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The turquoise lagoons, gorgeous beaches and hospitality of people are some of the things which makes tourist undertake a tour of the Lakshadweep Islands. Lakshadweep Islands are located nearly 250 miles away from the southern western coast of India in the middle of the Arabian Sea. A bunch of thirty six islands comprises the Lakshadweep Islands, which appears to form the image of green jewels scattered in the sea.

These islands are also known as ‘Laccadives’. The islands can be accessed easily through Kerala, as the islands are just located at a distance of 400 kms from the region of Kerala.

A trip to this place is all about getting submerged into the beauty of the beaches and admire their incredibility. The Lakshadweep Island is fondly called as the lagoon paradise and with the Lakshadweep tours that Thrillophilia offers, the level of enjoyment and fun will reach a notch higher.

Beaches to explore in a Lakshadweep Tour:

The beaches form the main highlight for this region. The fun and mesmerization of the beaches is what keep the people hooked to the location. The presence of the coconut canopies, sandy beaches, astonishing coral reefs, bluish lagoons and the mystic marine life are some of the attributes which makes the visit to this location an astounding one! The beaches present in this destination have retained their beauty since the long time.

Agatti Beach

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The Agatti beach is also considered as the gateway to the Lakshadweep Islands, as it is the first island which will be visited by the tourists once they land in the vicinity of the Island. This beach island is also considered as the one of the most accessible beach in the location. The beach stretches to a length of nearly 6 kms, with presence of coral growths in each and every corner of the beach. The warm environment of the beach acts as a catalyst for tourists to indulge in and enjoy a large number of fun and frolic activities. Angling as well as sitting quietly near the bay are some of the fond activities one can do when one lands at this beach.

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A holiday at Agatti beach is all about indulging in the freshness of the sea and the beach. This is one of the most serene beaches in Lakshadweep.

Kadmat Beach

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The Kadmat beach is situated towards the north of the famous Agatti beach and the Kavaratti beach. The length of this beach is nearly 8 kms. The most striking feature of this beach is the fact that it is wrapped with the two astounding lagoons on both of its sides. The footfall of the beach is quite great in number, this is the reason the Kadmat beach is celebrated as one of the most visited beaches in the Island of Lakshadweep. This is a sandy beach which has a visibility range of twenty to fifty metres. The location is just fabulous for activities such as beach games and sunbathing.

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If one desires of indulging in sports adventure then this is the right location. The sail boats, pedal boats, kayaks, boats with glass bottoms and skiing boats are a common occurrence at this beach. The location provides the tourists with the true pleasure of a water holiday!

Other Beaches

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The Lakshadweep beaches are the true source of a picturesque view. Apart from the above mentioned two beaches, there are other beaches which make this holiday destination a marvel of nature. The Kavaratti beach, which is also the capital of the Lakshadweep, is celebrated as the highly developed beach island of this location.

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This beach is 1 km in breadth and 6 km in length, offers great scope for sailing, kayaking, water skiing and paddle boating. The Minicoy beach strikes resemblance with the moon of the crescent shape. A 2.5 decade ago constructed lighthouse stands tall at this location, forming one of the major highlight of the Minicoy beach.

The Kalpeni beach situated towards the south of the Kavaratti beach provides one of the loveliest stretches of coral reefs. In true sense, the beaches located at this location have a number of intriguing factors and provides great source of fun and enjoyment to the visitor.

Things to do in Lakshadweep:

The various beaches located in the Lakshadweep Islands provide an awe-inspiring array of adventure and fun activities and a number of water sports activities. One is provided with the opportunity on a Lakshadweep tour to taste the ecstasy of a number of thrilling and adventure activities which include:


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This is one of the most fun filled water sport adventure done in a Lakshadweep tour. Kayaking is done by using a kayak for moving in and around the water in the various beaches. The activity of Kayaking needs the performer of the activity to sit with his or her legs as well as hips inside the hull of a kayak. The hand held paddles are mostly used for this activity.


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Snorkeling is all about swimming in a water body in the presence of a number of gears such as diving mask, swim fins etc. The swimmer may be required to even wear a wetsuit in the regions of the cooler waters. Swimming under the influence of the equipments give full scope to the swimmer to observe the loveliest of the underwater creatures in the best of the manner.

Scuba Diving:

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Scuba diving provides the opportunity to the divers to remain submerged into the high level water for a long duration of time, with the help of the breathing set. The driver needs to carry each and every equipment which is used for the purpose of diving, as there is the absence of any other additional equipment for the supply of the essential oxygen beneath water.

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The fins are also attached on to the diver’s feet. Through scuba diving one can witness the best of the marine life which include corals. The scuba diving is indeed one of the most relaxing sports of the lot!

Shopping in Lakshadweep:

The aspect of shopping is not that much prevalent in the vicinity of the Lakshadweep Islands as the region is not purely commercialised. It is thus advisable that visitors shall not visit this place with a high expectation of indulging in a shopping spree. The major purchases one can make during the Lakshadweep tour include the things in which this location holds a forte.

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The shopping list at this destination must include coconut oil and coconut powder, which can be easily bought from the factory which is situated near the Kadmat Island. The other major purchase of this location is the pickle made from the fish and a large number of small souvenirs that can act as a memoir for the trip.

These things are available in abundance at the Kavaratti Island. It is advisable that each and every traveller must carry his or her own set of medicines to the Island, as the medicines available are the generic ones and not the top notch brands.

Best time to tour Lakshadweep:

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The best time to plan a Lakshadweep tour is during the months starting from October till the end of May. During this time gap, a large number of captivating ship holiday packages are also available. The presence of less than 30’C of temperature during these months make this time period an ideal time to make a visit.

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The trip was very cost-effective and covered almost everything. We would surely recommend thrillophilia to our friends.
Tour was well coordinated without any hiccups...neither vehicle availability or guidance. Everything arranged was top notch from pickup to food provided
It was an extremely wonderful and relaxing vacation. The SPORTS staff were very courteous and ensured their best to have a wonderful trip for the tourists.There are quite a few water sports and the staff over there are very helpful when we requested them to guide us, since we did not know swimming. Perfect location to unwind from our routine lives and spend some time in this little paradise!
I had a sheer fun vacation of five days planned by Thrillophilia and I almost did all the activities, & loved snorkeling the most. I believe if you go Lakshadweep and return without doing any sea activity then you are just wasting your vacation. It is such a great place for scuba diving, snorkeling or other sports. I enjoyed a lot!
Me and my friends are ardent travellers and Lakshadweep was really an unplanned trip.We had really enjoyed the time we spent there with this package. We are very thankful to the guide who took us everywhere and it is a worth visiting location.
Booking tour packages from Thrilophilia we landed up in this dreamy destination to double up our love. And to our surprise, everything went on smoothly as we had thought. We would thank each one of the team members for making our days blissful.
Everything about the tour was great and one thing, in particular, was that the privacy was in place which we loved. The view from the beach where we stayed was breathtaking and one which we will not forget for a long time.

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