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People Shared their Stories
Story by Harita Achari

 Rated : 5.0

Wow! So finally a big thing off my travel bucket list. A trek to Mystery Lake of Uttarakhand. Also known as the Roopkund Lake, this place is a must-trek spot for any avid traveller and trekker. Well, to start with this trek is not for everyone. To complete this trek you must battle many adversities. I was successfully able to do it, and hence I finished this trek. If you sense pride when I say this, yes I am proud. I worked out for 3 years to achieve this and I trekked other less risky and less intense mountains ever fortnight to improve my willpower and stamina. This trek is a must for serious trekkers.

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Story by Baladitya Sethi

 Rated : 4.0

The trek was good. I enjoyed it a lot. I totally recommend this trek to everyone. This was the most interesting trek ever. Also, my friends enjoyed it too. Yes, this trek is not for first timers, but this is very worthy to be taken, so if you are interested, get trained for it and take it. This is fun.

Story by Ekadant Chopra

 Rated : 4.0

I recommend this trek to all of you. It was the best trek that I have ever been on. I am so happy about the whole week’s experience. Do try it out.

Story by Draupadi Varma

 Rated : 4.0

We took this trek deal after a friend recommended. The trek was interesting. After we spoke and got to know a short itinerary, we made the payment, which was quite moderate. It was neither cheap not costly. It was pretty much worthy. We received a detailed itinerary, and we booked our tickets. After we reached the meeting spot, we took a trek from Lohajung to Didna Village also known as Lohajung Pass which is near the Bedni Ganga River. This was our Day 1, that night we stayed in a tent. The next day, we trekked to Ali Bugyal, Garhwal Himalayas and stayed there. The next day led to a trek to Ghora Lotani trek, this was quite an easy and fun trek. We stayed overnight there as usual. The nest day was the much awaited visit to Roopkund lake and Bedni Bugyal, where we stayed overnight. Then the next day we trekked down to Wan and drive back to Lohajung. It was a great experience.

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Story by Satish Talwar

 Rated : 4.0

The trek was awesome. We had a great time with the trek. It was interesting and informative too. The week went in a fraction of a second leaving one to want for more and more. The trek was easily and undoubtedly the best trek to Himalayas. The trekking was quite interesting too. It was a combination of easy, medium, and complex treks that allowed the trekkers to relax and have fun as well. I so loved this trek experience. I recommend this to all.

Story by Bhramar Acharya

 Rated : 4.0

The trek route along this place is a brilliant journey of finding the most stunning of Himalayan contribution of oak and beautiful rhododendron forests. WOW is the word to describe such bliss. This is a moderate trek. This Roopkund trek trails through mountainous rivers and enthralling ridges. What’s more you get to see lush forests and scenic meadows.

Story by Gautam Shah

 Rated : 4.0

The lake, i.e., the water body of this place is present in the laps of the snow clad Mt. Trishul which is situated at an altitude of 16,500ft. That is the only unique thing about this trek. This is yet another fancy Himalayan trek.

Story by Dhanpati Gill

 Rated : 4.0

There are very few treks that would be fun without causing any harm or pain. This trek is one such thing. It neither caused hole to my pocket, nor to my physical health. Most treks are complicated. This trek is tough yet not complicated. I like challenging treks where we know what we are doing, but it takes a lot of stamina to do it. This is one such trek. I had a really great time with the trek, and I am glad to have taken this trek. I recommend this to all of the avid trekkers out here in this group.

Story by Rajan Mukhopadhyay

 Rated : 4.0

The trekking was quite fun. I loved each day of the trek, be it the easy trek or the steep trek, the tent stay or the lake visit, the trek was awesome and interesting. I so wish to do more such treks in the future. I completely loved this trek to say the least. I recommend this totally.

Story by Triloki Gill

 Rated : 3.0

WOW! I am out of words to explain how awesome the trek was. It was quite a fun trek as always. What made this trek unique though was the interesting way of the schedule of it. It had enough time to relax refresh and chill out without compromising on trek quality.

Story by Himani Nair

 Rated : 3.0

The trek was awesome. However, the food was bad. The food served all through the trek was consistently bad. That being said, the trek was interesting. The beauty of trek trails, the river, and the various peaks covered were indeed amazing and awesome. I enjoyed it totally.

Story by Aadi Chaturvedi

 Rated : 3.0

The trek was great. I had a really great experience. It was one of the nicest and finest treks that I have ever been on. It was an awesome experience. I wish to take more such treks in the future.

Story by Chandini Desai

 Rated : 3.0

What a WOW trek. This trek was awesome. I was just sad that the climatic conditions were inconsistent causing havoc during our tent stay. Otherwise, the trek was great.

Story by Bala Khatri

 Rated : 3.0

The trekking experience was awesome. It was a really nice experience. I had a great time overall. The only drawback was slight alterations the team made to the itinerary without informing others.

Story by Eekalabya Devar

 Rated : 3.0

Do you guys know how I knew about this trek? I read somewhere about the human skeletons lying at the bottom of the lake. This place seems most attractive and famous for that reason. Many claim that these skeletons are distinctly visible when the snow melts. The time I took this trek, it was snow clad and freezing, so I never got to see any of those claims. But even though it was a pretty nice trek.