good condition and maintained well.3)Itinerary was decent except the multiple monasteries ( visit of only one monastery would be fine)4.Food arranged was decent.5.The idea of guide going in front and backup vehicle in the back was a safe idea.6.Decent briefing was given by the operations team about the places and precautions to be taken.7.Our Guide NANA was very supportive and took us very safely.Things could have done well:1) proper timing was not kept in starting the ride every morning. 1st two days all members were ready on time but the operators were not ready with bike, spares etc. This caused members coming late other days. At Pangong departure time informed was 7am but even breakfast was not ready by 8am.2)Lunch timing were so uneven. Some day we had breakfast at 7.30am but stopped for lunch at 2.45pm. 8hours gap for food is too long. Henceforth ensure we have food atleast in a gap of 4 hours and next stoppage time is also briefed.3.Backup vehicle was not carrying extra petrol. We had to stop at multiple places as some bikes ran out of fuel.4)it would have been great if we stopped at places for photos and a timing was given to group. Eg:15 mins back to bike. We missed lot of Photo spots.Hope you will take care of the CONs with future groups.Overall it was awesome and i personally thank you for the efforts... Jullay..

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