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Naggar Tour Packages

The picturesque terrain and the attractive Naggar Tour Packages make sure that a trip to this town will be worthwhile. Naggar is a small area in the Kullu District but there is no lack of beauty. This town is as charming as you can imagine a hill destination can be. The beautiful Beas River and the backdrop of the most stunning ills surely turn this place into a cure for the sore eyes and mind. The cool and comfortable weather surely enhances the experience of touring in Naggar. This town is perfect for you if you are looking for spending a holiday relaxing and breathing fresh air.

The town of Naggar is particularly popular among the tourists who are looking for some adventure. If exploring the famous Naggar Castle doesn’t sound exciting enough for you then you also have the options to trek and camp. Naggar has a huge area that is still unexplored by many. The joy of finding beautiful spots and finding yourself in little villages will surely satisfy the voyager in you. The castle has now been turned into a heritage hotel. So, you must not miss the chance to spend a night there. Sleeping in a castle after a tiring day of traveling sure is pleasing.

Naggar used to be the capital of the Kullu Kingdom. It’s not hard to understand that it means the town is one of the most attractive places in Kullu. Nicholas Roerich, the famous Russian painter, had fallen in love with this place so much that he had settled here. Traveling to Naggar is easy from any other town of the region. You should not miss the chance to spend a few days in Naggar and collect the most beautiful memories. Check out the best Naggar Tour Packages we have listed for you and have a look below at all questions you need answered before leaving for a trip here.

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    d5 Days n4 Nights

    About the Destination: This breathtaking Chanderkhani Pass trek encompasses a plethora of jaw-dropping sights alongside the gorgeous environs of Himachal Pradesh.  This trekking package in India begins at Naggar and after crossing the Chanderkhani Pass at 3600m, the trail heads to the Malana village, famous for its distinct and very reserved social culture. This trek is laden with a bunch of beautiful alpine pastures offering gorgeous views of some of the highest snow covered mountain peaks and open valleys. The trail requires walking through the blue Pine and Deodar, walnut, golden Oak and wild Cherry. The remarkable sight from the pass is magnified by the Bara bangal range towering high in the west while the Pir Panjal ranges fall in the north and Parvati in the east. A typical trek up in the hills of Himachal Pradesh, Chanderkhani Pass is one those Himachal trekking packages that is ideal for all trekking enthusiasts and nature lovers.Quick Facts:Maximum Altitude: 11,970ftDifficulty Level: Moderate Railway Station: Pathankot is the nearest railway station Airport: Bhuntar (Kullu) airport

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    d11 Days n10 Nights

    About the Destination: Dotted with towering peaks, spiritual monasteries, flowery meadows and gurgling rivers, Leh-Ladakh is truly a tourist’s paradise. On the other hand, Manali in Himachal Pradesh, with its gorgeousness and charisma is also second to none! While both these destinations are situated distance away from each other, their natural appeal and splendour binds them together. Be it for an occasional holiday, honeymoon tours, bike expedition or any other adventure tours, both Manali and Leh, both makes for an ideal destination. About the Activity: Originating from the appealing locales of Manali, this trip from manali to leh on bike takes the bikers to the enthralling surroundings of Leh. In addition to the charming meadows, colourful valleys and challenging trails, this Manali to Leh bike trip also takes the bikers through some of the narrowest as well as highest motorable passes in the world. Within the 11 days of this adventurous expedition of Leh Ladakh bike trip, the bikers are sure to kick-start a memorable journey of their lives!  NOTE: This package is available in two variants namely, Budget and Luxury

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  • d6 Days n5 Nights

    About the Activity:Fixed departure: 17th July, 24th July, 08th August, 14th August, 15th August, 2016.Embark on this exciting 6 day 5 nights magical trek in Hamta Pass and get a chance to witness the serene Himalayan valleys.Arrive at Patlikuhal and take a share cab to Naggar, trek from Naggar to Ramsu base and reach the starting point.In this trip you will be exploring the Gowri Shankar temple, Castle Fort and Tripua Sundari temple,  Roerich Art Gallery, Hamta Pass and the valleys of Lahaul and Spiti.Relish the sights of Chandrataal also before you conclude your tour.This package includes food, accommodation and transportation during the trek.

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  • d4 Days n3 Nights

    About the Activity: Fixed departure: 13-08-2016, 03-09-2016, 08-09-2016This 4 days and 3 nights trekking to Bhrigu lake near Kullu can make your adventure freak more than just happy since it has an arena of beautiful sights in its canvas.The Bhrigu lake trekking is a moderately challenging trek which is a good combination for the hard-core and the easy-going trekkers or the adventure enthusiasts and vacationers, as it brings out the best in all. Campsites will be set up in exotic locations for you to enjoy the natural beauty this trek has to offer. Apart from trekking, you will also have a chance to take part in sightseeing tours and extreme water sports like rappelling or river crossing. Immersing yourself in the hot water springs with the cool mountain air at your disposal - unimaginably delightful.

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  • d7 Days n6 Nights

    About the Activity:Fixed Departure Date: 3rd September, 8th October, 15th October, 22nd October, 2016Enroll in this 7 day 6 night trek to Dev Roopa in Himachal Pradesh and get a chance to explore the beauty of the place along with amazing trekking experience.Reach the campsite at Rumsu and after meeting your teammates you will be getting instructions from your team leader for the trekking and its routes.On the second day you will be travelling to Malana dam to start your trek towards Behali.Make the trip so appealing with the trek on the third day to Mota graan and the next day the trek will be towards Bogdi.Trek to Dev Roopa from Bogdi is the highlight of the trip; after the trek you will have to reach Bogdi from where you will be taking a descend toward Watching.Tread the moderate trekking paths to arrive in Malana dam for your return journey after successfully finishing the trip.

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    d6 Days n5 Nights

    About the Destinations: Naggar, a quaint and picturesque settlement in Kullu district is a must visit destination in Himachal Pradesh. Located around 22km from Manali (and 246km from Shimla), this scenic hamlet makes it for an amazing cycling and trekking experience. Embraced with the rustic charm of the Kullu Valley and the enchanting beauty of the Parvati Valley, it also boasts of being one of the hotspots for nature, adventure and leisure travellers. The Malana trek boasts of  wonderful terrains, appealing passes, lush thickets around this settlement which entice the cyclists and trekkers from across the world to try their riding and trekking skills here in Naggar. Also, as this pictorial village acts as a connecting route to some of the religious and tourist spots like Bijli Mahadev Temple, Gauri Shankar Temple, Chanderkhani Pass, Rashol Pass and Malana, it has become a much sought after destination in Himachal Pradesh. Duration of the Tour: 5N/6D Meal Types: Vegetarian Activities: Cycling, Trekking, Sightseeing Highest Altitude: 3,660m

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What You Should Know More About Tours in Naggar

  • Which are the best pilgrimage sites in Naggar?

    Naggar is a fairly religious place. Apart from Hindus, the town has a good number of Buddhist people living here. This is where there is enough number of pilgrimage sites in Naggar to call it a religious destination. Many of these temples are historical yet very well maintained. They are not only sacred but also architecturally beautiful. If you are looking for peace and holiness then you should visit these places:    

    • Tripura Sundari Temple
    • Muralidhar temple
    • Jagatipatt Temple
    • Gauri Shankar Temple
    • Chamunda Bhagwati Temple
    • Dagpo Shedrupling Monastery

  • Which are the different adventure activities to do in Naggar?

    For those who are looking for excitement and adventure, Naggar is the perfect destination. Even though the town can be considered a lazy place, there’s plenty in offering for those who like to feel the thrill. If you are one of those tourists then there are a few things to try. Here is a list that you can consider:

    • Fishing- fishing in the Beas River is a very popular activity in the town. Not only the tourists but also the locals enjoy this exciting activity.
    • Trekking- Naggar is a paradise for the ones who like to discover a place on foot. When there are popular trekking routes like Chanderkhani Pass, Parvati Pass, and Jalori Pass, there are also less popular mountain trails that lead to beautiful destinations.
    • River rafting- the mountain rivers are perfectly wild enough for this particular activity. There are tour organizers who offer you the chance to go rafting with them.
    • Biking- get a mountain bike and ride on the challenging mountain trails.

  • Which are the most adventurous treks near Naggar?

    The town of Naggar and the nearby regions are perfect for trekking expeditions. There are a few dedicated trekking routes in this area, which are known for their natural beauty and the adventurous terrains. There are trek organizers who can make sure of a safe and comforting tour and offer you everything you need to experience the very best of it. Here is a list of trekking routes that are popular:

    • Chanderkhani Pass
    • Parvati Pass
    • Jalori Pass
    • Tirthan to Sainj Trek
    • Hampta Pass
    • Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek
    • Bhrigu Lake Trek
    • Bir Trek
    • Chandratal Lake Trek
    • Beas Kund Trek

  • Which are the best biking trips to do near Naggar?

    If you are a bike enthusiast and enjoy long rides then the Naggar to Leh bike trip will be a lot of fun for you. The journey takes about 12 hours to be completed. You will have plenty of towns in between to stop rest and eat, or even camp at night. The clear blue sky, the mountains, and the beautiful road will keep you company.  

  • What are the top attractions on a sightseeing tour in Naggar?

    Naggar has a lot of beautiful and significant tourist destinations that you must not miss. If you are on a trip to the town then surely visit these places:

    • The Castle- the architecture of this prime tourist destination is influenced by western and Himalayan culture.
    • Uruswati Himalayan Folk Art Museum- established by Nicolas Roerich, this museum houses the best of cultural elements.
    • Dagpo Shedrupling Monastery- this Buddhist place of spirituality was built in 2005 and it offers a breathtaking view.
    • Jagatipatt temple- this earthquake resistant temple is popular for that and for being one of the most visited temples in Naggar.
    • Chanderkhani Pass- a trekking destination that is moderately easy but offers the most breathtaking view.

  • Which is the best place for fishing and river rafting in Naggar?

    One of the best things about the town of Naggar is surely the Beas River. Apart from beauty, this river offers the perfect setting for river rafting and fishing. Find the right adventure tour organizers and you can have the time of your life.  

Traveller Tales From Naggar


Satish Achari

15 November 2015

This was my first trek in Himalayas and I totally enjoyed it. Natural beauty was everywhere forest and snow covered mountains. People in the group were very friendly and our trip leader was very helpful. Food during the was also good and best time was in the evening when after a day long trek you sit together other fellow travel and have lot fun on campsite. It was one of the best trip of my life.

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Shwet Pilla

13 April 2015

Amazing trek with exciting trails and we really got our money's worth! Trip was well planned and executed. Special thanks to our guide who was very cooperative through out the trip. I had heard a lot about Malana village and always wanted to go. When we reach this village on day 4 it was like dream come true. We did camping at remote places and meet some of the amazing people during the trek.


Pankaj parakh

06 April 2015

If you want to climb the Himalayas with wonders at every step, I would suggest the Hampta Pass Chandratal trek to you. To me and our group, it was the best so far. Not so much difficult, beautiful views of the pass and the Chandratal lake, lovely trekking-mates and such a high experienced facilitating team kept me amazed and excited throughout the trek.


Tanmay Gangal

10 April 2015

If you are looking towards exploring the beauty if the Himalayas and also enjoy the thrills of trek, but with moderate amount of challenges, I would suggest this Hampta Pass Chandratal Trek for you. I did it last year with 3 of my colleagues and few other members. Everything on the way was so refreshing and awesome.


Richa Kasthiya

16 April 2015

One of the best experiences that I have had since I came to India. The trek through high altitude passes may have you short of breath but the amazing view can completely take your breath away. The temples are a must see in this place! The jeep ride is fun as the terrians can get rugged.


Dhanadeepa Gandhi

16 July 2015

Chanderkhani Trek was indeed a pleasant experience. Apart from awesome trekking experience I got to meet such wonderful people. The best thing about these treks is that no matter you are solo or with friends you get meet so many new people - it was more of a learning experience for me.


Richa Singh

16 April 2015

Saw the Himalayas like never before. This is what nature should look like! So Beautiful and relaxing! The trek is also easy and not too strenuous! The glaciers and mountains make for one pretty picture and the drive up to Chandratal is pleasant. Photographers will love this place!


Gopi Tandon

07 July 2015

To reach Manala village we have to cross over Chanderkhani Pass. The trek passes through beautiful alpine pasture and we have beautiful view of some of the high mountain peaks. Tough terrains there is not so easy and the weather is unpredictable.


Satyen Prajapat

12 February 2015

Passing through the narrow and unknown terrains were the most exciting. Greeneries all the way and the snowy peaks made the trek more intriguing for me. The best thing about these treks is that no matter you are you would enjoy the trek.

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