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    Trekking in Karnataka

    Trekking in Karnataka - It is one blessed state of India which has in abundance both flora, fauna as well as the best natural spots.

    If you thought Karnataka was only Bangalore and whatever the city offered, think again. The state is a bundle of surprises with natural spots, flora and fauna in abundance. There are many places in and around the state which can give you real respite from the rat raced world within the city.  If you really want to throw back your shoes and have a whale of a time in the arms of nature trekking, Karnataka wouldnt disappoint you, not even if you choose rafting in Karnataka. For trekking enthusiasts, be ready to be spoilt for choice, since the hotspots around the state are plenty for you to choose from. And today we shall tell you about some of the best places we have been to, so please read on and be well informed.

    Dont forget to keep your camera handy, you wouldnt get tired clicking the best shots and preserving them for a lifetime of memories. Karnataka surely has surprised us with so many beautiful trekking hotspots, and we havent even discovered all of them yet!!

    Here is what thrillophilia suggests

    1. If you are in for some fun and wildlife adventure, you ought to trek to the Savandurga hills. You would be enthralled at the sight of the famous Narasimha Swamy temple and the holy Savandi Veerabhadreshwara Swamy temple at the foot of the hills. This is also a place popular for those who love rock climbing, exploring caves, discovering the wild deciduous jungle, home to wildlife and exotic flora and fauna.
    2. Another place worth mentioning for trekking experiences would be Anthargange. Cave exploration, volcanic rocks, boulders, wild flora and fauna keeps the nature lover busy. Not to forget adventure seekers can enjoy rock climbing and exploration of the caves as well.
    3. Nature lovers are in for a treat when they choose Bheemeshwari for their trekking soiree. Its lush green, mountaineuous and has rivers that flow. Trekking is for the tough abled folks, since the creeks and bows in the dense jungle come as a surprise to many. Plenty of wildlife and dense foliage around for you to keep clicking as well, go hot air ballooning and enjoy it all.
    4. Not to forget mentioning another trekking haunt, Chikmangalur. Also known to many as the famous KR hill station, this was the favorite summer solace for King Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV. The bio-diversity of the region is rich and limitless, with plenty of flora and fauna to feast your eyes on. Species of fish, birds and wild animals are countless, especially when you head towards the River Bhadra where the wildlife gathers for a drink.
    5. If you want to be somewhere nice and quiet, Coorg is a good place to trek and have fun at. A true blue blood adventurer would never say NO to this place. There are unlimited things you could do here, such as swimming, kayaking, mounting, rappelling, rock climbing, night safaris etc.
    6. Dandeli wildlife sanctuary is another place for trekkers to visit. Virgin by its nature, it is the home to many rare species of small birds and animals. You can river raft, trek and have camping nights as well at this wildlife sanctuary. So you can trek and go rafting in Karnataka this holiday season!!
    7. If you love climbing mountains and trekking along on them, Mullayanagiri is the place to be, and for that you ought to be at Kemmenagundi. Coffee plantations surround the place and you would be basking in well manicured gardens and roaring waterfalls.
    8. Once again for those who love the mountains and dont mind climbing the rocky slopes, Makalidurga is the place to be. With huge granite hillocks and a chain of mountains to huddle over, this is the best experience of wildlife and rock climbing adventure mixed a trekker could get.
    9. May we also suggest the famous Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, which has swamps, nullas, valleys, and open grassland to greet nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. The elephant population in this place is known to be the best all across India.
    10. Talking of elephants, the famous Bandipur National Park is the place to be. With dense growth and high bio-diversity, plus limitless flora and fauna to enjoy, the experience of trekking here cannot be penned down in a few words.

    So pick and choose, the experience awaits!!


Trekking in Karnataka

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