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Anuja Butt
Reviewed: 08 Jan 2021
Highly recommended stay in the middle of the woods in Ooty for all those adventure enthusiasts. We not only got to spend some wonderful time in the stay but also enjoyed the amazing sightseeing experience in the woods. We were assisted by an amazing english speaking tour guide who gave a detailed ex... Read More
Aishwarya Ramamoorthy
Reviewed: 16 Jan 2019
A must visit place if you want to stay at kotagiri. A fun camping experience where there's a stunning view and you can reach a lot of view points and waterfalls within a few minutes of the hike. The guide we had was a very friendly person and had a lot of information about the local Flora and fauna,... Read More
Aishwarya Ramamoorthy
Aishwarya Ramamoorthy
Manish Manish
Reviewed: 04 Feb 2019
Wonderful experience, camping, trekking, food ...everything worth it...friendly staff and very cooperative..recommended.

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