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Abhaidev Gowda


we had a great trip from manali to chandratal, one of the best one in my life. Not only the beauty of nature but the adventure welcomed us . It is good...


Avani Mishra


What an amazing experience we had while trekking on the chain of mountains from manali to chandratal lake.. Although it is a long and tiring trek since...


About the Destination: The Chandratal Lake trekking over hampta pass is one of the most desired trekking tours in India. Offering moderate level of challenges and difficulties, a trek to Hampta pass is equally suitable for beginners as well as expert trekkers. Though it involves a bit of challenges, on making it to the top, the trekkers are rewarded with fascinating views and captivating charm.

On the other hand, the Chandratal Lake is one of the most scenic and appealing high altitude lakes in the country. Resembling to the shape of a moon, it is often called as the ‘Lake of the Moon’ and is visited by hundreds and thousands of adventure lovers throughout the year. Also, as the lake shares its history with the Hindu epic Mahabharata, it is also visited by Hindu devotees round the year.

About the Departure with Details: The Chandratal Lake trekking over Hampta Pass begins from the beautiful town of Manali which sets the tone for a beautiful journey with its picturesque surroundings. This apart, trekkers can be assured some visual treats along the day with a visit to Chandratal, a high altitude alpine lake, for an entire day! The adventure does not end there, a visit to Hampta Pass makes it even more appealing and captivating for the trekking aficionados. 

Activities: Trekking, Camping

Duration: 9 Days (excluding stay in Manali ),11 Days (excluding journey from Delhi),13 Days (excluding journey from Pune)

Altitude: Chikka (3000m), Shiagoru via Hampta Pass (4268m) and Shiagoru (12,900 ft)

Difficulty Level: Easy


  • Day 1 - Arrival in Mumbai/Pune

     Chandratal Lake Trekking Tour Ends Here

    With your arrival in Mumbai/Pune, this exhilarating trek will come to an end.   

  • Day 2 - Arrival in Delhi, Bus Journey from Delhi to Manali

    Overnight Journey to Manali

    Today, as you arrive in Delhi, continue the journey to Manali by boarding an overnight bus. 

  • Day 3 - Arrival in Manali (2,050m)

    Hidimba Temple, Mall Road

    Upon arrival in Manali, check-in into a local hotel and unwind yourself. After relaxing for a while in the hotel, you can stroll around the hill-station town and explore some of its grandeurs like the Hidimba Temple along with an evening on the Mall Road. 

  • Day 4 - Drive from Manali to Naggar, Trek from Naggar to Rumsu

    Gowri Shankar & Tripura Sundari Temples, Roerich Art Gallery

    Start the day with a delicious breakfast followed by a short drive to Naggar, a quaint settlement between Kullu and Manali. Arriving in there, begin with your Manali to Chandratal trekking expedition with a trek to Rumsu. On your way, you can visit an 11th century Lord Shiva temple called Gowri Shankar, Castle Fort, Tripura Sundari Temple and the Roerich Art Gallery; overnight stay in Rumsu.

  • Day 5 - Trek from Rumsu to Chikka (3,000m)

    Hampta River, Scenic Forests, Rocky Passages

    The trek from Rumsu to Chikka will take you a step closer to the captivating Hampta Pass. On this trek, you will be passing through evergreen pine, maple, oak and walnut forests; rocky passages will offer you a bit of challenges till you reach the Hampta River. Overcoming all these, you will finally arrive in a scenic grassland called Chikka, where you will spend the night in Chandratal Lake camps. 

  • Day 6 - Trek from Chikka to Balu Ka Gera (1,190ft)

    4-5 Hours Trek

    On the second day of your trek, you will be making your way through the rocky passages along the Hampta River banks and then through snowy valleys. After around 4-5 hours, you will reach Balu Ka Ghera, a captivating spot beside the river, where overnight stay camps will be arranged. 

  • Day 7 - Trek from Balu Ka Ghera to Shiagoru (via Hampta Pass/4,268m)

    Hampta Pass, Panoramic Views

    Today’s trek from Balu Ka Ghera will take you to dream destination of Hampta Pass. Arriving at the pass, take enough time to enjoy the stunning views from there and embrace the alluring charm of the Himalayas. Hereafter, start trekking towards Shiagoru for an overnight stay. 

  • Day 8 - Trek from Shiagoru to Chatru

    Lahul & Spiti Valleys, Pir Panjal and Spiti Ranges

    Leave the Shiagoru campsite and start proceeding towards Chatru after a delicious breakfast. On your way, witness and adore the captivating views of the Lahaul and Spiti valleys, Pir Panjal and Spiti ranges. Arriving in Chatru, settle down in the camps and spend the night. 

  • Day 9 - Trek from Chattru to Chandra Tal

    Chandraal Lake Trek

    Today’s trek will take you to the dreamy Chandra Tal Lake, which is also known as the ‘Lake of the Moon’ due to its crescent shape and enchanting beauty. This spot is considered as holy by the Hindu devotees as the Pandava brother Yudhishthr is said to depart for heaven from here; overnight stay in camps. 

Other Inclusions

  • Chandratal Lake trek cost includes all transfers during the tour
  • 7
  • All accommodation during the tour
  • 7
  • Porter service and camping equipment
  • 7
  • First aid kits
  • 7
  • Delhi-Manali-Delhi Volvo Bus transfers (in case package availed from Delhi)

Things To Carry

  • Comfortable clothes
  • 7
  • Good quality trekking shoes, slippers and extra pair of socks
  • 7
  • Sunscreen lotion or any other skin moisturisers
  • 7
  • Water bottles, trendy backpack and energy bars/snacks
  • 7
  • A pair of sunglasses and camera
  • 7
  • Caps or hats
  • 7
  • Personal toiletries and basic medication (if any)
  • 7
  • Flash light (with spare batteries)
  • 7
  • Insect repellent and emergency medical kit
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    People Shared their Stories
    Story by Abhaidev Gowda

     Rated : 5.0

    we had a great trip from manali to chandratal, one of the best one in my life. Not only the beauty of nature but the adventure welcomed us . It is good to go for the trek in a group, so we were in group. Thanks to our organizers who managed the trip very well. Trekking is easy and suits for all aged group people, though some points can turn out to be a though otherwise it okay. We saw the vasisit temple in manali, and crossed with major trekking points including the kullu and lahur valley. it was a 13 day trip with many stoppage points , and last was the chandratal lake. talking about the lake then it is just gorgeous moreover there is a small moon lake also which is quite popular. overnight camping was awesome. overall i toally loved my adventure.

    Story by Avani Mishra

     Rated : 5.0

    What an amazing experience we had while trekking on the chain of mountains from manali to chandratal lake.. Although it is a long and tiring trek since you need to keep going forward in anyway, but the splendid beauty will not let you feel the tiredness. our management was great so we enjoyed a lot in our journey. Taking about aome points then the chika is a nice place for sight seeing because you will get to see the sacred vashist temple there. Then from there Bula ka ghera is your next campsite but the journey from bula ka ghera to chatru is the best one. The trekking becomes easier and lot of sighting locations appear. The kullu and hampta valley will also comw in your way to chandratal. The lake is awesome carrying the cold water. Camping will be fun too, and a camera is must to capture the beauty of nature. One of the best trekking expedition in the himalayas!!!!

    Story by Bhagavaan Shah

     Rated : 5.0

    Guys Chandratal lake trek is a heavenly place with tons of things to offer and just perfect for beginners. So if you are planning a trekking expedition then this himalayn point is the best choice. The ideal time to go is during mid summers and starting winters, the weather works in your favour then. The attraction of the entire trip would be sightseeing in manali, chika, bula ka ghera, sigoru, chatru vashist temple, and vaious valleys that you will cross. camping on the other part becomes an intersting groip fun later and so is the trekking. The trails fet easier as you reach the destination. The spleendid beauty will win your heart. The lake is not so large and the nearby locations are also great for camping. Forget the rest and enjoy your trip.

    Story by Jaimini Bhat

     Rated : 5.0

    Waoo Awesome trekking guys....Had a blast!!! The himachal pradesh is just awesome, it offers the most fascinated trekking in the entire country. Starting from manali and crossing the beautiful valleys we reach the chandratal, lake. it was crystal,clear lake qith azimg views. Got to see the very famous and sacred vasist temple. The chain of himalayan mountains and the meadow flowers followed us during the entire trekking. The best part about the adventure is sightseeing and camping, it feels amazing to, spend over night with friends in small two men tents and the spotting the gorgeous morning. Wao it was incredible to stand at an,altitude of 14000 ft and watch the nearby valleys, distant villages and the snow capped mountains.

    Story by Sanjay Mehrotra

     Rated : 5.0

    From the first day of trekking i realized that i am going to have the most amazing moment in my life. Driving to manali to chika, visiting the vashist temple, them spending over night in chika and heading towards Bula ka ghera was exciting journey. The lake looks beautiful almost in all season, and there are plenty of places to discover.

    • Chandratal_lake_trekking_over_hampta_pass_1_34.jpg
    • Chandratal_lake_trekking_over_hampta_pass_1_37.jpg
    • Chandratal_lake_trekking_over_hampta_pass_1_45.jpg
    • Chandratal_lake_trekking_over_hampta_pass_1_51.jpg
    Story by Vrund Malik

     Rated : 4.0

    We did a great trekking, our group was damn strong who made this possible. i am highly thankful to our tour guide who not only helped in discovering the beautiful,locations but also told us baout the specialty of each locations in detail. It was a great stay in camps as well. i had captured all beautiful pictures of the lame my camera. as my guide told there was also another lake called moon lake which has some mythological importance located at the same chandratal point. While trekking we also saw many wild animals, and interacted with local shepherds. It was a great trekking and camping expedition.

    Story by Rageshwari Abbott

     Rated : 4.0

    Well, unlike others who started from manali, we started straight from kullu valley and all,the qay visiting the,hampta pass, lahur valley, chatrau and sigaoru we reached to ohr destination chandratal lake. our group was small so we moved,pretty fastly. The valleys were dominated by massive tree and the mountain trekking trails was somehow easier to embark. As far as the chandratal lake is concerned tgen the lake is gorgeous carrying crystal clear water and many shepards come to have that water. From there you can also spot the baracha la mountain range. The camping in chandratal was exviting, and we also explored the nearby villages of the area. overall it was a very memorable journey for us......

    Story by Rita Butt

     Rated : 4.0

    The dense forests and meadow flower are yet another attraction of the area. This himachal pradesh trekking starts from manali with a smooth trail and beautiful treks. The first camp site is chika point where we spent our first camping night. The bula ka ghera is another campsite from where the actual trekking begins and crossing all,the way through kullu nd lahul valley we reached the hampta village. The trekking between bula ka ghera and chatru is,damn exciting, on reaching chandratal lake we spent time in exploring the beauty of the nearby places...

    Story by Chandraayan Shah

     Rated : 4.0

    Where the trek between manali to chika was pleasing, but the trekking from chik to bula ka ghera was damn exciting. After spending the whole night in camps we moved from bula ka ghera to discover other cool places. we crossed the beautiful valleys of kullu and hampta. The valley was covered with dense vegetation and the landscape was awesome. After crossing the valleys and hampta pass we reached iagoru base camp. Our all basecamp locations were really nice including chika, bula ka ghera and siagoru. As we started moving forward the trails started getting easier qith small slopes. The chandratal lake is an amazing site and the beautiful mointains covers the lake from all around making it the perfect point. our one journey eneded with camping in caping near chandratal lake.

    • Chandratal_lake_trekking_over_hampta_pass_1_09.jpg
    • Chandratal_lake_trekking_over_hampta_pass_1_17.jpg
    • Chandratal_lake_trekking_over_hampta_pass_1_21.jpg
    • Chandratal_lake_trekking_over_hampta_pass_1_29.jpg
    • Chandratal_lake_trekking_over_hampta_pass_1_42.jpg
    • Chandratal_lake_trekking_over_hampta_pass_1_47.jpg
    Story by Meena Patil

     Rated : 4.0

    Wao what a trekking it was, we crossed all the popular trekking points like Balu ka Gera, Siagoru and also the Hampta Pass. It felt great to spend some quality time in the camps, we also got to,see the kullu valley, lahul & spiti Valley. Wao the himalayan dynamics were just amazing, can not explain in few words. i was trekking for the first time and all went so smoothly , it is just perfect for beginners like me. The unique attraction of our trip was sightseeing only, since every location was something new in its scenery. When we reached the hampta valley the entire nature welcomed us, we also interacted with local people of the hampta village. Overnight stay in camps was lovely and overall i loved this.

    • Chandratal_lake_trekking_over_hampta_pass_1_15.jpg
    • Chandratal_lake_trekking_over_hampta_pass_1_19.jpg
    • Chandratal_lake_trekking_over_hampta_pass_1_25.jpg
    • Chandratal_lake_trekking_over_hampta_pass_1_53.jpg

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