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People Shared their Stories
Story by Priyanka Kalwar

 Rated : 5.0

One of the resort with largest property in Bangalore. We went for team outing and it was real fun. Management was nice and courteous staff. They had limited variety of food but the quality was good. Would recommend it for corporate outing if you are small on budget.

Story by Daljeet Kaur

 Rated : 5.0

A sure shot recipe for curing those weekend blues that hit us at the end of the week! We all had planned to treat ourselves to an amazing experience, no matter what it took. So off we headed to Urban Valley Resorts. The drive itself was scenic and stunning to say the least and as soon as we reached we gaped in wonder! Awesome place for adventure as well as relaxation and the best part is, it did not burn a hole through our pockets.

Story by Ankit Kumar

 Rated : 5.0

A resort on the lakeside! What more is needed for people who are down with wanderlust like me and my husband! Off we went to Urban Valley Resorts and we could not have made a better choice. We had so much fun doing kayaking, paintball, and most fun of all, the ATV Rides! Activities and relaxation all combined together, that is urban valley resorts for you!

Story by Prateek Singhania

 Rated : 5.0

Good value for money as the resort is replete with amenities and activities that are hard to come by if you are a city slicker. The location ensures that we were all pleased and busy with activities throughout the day.

Story by Proloy Bajaj

 Rated : 5.0

Amazing resort with a gorgeous design and stunning locales

Story by Sreenivas Reddy

 Rated : 3.0


Food was soo bad

Story by Sujit Mathew

 Rated : 2.0

Good & Clean Resort but very poorly maintained. Courteous staff but hardly found when needed. Don't go by the list of activities on the website or what they say, as hardly any of them is working or was in poor condition. Food is nothing to look forward too. Very average taste and items are more or less a repeat between lunch & dinner. I personally wouldn't go there again. Not a value for money resort.

Story by Rajeshwari

 Rated : 1.0

Lousy place! There is no service to speak of. 1. Welcome drink in a paper cup (!) containing what tasted like watered down mirinda 2. The pool was being cleaned at 11am and could not be used for 2-3 until cleaning was completed. 3. Instructor was not available so water activities not possible. Anyway the so called lake was so small, it was more like a small pond and would take not more than a few minutes across and back 4. Restaurant was a kind of barn. Very cramped with plastic chairs. Food was worse than lousy! Everything was cold. They dont even serve water on the table. There was a bisleri can with plastic cups. So we are supposed to go and get water ourselves. Dessert was a single gulab jamun served in a plastic cup! 5. Children's play area consisted of one slide, two see-saws and one short swing. And you have to cross a grassy area with sewage water to reach the so called children's park area. This is the first time i used thrillophilia, i dont know whom to blame more - thrillophilia for promoting such a lousy place or the resort management for not caring at all. Wonder if I will risk another booking through thrillophilia to find out

Story by Sekhar E

 Rated : 1.0


I have been here with my company day outing of around 70 people. i felt it a very bored place. the similar enjoyment we can have in city too. we are not been there to play Carroms, TT, Badminton which are available at our cafeteria also. There are hardly 2-3 games which you might find different.its not a lake. a small pond. The jet ski was little better. All the activities we need to pay Rs.300 each.

Story by Archana

 Rated : 1.0

Quality and taste of food was bad. Filthy rest rooms it's frogs , lizards and sport webs. Shower room is also the same (as rest rooms) , hard to close the door as well. Bad maintenance of the pool, took their own time to come and clean the pool. Even then it's dirty. Never recommend for anyone.

Story by Jeevan Roshan

 Rated : 1.0

We had a very bad experience here. This is a place for old ages. No activities, no fun.

Story by ankita

 Rated : 1.0

Not a great place for Day out. 1) Indoor area was mess with cement bags and dust. 2) No coordinator to provide Indoor/Outdoor game items. 2) Very less variety for buffet food with avg. food quality. 3) Small pool with lot of chlorine powder. 4) DJ/Rain dance was ok. Would not recommend for team outing/day out.


 Rated : 1.0

Not a good experience. We had reached the place exactly at 8.30 a.m but no staff was present to welcome. Even we got a breakfast at 9.30 a.m. They have an artificial lake for water activites but not good enough to enjoy the water sports. And swimming pool was not cleaned. Food taste is normal. Place setup is good and can be managed better.