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    Trekking in Madhya Pradesh

    Trekking in Madhya Pradesh gives the trekkers ample time to explore her scenery, wildlife, spirituality and adventure.Undoubtedly the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh will beckon trekkers from far and wide. With so much of to see and explore in this heartland, it can never be taken for granted that the place would not make you happy. With many national parks to its name and one of the few places to home the Bengal Tigers, at the famous Kanha National Park, enjoy your trekking expeditions and safaris. Who knows Madhya Pradesh trekking tours in the wild may just bring you in close contacts with the real Sher Khan of the jungle.

    But it is not only the jungles and wildlife of Madhya Pradesh which beckons trekkers from across the globe. If you happen to take a look at what Madhya Pradesh has to offer, it would range from history to rich heritage, telling you tales of the days gone by. There are many forts and stunning landscapes that would impress you. And apart from that Madhya Pradesh is home to the famous Khajuraho temple, where erotic carvings speak of the sensuality embedded in the Indian culture.

    In all her contrasts, Madhya Pradesh is truly a place where trekkers would have a mind blowing experience. A seat of learning, culture, history and art, Madhya Pradesh also gives the trekkers ample of time to explore her scenery, wildlife, spirituality, adventure and the deep rooted traditions she strongly hold on to.

    The trekking tours as brought to you by Thrillophilia

    Trekking in Madhya Pradesh brings a lot of fun filled activities, and that does not only mean climbing rocks and scaling hill tops, we can enjoy skydiving as well. Take a look below at what suggestions we can best get you.

    If you have less than a week

    1. You could go on the splendid Sanchi Bike Trek; it would take you all over Bhopal and Sanchi. You need to be pretty active for this and the trek is rated as strenuous.
    2. For the same amount of time one could even opt for the Raisen Fort Bike Trek. With this expedition on the bikes you would be roaming around Bhopal and the well known Raisen Fort.
    3. For three full days you could enjoy trekking amongst the wildlife scenarios with the Kanha Wildlife Trek. The expedition is rated as moderate and those of you who love nature and explorations, a treat is in store.
    4. The Bandhavgarh Wildlife Trek happens for three days, and is moderately rated. You would also get a chance to experience first hand the wildlife of the famous Bandhavgarh jungles.
    5. If you would like to combine wildlife trekking adventures and have a whale of time with more options, may we then suggest the Kanha and Bandhavgarh Wildlife Trek. You should have at least five days in hand to enjoy the experience of being amidst nature and wildlife. The trekking expedition is rated as moderate to strenuous, physical fitness and well being is a must since you would be encountering nature at her best.

    If you have more than five days to less than a fortnight

    1. The famous Pachmarhi & Satpura Wildlife Trek would keep you enchanted. One can experience a range of flora and fauna, with breath taking views of the dense forests and wild species of animals and birds. The trekking expedition is rated as moderate to strenuous, physical fitness and well being is a must.
    2. You could also check in with the Pachmarhi with Satpura Forest Trek. It is important you have at least a week and a half in hand to explore and enjoy this expedition to the fullest. Once again physical fitness is a must over here.
    3. Who doesnt like to dig deep into mysticism? And if thats your calling, you should then opt for the well known Pachmarhi & Mystic Satpura Forest. Keep a week and a half in hand, and be marveled at the exquisite flora and fauna along with the humming of birds and hooting of wild animals around, truly mystical to capture your senses.
    4. The famous Madhya Pradesh Wildlife Trek happens for a week and a half as well. You would be taken around places such as Pipariya and Pachmarhi along to Bhedaghat and Kanha and ending up at the famous Bandhavgarh. Moderately rated is this expedition, and trekking on this experience would give you a new perspective of the wildlife scenario in MP.

    For those with a high dose of adrenaline

    The famous trekking tours for the same would be the Wildlife and Hills Trek which is for a week and half. Rated as a toughie, but if you are in the mood for tougher the better options, there wouldnt be any complaining. Alternatively you could also check the Mountain Queen Bike Trek, which runs for a week and a half as well or even the famous Pachmarhi Trekking Tour that runs for a week and more.


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