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    Bheemeshwari is situated at a distance of about 100 km from the capital city of Bangalore. With a landscape that appears green as far as the eye can go, it is a trekker’s paradise. Blessed with lush greenery and the placid waters of the River Cauvery, the scenic place offers ample opportunities for nature walks and sightseeing, adventure activities and of course  trekking.

    The terrain is usually gentle and strewn with rocks but slopes slightly at places which lures in a lot of trekking enthusiast towards Bheemeshwari trekking. A strong pair of hiking shoes and adequate amount of food and water, should do the job of helping you enjoy the trek.

    Trekking is an ideal activity for a team outing in Bheemeshwari. While on one hand the picturesque surroundings provide relief to your tired body and soul, adventure activities organised by the Thrillophilia revive your spirits and re-infuse enthusiasm in you.

    Furthermore, you get the opportunity to spend some wonderful and fun moments with your colleagues through our fun-filled and interesting team building exercises.

    To add more fun with the activities, you can book a nature camp here : Night Outing At Bheemeshwari Adventure And Nature Camp

    The experience:

    Experience of Trekking in Bheemeshwari

    Explore the trails through the forest and enjoy the natural beauty of Bheemeshwari as you trek along the canopied paths. The picturesque view of the valley below, the chirping of birds, the cool wind whispering into the trees and the fun company of your colleagues are bound to make Bheemeshwari trekking a memory worth cherishing.

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    The landscape is rich in flora and fauna and you will come across plants and animals you may have never seen before. Trekking in Bheemeshwari provides an excellent opportunity for bird watching and you can spot some very rare species in the jungles.

    The rocky trails flanked by rich and luxurious foliage takes you to watch towers in the forest. These watchtowers provide an excellent vantage point to view the picturesque surroundings. The trail may seem difficult to new trekkers, but those with experience will love the challenges that the terrain throws at them.

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    Nevertheless, the amazing surroundings and sights will keep your mind distracted from the little hurdles that come across your path. You can continue your journey back after having food at the watch tower and take the trail along the banks of the River Cauvery on your way back.

    Trekking in Bheemeshwari

    The trek along the River Cauvery is an enjoyable experience. Bheemeshwari trekking trails are frequented by many amateur and seasoned trekkers throughout the year. The pleasant weather and the beautiful ambience provide the perfect atmosphere for an adventure filled trek. You will have to be careful at times, but in general the trek is quite easy.

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    The calm waters of the river flanked by velvety green hills are a sight to behold. Besides the joy of trekking in Bheemeshwari, you will find yourself reveling in the beauty of nature and losing all your worries and fatigue in the beautiful surroundings.

    Bheemeshwari trekking is a great team building exercise, which is, precisely, the reason why Thrillophilia recommends this activity for team outings. While you get to enjoy the beauty of the region, you can also share your observations with your colleagues thus creating a stronger bond.

    Video of exciting trekking trails of Bheemeshwari

    Furthermore, by trekking in groups strengthens the team spirit. The spike in your enthusiasm level is carried on to your work space, thus creating a more vibrant work atmosphere and increasing the team productivity as a whole.

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    Thrillophilia also organises training programmes for off-sites along with a camping experience in Bheemeshwari. The expert consultants on the panel are eloquent on subjects such as leadership skills, team bonding, team development etc.

    Another trekking option close by:

    Muthathi Trekking Experience

    Muthathi Trekking Experience

    The River Cauvery passes through rocks and boulders and enters the village of Muthathi. Situated at a distance of 98 km from Bangalore, Muthathi is a scenic village flanked by lush green hills and the placid waters of the River Cauvery.The other side of the river stretches between sandy banks and lush green trees swaying to the tune of the winds.

    The river invites you to take rides across it in pretty little coracles. To trek in Muthathi, you will need prior permission from the forest authorities. Thrillophilia takes care of all permissions and documents beforehand, thus enabling you to enjoy the beauty of Muthathi without having to get involved in unnecessary hassles.

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    During your trek across Muthathi, you will come across beautiful stretches of sand which embank the river. River Cauvery which appears calm and placid at times is also infamous for its treacherous whirlpools.

    For this reason, boating and swimming are prohibited in certain areas. However, you will find locals with coracles who will deftly row across the river and help you enjoy the scenic beauty of Muthathi.

    Muthathi Trekking

    There is also a statue of Nandi in the middle of the river. This spot is particularly famous among tourists as it provides an excellent photo opportunity. With the great hills in the background and the river flanking the statue on both sides, the site is excellent for photography.

    The best time to visit Muthathi is after the monsoons when the river is in full flow. This makes it favourable for adventure activities such as rafting, high rope traversing, zip line etc.

    There are a number of places of interest near Muthathi such as Savandurga, Mekedatu, BR Hills, Bandipur, Shivanasamudra, Shivagange etc; which provide ample opportunities for trekking and adventure activities.

    Other adventure activities in Bheemeshwari:

    Besides trekking in Bheemeshwari and Muthathi, you can indulge in a number of action packed adventurous activities to make the most of your trip. Some of the fun filled activities organised by Thrillophilia in Bheemeshwari and Muthathi include:

    1) Nature Camps

    Adventure activities in Bheemeshwari

    The wilderness of Bheemeshwari serves as an ideal spot for organizing nature camps. You can spend some peaceful time in the canopied beauty of the forest. Listen to animals flitting past your tent and enjoy the soft chirping of crickets and insects in the darkness.

    You do not have to worry about the security as forest authorities appoint efficient guards to secure the area.

    2) Cycling

    You can enjoy cycling on the beautiful trails in the forest and explore the wonders of nature. Carry a camera with you to ensure that you capture all the amazing things you see on your route. Butterflies, colourful birds, interesting flowers etc welcome you on the unknown routes through the dense jungle.

    3) Rafting

    Rafting can be a very enjoyable activity on the River Cauvery. Rent a raft or build one of your own with your friends or colleagues. Thrillophilia organises raft building as a team building activity to promote team spirit, leadership skills and better bonding between team members.

    Here is a video of Thrillophilia's popular activities in Bheemeshwari

    4) Rope Activities

    If you are an adventure enthusiast, indulge in some heavy duty adventure activities such as high rope traversing, ziplining etc across the River Cauvery. If you are craving for some adrenaline rush, the exciting rope activities organised by the Thrillophilia team are the best medicine for you.

    Fun filled and adventurous, these activities are sure to bring out the adventure maniac in you!

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