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People Shared their Stories
Story by Devvrat Adiga

 Rated : 5.0

wao this heavenly place has many stories associated with it, like the british mountaineer discovered it and wrote his book valley of flowers, which is very famous among the international tourists. one woman name Miss Margaret Lague came to see this valley and ahe was tryinv to pluck a flower but unfortunately she got slipped and fell in the valley and died. in her memory there is a tombstone on hwr grave and all people who visits this valley of flowers must visit this tombstone. The local guide explores all other details of the flowers and the valley. Well it is a one day trip and people having time must come and witness the heaven on earth.

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Story by Niranjan Pothuvaal

 Rated : 4.0

This valley has perhaps all colors,of the world. bottom,is green and top is colorful. This enchanting beauty is home to thousands of flowers new and old, local and wild all types. Ghanvria is the point where the valley is situated and apart from valley there are small streams and waterfalls which will make you feel like a movie location. The valley of flowers is so well maintained that you will not find any sort of dirt in the entire premise. Moreover it is not possible to explore the entire area by walking. Flowers you see are some kind of herbs also having medicinal values. Incredible place to visit.

Story by Adripathi Namboothiri

 Rated : 4.0

The valley of flowers of uttrakhand is spread in an area of 87.5 sq. kms , so large covering area and crowded by thousands of different flowers. People consider uttrakhand for its himalayan mountains but actual appreciation should be given to these sites. It is absolute heaven and athe land of paradise for nature lovers. The valley is surrounded by mighty mountains and is well maintained by authorities. It will be great to spend a day staring at the flowers, buds and butterflies.

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Story by Vaidehi Patel

 Rated : 4.0

Valley of flowers trek in uttrakhand is suitable for trekkers newbies and experienced. The flowers valley is located in chamoli district and it is easily accessible . And in uttrakhand trekking circuit this is the most lovey destination, you can feel the large bed of flowers extending to different mountains. The easy trek is located at an high altitude in himalayas. perfect for your family trip and adventure. The world famous flowers park is must visit destination for himalayan trekkers.

Story by Deveshwar Sethi

 Rated : 4.0

On our trip we spent time on many tourist destination but i loved being in the valley of flowers and the hemkund saheb. we had a moderate trekking from rishikesh to ghangaria and the the spectacular mountains kept us going further. On other side hemkund saheb have its own importance because in the Sikh holy book. The small waterfalls are also there, where you can spend some time. In Hemkund sahib there is a small lake surrounded by seven snow covered mountains looking even more beautiful.

Story by Subhash Butt

 Rated : 4.0

Well unless you area nature lover, i wont recommend you this site beacuse the valley is speard over a large area which might make you feel bored or something so better to focus on other parts of the region. In ghangaria where the valley is located, there is also a valley called Bhyundar valley and next to it is Laxman Ganga River. There are two beautiful villages to explore like the villages Pulna and Bhyundar . The valley of flowers appears as a large flower plantaion but indeed looks adorable.

Story by Eekalabya Devar

 Rated : 4.0

we were out in a six day trekking trip in the mountains of Rishikesh and got an opportunity to discover the valley of flowers in our trip, qhich made the trip memorable. Starting from the Rishikesh mountains we visited joshimath and crossed the Devprayag which is where the Bhagirathi and alaknanda rivers meet and ganga starts its journey . it was an amazing feeling for me to see ganga being originated.. we stayed in a hotel where we were informed about the valley of flowers. Then we were excited to see the valley and indeed it is super gorgeous. Every trekker who is trekking in uttrakhand must arrange some time to see this valley of flowers.

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Story by Bhargava Acharya

 Rated : 4.0

I had read about the valley of flowers,of uttrakhand long ago and finally i had this fortunw to see what i have read in books...uttrakhand is a gift of nature and absolute heaven. just imagine a place where you are surrounded by beautiful flowers, beautiful sky and the majestic himalayan mountains...

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Story by Anil Nambeesan

 Rated : 4.0

Valley of flowers trek is a very renowned tourist destination covering a large collection of flowers of all kinds. Some flowers are even wild and very rarely found. People from all over the world and from all generations come to see this awesome location. There is a Rabtan peak from where the entire peak looks awesome, the site is such well maintained that it becomes the best one day holiday destination for the families. And the best time to explore the valley would be during the month of July & August since that time alot of flowers bloom and it just looks wonderful.

Story by Sharmila Banerjee

 Rated : 4.0

Best Time to Visit Valley of Flowers Trek is the month of July to September, since that is the advent of monsoon and flowers bloom at an incredible rate that time, so its a great time. Apart from valley of flowers you can actually spot different small waterfalls and mini streams located nearby, since it has been declared a national park so lot of care is taken usually to make is suitable for tourists to stay and enjoy the beauty of nature. We were quite delighted to be a part of this awesome destination and hope to visit the site soon.

Story by Agastya Adiga

 Rated : 4.0

Valley of flowers is a world famous ltourists destination and is crowded by foreigner and domestic tourists. Especially during the beginning of monsoon when almost all the flowers boom, it appears as a complete heaven. Different flower species each of different colors looks awesome. Not only flowers, there are butterflies all around adds extra charm to the valley. On this site the book called valley pf flowers has been written by its discoverer Frank smith. Awesome place.

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Story by Vasundhara Sinha

 Rated : 4.0

waoo what a great trekking point is rishikesh and ghangaria, its amazing... The flower valley looks adorable that is present in Ghangaria. it has large repository of flowers of all kinds having historical and medicinal value. The Ghangaria to govind ghat is the next trail via rudraprayag. The entire region has some good sites to start your discovery. overnight stay in hotel feels good. overall it is going to be a great trip.

Story by Meghnath Bhat

 Rated : 3.0

On the third day of trekking from Rishikesh we reached to Ghangari populary known for having the valley of flowers. After one night spent in our camps we had our breakfast we went to see valley of flowers. There are wide range of flowers including the wild and local flowers. You can also,spot some rarely found flowers like inula, corydalis, pedicularis, thermo psis, sibbaldia and saxifrages and so on. we almost spent four hours discovering various nearby places and flowers. The butterflies , fully boom flowers and small buds added a colorful environment in the valley.

Story by Anuja Achari

 Rated : 3.0

We actually went for trekking in the Hemkund Sahib Trek but eventually on the recommendation of some fellow trekkers we decided to make a visit to the flower of valley also. While visiting the valley of flowers i was quite excited to see the different flowers, we even captured photos in my camera. Our hemkund sahib trekking was also commendable, since we got to see different historical points having enchanting views. The valley of flowers added an extra amount of value in the trekking expedition.

Story by Ramaa Malik

 Rated : 3.0

The UNESCO recognized world heritage centre is the loved point of many nature lovers. The valley of flowers ia not like any small park but it is a large flower national park of the country. Since its inception in 1937 it has received many recognition for the facilities of tourists there are many low budet hotels offering good service accomodation. Moreover it is an ideal family stay. This is the first camp point while trekking from Govindghat to Ghangaria

Story by Drona Jha

 Rated : 3.0

The Valley of flowers trek of Himachal Pradesh is the main attraction of the state. we had the fortune to embark on the treks of ghangaria and govindghat and the two day adventure was amazing. The trip comes in budget and the stay at hotel does not mark any necessity of camping. The tour guide gives all details about the flowers, and there is also separate resting place to take rest and explore the park easily.

Story by Aditeya Varrier

 Rated : 3.0

Rishikesh is an awesome destination for trekking and holiday. The drive from Gangharia to govind ghat gave an opportunity to visit the valley of flowers. The valley of flowers was named as republic park. It is much better to visit such places with family.

Story by Chakrika Kaniyar

 Rated : 3.0

our trekking expedition became memorable by visiting the valley of flowers , we had visited many tourists points including joshimath, devgeaha, govindghat, ghangaria but this was something different and we througly enjoyed our stay there. in our trip we also went the hemkund sahib, which is great destination provided us place to set up tents. Ther was a fine gurudwara also, very peacefull !!

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Story by Bhilangana Gowda

 Rated : 3.0

In our trekking journey from rishikesh to hemkund we came across many intersting points, but when we reached ghangaria for sightseeing i felt it was a sightseeing trip rather than a trekking trip. Just about 3 kilometers we saw the marks of valley of flowers after crossing the bridge. From a long distance you can actually spot the valley of flowers and then coming to the valley we realized how beautiful it was. i recommend everyone to explore all major points of the valley, since it is spread in 10 kilometers so exploring each part is not possible still as an evening walk with your family will feel special