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    Popularly called as ‘The Jewel of the South’, Yercaud is known for being nestled in lush green lawns, which also make it a serene and tranquil destination. Away from all the hustle bustle of the city life, Yercaud is a must-to-vist hill stations in the Eastern Ghats of India.

    Located in the Salem District of Tamil Nadu, this captivating destination will enthral the visitors with all its charm and mesmerizing locations. The Yercaud Tour Packages offer the best of Yercaud experiences as they are designed in a way that ensures visit to all the enchanting corners of Yercaud.

    Some of the popular tour packages for Yercaud are listed below:

    1. Big Lake

    Photo Credits: Riju K

    The stunning Big Lake or the Yercaud Lake is included in all Yercaud Tour Packages as one of the primary locations. This lake offers panoramic views of the hills and lush green lawns located in the nearby areas.

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    The lake is a destination that must be explored by all, whether they love fishing, boating, admiring the nature or simply seek to enjoy the natural beauties of Eastern Ghats. The lake is surrounded by beautiful wooden trees which will surely captivate you with their aromatic fragrance and the pristine outlooks.

    The place is known for its myriad list of eateries that serves indigenous and authentic foods. The tour package to the Big Lake also allows time for shopping and trying the delicious cuisines of Tamil Nadu.

    Most of the packages also include boating in Big Lake, and while on a boating ride, you can click some of the enchanting still or motion pictures, capturing the essence of beauty that is found in Yercaud’s hills and on its water bodies.

    2. Pagoda Point

    Pagoda Point

    Image Credit: Saravanakumar Muthusamy

    Like every hill station has its vanity point or the summit point, the Pagoda Point is the highest point in Yercaud. This is included in all Yercaud tour packages owing to the fact that it manages to take everyone by surprise.

    The stunning point is for all those who wish to invigorate their mind, body and spirit by exploring and unfolding the untouched beauties of the nature.

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    This point is a destination that offers beautiful and breathtaking views of the hill station. It is also the concluding point for a number of treks and other adventure activities that can be undertaken in the hill station of Yercaud.

    The mesmerizing view of clouds and mist along with the sound of the breeze will surely embrace your reflexes with their pleasant and harmonic notes, providing a tranquil and calming experience wherein you will transcend to Utopia, a world of fantasy!

    3. The Servarayan Temple

    This temple is one of those places that can never be excluded in any of the tour packages for Yercaud. Dedicated to Lord Servaroyan, this temple is one of the pious spiritual places in this region; the Servaroyan Temple has also been featured in a number of South Indian and Bollywood movies as well.

    Legends suggest that this temple is also dedicated to Goddess Kaveri, who is believed to be the inspiration behind the River Kaveri or Cauvery.

    Located on the highest peak of the city, the temple provides information about the spiritual development of this place and its mythological linkages. The captivating beauty of this temple, related cave and green grasses make this temple, a must visit destination in Yercaud.

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    The path that leads to the temple is considered as a thrilling and adventurous terrain in Yercaud. On a number of occasions, travellers opt for trekking activities that conclude at the temple’s cave.

    The mysterious hills of Yercaud can be best explored while visiting this temple. The temple is a revered place of interest in this hill station of Yercaud, which is regularly visited by travellers from all over the world.

    4. Yercaud Rose Garden

    Yercaud’s Rose Garden is an ideal honeymooner getaway and an offbeat destination that should be visited during a trip to the hill station. It is included in all Yercaud tour packages as it has breathtaking views of flora and fauna found in the area.

    The place is also an interesting sightseeing area for those who wish to delve into the history, development and agricultural significance of India. The Rose Garden also features a silk farm, wherein one can learn more about production, growing of silk and different methods of silk spinning.

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    Embossed with a myriad variety of Rose species, a visit to this garden will surely captivate your heart and senses with tenderness and affection towards the beauty of the nature.

    The scenic backdrop of this Rose Garden has gained much fondness amongst the visitors. The garden also boasts of it other species of exotic and colourful plants. 

    Rose Garden’s aromatic and pleasant ambience has resulted into one of the popular brunch or lunch spots in Yercaud. In addition of being one of the most sought after destinations for the grown-ups, this garden has also earned the fame of being one of the idyllic playgrounds for the kids. Its proximity to Lake Yercaud is another reason behind its rising popularity.

    5. Loop Road Yercaud

    Photo Credits: Puneet P

    Over the years, India has been a renowned destination for the coffee enthusiasts; India’s blend of coffee and coffee plantations has always fascinated the coffee admirers. However, none of this would have been possible without the intervention of the British or the East India Company.

    Coffee plantations in India originate back to the era, when the British officers started searching for idle hill stations. After the discovery of the Yercaud peak, the British officials planted coffee plants in this region.

    Favourable atmospheric conditions of the Yercaurd hills helped in the production of the finest blends of coffee.Thus Yercaud became a hotspot and is still one of the paramount destinations for coffee plantations.

    The 32 km stretch of the Loop Road passes through several coffee plantation areas. Due to its authenticity in representing the coffee culture in India, it is included in every Yercaud tour packages. While meandering along the Loop Road, you can witness how coffee plantations have influenced the lives of the natives of Yercaud.

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    Also, as the road passes through some of the rustic hamlets of Kaveri Peak, Manjakuttai, Semmantham and Nagalur, it also highlights the diversified tradition and cultures among the locales.

    The road also offers some of the astounding views of the hill station. Fringed by enthralling hills and lush forests, the mystic ambience of the road makes it a popular destination in the tour packages of Yercaud.

    6. Tipperary View Point

    Located close to Yercaud, this viewpoint is an area that provides stunning views of the hills surrounding Yercaud. The Tipperary View Point is a part of a number of tour packages because it offers spectacular views and offers the opportunity to enjoy a number of adventure activities.

    Trekking is one of the major activities that are organized in this area, providing adventure lovers an opportunity to feel the rush of adrenaline in their bodies. This destination is also known for its beautiful rocks and caves that are ideal for exploration. Whether in family vacation or in group holidaying, these caves must be visited to unfold the magnificence, Yercaud has to offer.

    7. Yercaud Town

    Photo Credits: Prabhakaran

    Cosseted by picturesque hills and lush forest areas, the Yercaud Town is a must-to-visit part of the Salem District. The mesmeric beauty of the Eastern Ghats makes this town, an invincible name in all the packages for Tamil Nadu.

    The town is known for its rustic coffee plantations, caves and other areas that offer incredible insights into the development of this region, ensuring that travellers have an experience of their lifetime.

    The town also features several ponds and lakes, offering boating and fishing activities, wherein couples and family members can spend quality time.

    Trekking is also one of the popular activities that are regularly organized in this town to quench the thirst of the adventure seekers. The town also has a number of joints and eateries, wherein travellers can try different and unique dishes from Tamil Nadu cuisine and can tantalize their taste buds.

    8. Bear's Cave

    This is one of those places that are particularly included in a number of Yercaud tour packages. The cave is located on a private property, which once served as a summer resort to the British officers and commanders.

    One of the British officers called Norton; an impactful Criminal Lawyer of Chennai, was the owner of this property. He was the legendary person who built a bungalow in this region and is also acknowledged as the discoverer of this enchanting cave.

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    The Bear’s Cave is situated few metres away from the bungalow and it goes deep into the hills. Though the cave can be accessed easily till the first 60 feet, beyond this the rocks and the boulders do provide obstacles.

    However, if the explorers wish to continue exploration, they can easily remove the rocks and continue exploration on all the fours. Apart from offering an incredible adventure caving experience, the Bear’s Cave also offers the essence of the bygone British era.

    9. Botanical Garden

    Botanical Garden or the Orchidarium, which offers insight of the indigenous flora and fauna of Yercaus, is one of the most explored areas. It must be noted that there are several floral and faunal similarities between Eastern and Western Ghats of India.

    Therefore, in this Eastern Ghats’ hill station, one can find several kinds of flowers and orchids that are also found in Kerala region. The botanical garden features exactly 249 types of exotic and rare orchids. This includes insect eating pitcher plants as well as other orchids known for their beauty and aroma.

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    The place is also known for housing Neelakurinji flowers, which blooms once in the span of twelve years. Therefore, witnessing them can become one of the best experiences of a lifetime.

    The botanical garden also features roses of varied sizes and colours and well known for its tall bamboo trees. This is one of those places that are regularly featured in South Indian cinemas.

    10. Kiliyur Waterfalls

    Photo Credits: Sudarshan V

    Waterfalls are often referred as the best way to get relaxed and refresh the mind. The Kiliyur Waterfalls, with all its beauty and pleasing atmosphere, prove to be one of the best destinations to seek rejuvenation and relaxation of the mind and soul. Being one of the prominent waterfalls in Yercaud, it serves as one of the primary locations of the Yercaud tour packages.

    The Kiliyur Waterfalls is well known for its breathtaking and spectacular views. As the water gushes down from a height of 300 feet, it creates an impounding spell on the minds of the visitors.

    Located in the Servaroyan hill range of the Eastern Ghats, this waterfall is in proximity to the Lake Yercaud and therefore, travellers can enjoy a full day picnic sojourn, boating and fishing close to the water bodies.

    The best time to visit these waterfalls is during the months of monsoon and soon after. Bathing and photography are the most popular as well as commonly seen activities amongst the travellers.

    Yercaud tour packages from Chennai

    Yercaud tour packages from Chennai are usually 2 nights and 3 days packages wherein Chennai sightseeing tours are also included within the package. An overnight journey from Chennai takes the visitors the enchanting hills of Yercaud. Upon arrival at Yercaud, the visitors can check-in into the respective hotels and relax for the day.

    Exploration of Yercaud generally initiates on the next day with the visit to the Big Lake, also known as the Yercaud Lake. While on this tour, you can experience boating and other similar activities along the lakeside.

    After this, the package includes a visit to the Anna Park, a well groomed garden and then towards a small lake. Lunch will be served upon the completion of these tours. Post lunch, the visitors will be taken to the main temple and Bear’s Cave exploration. The night will be spent in the hotel, camping activities and trying out the cuisine of Tamil Nadu.

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    The second day in Yercaud includes visit to Lady’s Seat, a popular vantage point of the town. Hereafter, the tour will take the visitor to the silk farm and the popular Pagoda point.

    After this, travellers will be taken to the mesmeric 300 ft Kiliyur Falls. After exploring this picturesque location and its surroundings, the tour will conclude with an evening visit to the Montfort School.

    After completion of the tour, the travellers will be escorted back to Chennai; an overnight journey will take the traveller back to Chennai.

    Bangalore to Yercaud Tour Packages

    Bangalore to Yercaud tour packages are usually of 2 nights and 3 days. On the first day, travellers are taken to the Big Lake, where they get to enjoy boating. A visit to Anna Park, followed by a flower show at the park will add more delight to the tour. However, the flower show depends on the season and time of the year.

    After the visit to the Botanical Garden, the tour turns toward the Arthur’s Seat and Lady’ Seat; both being rocks in the form of seat, are two of the most popular tourist attraction points of Yercaud.

     These rocks offer bird eye view of the lake, parks and almost the whole of the Yercaud town. Later, a trip to the Kiliyur Waterfalls will conclude the activities for the first day.

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    The next day will be about visiting Children’s Seat or the Deer Park. Since this park closes by 5 Pm in the evening, the visit to this park is usually undertaken during the early hours.

    Known to be an idle destination for the kids, the park has several activities for them; swings and slides are the most popular amongst these. While at this park, the visitors can explore the vibrant range of Yercaud’s flora and fauna.

    The Servaroyan Temple will be visited after a blissful visit to the Deer Park. The terrains leading to the Servaroyan Temple comprises of rugged and narrow trails.

    While on the way to the temple, the visitors can have the astounding views of the Bear’s Cave and the historic Norton’s Bungalow. The trip finally ends with a delightful visit to the Botanical Garden, and the visitors will be guided back to Bangalore

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