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    Makalidurga stands out as a special location that is definitely perfect for the nature lover. It is one place that offers trekking but also does not restrict you whatsoever. There is a perfect mix of high hills, forests, ruined fort and wildlife. You will not find a path that is clear cut and leading towards Makalidurga, offering you a lot more exciting. You just scramble through pathless territories, all perfect for the person that is extremely adventurous.

    About the trek:

    The Makalidurga trekking experience is a perfect escape for those stuck into doing the same thing at the office every single day. You can arrange team outings here for one day or even a wonderful weekend getaway.

    How to reach Makalidurga

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    You can find Makalidurga around 60 kilometers away from the garden city Bangalore and you can be there in just 2 hours. It is recommended to take the train but a drive or a bus ride can also be arranged. If you are driving, go towards Doddaballapur and then ask for directions. Just ask a local.

    The experience

    From the moment you get close to Makalidurga you will be stunned by how quiet the location is. You rarely see anyone around and this basically means that you have to take water and food with you. The trek will take you to the well known Makalidurga fort, which is located right on the top of a granite hillock. It is obvious that the trek here is not as popular as Savandurga but the experience is still wonderful. It is an easy trek that is perfect for any physical level.

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    There are areas that can be considered as moderately difficult because of the presence of boulders and barren rocks. However, the challenge is worth the result and you will enjoy the fact that some directions will be found on boulders, quite a rare sight in the world of trekking. Allow yourself enough time at the top to enjoy the stunning view.

    Other treks around Makalidurga:

    The Maklidurga trekking experience is wonderful for the nature lover but you might also want to consider other alternatives. Most trekkers arrange the Maklidura trek for just one day and leave the rest of the weekend free for another location. We would like to recommend 2 treks that you might want to consider:

    1. The Anthargange Trekking Experience

    Kolar is located 60 kilometers away from Bangalore and offer many thrills and a lot of excitement. This is where the trek towards Anthargange starts.

    It is a perfect location for a trekking and Caving of novice to medium skill and there are possibilities for one night two day camping experience or even rock climbing.

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    There is a highly challenging trek route that lasts 40 minutes and goes up hill. This one is great as it highlights incredible scenery.

    2. The Kaivara Adventure Trek

    Kivara is quite close to civilization but this is where legend becomes reality. As a matter of fact, there are actually different legends that have their roots in mythical battles and that offer an interesting mysticism to the trek. Visit where Bheema killed Bakasura and enjoy a trek that is quite special near Bangalore.


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