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Gudakesa Bhattacharya


I found this trek exhausting but the scenic beauty is fantastic.


Avani Kakkar


Trekking, mountaineering, camping, rock-climbing-I did everything I always wished for on this trek. The lovely sceneries and ranges of mountains took m...


About the Destination:

A pictorial destination for the nature and adventure lovers, Goechala pass in Sikkim is amongst the most beautiful passes in the world. Embraced with the charm of high soaring peaks, stunning rivers, picturesque meadows and a wide range of flora and fauna, this pass in the North Eastern corner of India is also one of the most sought after trekking destinations in the country.

Be it the narrow yet fascinating passes, whirly and rugged terrains, or the challenges offered by the high altitude of the Dzongri Goechala trek which make it difficult, everything about this trek is very captivating! Originating from Yuksom, this 11days trek takes you through several other captivating destinations, mountain peaks, plains and valley. While on this trip, be always prepared to witness all the marvels of the nature at your every step!


  • Day 1 -

    Arrival in Yuksom

    Following your arrival in NJP, a 6 hours drive will take you to the magical valleys of Yuksom.

    The once a capital of Sikkim, this quaint town is also called the gateway of this amazing trek.

    Post arrival in Yuksom, check-in into the guesthouse and relax for the day; dinner and overnight stay will be in the guesthouse.

  • Day 2 -

    Beginning of Goechala Trek, Trek to Sachen, Rathong & Mentogang River, Trek up to 7,200ft

    The scenic beauty and appeal around Yuksom and Tshoka usually entices all the trekkers to complete the journey within a single day

    However, it is not considered wise to opt for this journey as hiking through the rugged terrains might dig up your stamina level.

    Begin with the trek for the day; continue ascending through the evergreen meadows and along the Rathong River.

    On your way, you can easily witness the sun playing hide and seek amidst the leaves and cuddling your vision all the way through the forests.

    After around 30 minutes of the trek, you will reach the Pha Khola Bridge, from where the trek gets much steeper and challenging too!

    The trek to Sachen will take you through several forest areas, bridges and finally to the Mentogang River. While on the riverbanks, you will be trekking at a height of 7,100ft above the sea level.

    Ascending around 100ft from the Mentogang River, you will finally arrive at the Sachen campsite. On arrival, check-in into the small huts and retire for the day; overnight stay and dinner at the hut.

  • Day 3 -

    Sachen (7,150ft) to Tshokha (9,700ft) via Bhakim (8,600 ft)

    A short and steep climb, today's trek will take you to picturesque valleys of Tshoka. Adding more to the beauty and appeal of the trek are the azure waters of the Perk River and the bridge that connects both the riverbanks.

    Beginning with ascending through the steep forest areas of Yuksom, you will reach Bakhim. Continuing with the trek, once you reach a point, where you can witness prayer flags, the real excitement of the Goechala Trek begins!

    Post this point, the trek starts attaining more height with a sudden fall in the temperature and takes you through a scenic trail of oak forests; you can also witness rhododendrons forests during the journey. The trail continues till you reach Bakhim.

    Continuing the trek through the hills, reach Bakhim within the next hour and for a while, relax in a forest rest-house, which is known for offering stunning views of the Yuksom Valley.

    Continuing with the trek towards Tshoka, hike through some of the other steep slopes and after attaining a height of around 9,000ft, you can enjoy views of the rhododendron forests and evergreen woods. With your arrival in Tshoka, check-in into a trekker's hut and call it the day!

  • Day 4 -

    Tshokha to Dzongri (12,980ft) via Phedang (12,000ft)

    Today will be one of the important as well as an attractive day of the Goecha la Trek, as you will be visiting a stunning pond that leads to a monastery.

    From the monastery, follow the path that leads to the right and continue ascending the steep slopes. Trekking in this region has its own charm and appeal during the springs, as the entire slope gets adorned with picturesque red colour and makes the casts a romantic appeal on the ambience. Here onwards, the climb gets easy and will take you through wooden logs and pebbled terrains.

    Continuing with the trek, reach Phedang after around 20 minutes. Up on arrival in Phedang, relax for a while and relish a delicious lunch. Post this; hike to an azure stream called Kockchurang, which is a major water source for the region.

    Here onwards, follow the steep terrains that lead towards Dzongri and make it to a valley, where you can witness prayer flags all around. Enjoy the beautiful sites and continue trekking; after attaining a height of around 12,890ft, you will come across some of the small huts that will serve as your overnight staying destination in Phedang.

  • Day 5 -

    Acclimatisation Day at Dzongri

    Since the temperature in Dzongri Valley might be way beyond the normal temperature in the plains, it will take time to get acclimatized to its weather.

    Today, relax in Dzongri and get acclimatized, enjoy the nearby sites and the pristine beauty of the nature.

  • Day 6 -

    Trek to Dzongri Top (13,675ft) and Thansing (12,900ft) via Kokchurang

    Today, ascending a 1,000ft decent slope and another 1,000ft, you can visit the Dzongri Top, from where you can enjoy panoramic views of Pandim, Kanchenjunga and other scenic peaks.

    Descending down from the top and crossing the rhododendron forests, the trek becomes gradual and can be completed at an ease. This evergreen forest range also houses several exotic and colourful species of birds; enjoy bird watching while descending down!

    On arrival at Kokchurang, trek another 50m and reach the Prechku River, beside which you can check-in into the tents pitched by the trek facilitators. Enjoy the icy cold breezes beside the river, the scenic forests on the other side and spend overnight in the tents.

  • Day 7 -

    Trek from Thansing to Lamuney (13,600ft)

    Today morning, continue trekking through the picturesque meadows that lead towards Goecha la and halt at Lamuney.

    As the path takes you through steep slopes of the mountains across ridges, be prepared to experience a bit of challenge.

    Upon arrival at the campsite, you can also opt for a visit to the Samiti Lake; since camping is not allowed near the lake, you have to descend back to the Lamuney campsite.

  • Day 8 -

    Trek from Lamuney to Goechala (16,000ft) and then to Thansing (via Samiti Lake)

    The longest trek of the Goechala trek itinerary awaits you today! Departing the Lamuney campsite early morning; at around 3:00AM, ascent towards the Samiti Lake and witness the mesmeric beauty of Pandim and Kanchenjunga peaks under the spell of sunrise.

    Here onwards, continue trekking towards Zemathang, which is around 90minutes away from Goecha la. On arrival at Goecha la, enjoy the pristine beauty of the nature and embark with the return trek to Thansing via Lamuney.

  • Day 9 -

    Trek from Thansing to Tshokha (via Phedang)

    From Thansing, a trek through Phedang will take you to Tshokha today.

    Within the course, you have to trek through a series of mountains and other natural marvels.

    Though considered as a challenging one, the bountiful views of the Pandim Mountain will make it for a memorable and exciting journey as well. From Phedang, follow the terrains till you reach Tshoka. Upon arrival, get freshenn

    up in the camp and retire for the day.

  • Day 10 -

    Trek from Tshoka to Yuksom (via Bhakim and Sachen)

    Today, descend down from Tshoka and continue trekking till you reach the campsite in Yuksom. During the trek, also witness the stunning beauty of Bhakim and Sachen.

  • Day 11 -

    Drive from Yuksom to NJP

    Today will be last day of this astounding Goecha la trek. Waking up early morning and reach NJP by around 4:00-5:00PM. With your arrival in NJP Railway Junction, the tour comes to an end.


  • Guesthouses, Camps and Tents (all sharing basis)


  • Vegetarian foods along with eggs
  • 7
  • All Meals Included


  • Trekking

Other Inclusions

  • Trekking equipment: sleeping bag, mattress, tent, kitchen tent and toilet tent
  • 7
  • All trekking permits
  • 7
  • Oxygen cylinder with a first-aid kit
  • 7
  • Local and expert guides with their charges


  • Transportation to and from NJP

Things To Carry

  • Warm and comfortable clothes
  • 7
  • Backpack (60-70L) with comfortable shoulder straps and plastic lining
  • 7
  • Water proof and insulated handgloves
  • 7
  • Sunscreen lotion and other ointments
  • 7
  • Caps or hats and a pair of UV protected sunglasses with side covers
  • 7
  • Trekking shoes, extra pair of slippers and socks


  • Climatic conditions in the high altitudes vary from the plains; take adequate time to get acclimatized to high altitudes.
  • 7
  • Pay heed to the trek leader or instructor in order to enjoy a safe and sound trekking experience.
  • 7
  • Do not consume alcohol or any other intoxicants during the trek.
  • 7
  • Avoid trekking during the nights.
  • 7
  • Before undertaking the trek, consult a physician.
  • 7
  • Carry basic medications and a first-aid kit during the trek.
  • 7
  • The trek takes place through eco-friendly zone; do not encourage littering the local sites or campsites.

Cancellation Policy

  • If cancellations are made 30 days before the start date of the trip, 25% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees.
  • 7
  • If cancellations are made 15-30 days before the start date of the trip, 50% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees.
  • 7
  • If cancellations are made within 0-15 days before the start date of the trip, 100% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees.
  • 7
  • In case of unforeseen weather conditions or government restrictions, certain trips or activities may get cancelled. In such cases operator will try their best to provide an alternate feasible. However a cash refund will not be applicable for the same.
  • 7
  • Cancellations are strictly subjected to cancellation policies mentioned on the website & are irrespective of the date of booking.

Refund Policy

  • The applicable refund amount will be processed within 10 business days
  • 7
  • All applicable refunds will be done in traveller's thrillophilia wallet as Thrillcash

Booking Confirmation Policy

  • The customer receives a confirmation voucher via email within 24 hours of successful booking
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  • In case the preferred slots are unavailable, an alternate schedule of the customer’s preference will be arranged and a new confirmation voucher will be sent via email.
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  • Alternatively, the customer may choose to cancel their booking before confirmation and a full refund will be processed.
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    People Shared their Stories
    Story by Gudakesa Bhattacharya

     Rated : 4.0

    I found this trek exhausting but the scenic beauty is fantastic.

    • Hampta_pass_trek_manali__ars_085.jpg
    • Hampta_pass_trek_manali__ars_094.jpg
    • Hampta_pass_trek_manali__ars_097.jpg
    Story by Avani Kakkar

     Rated : 5.0

    Trekking, mountaineering, camping, rock-climbing-I did everything I always wished for on this trek. The lovely sceneries and ranges of mountains took my breath away for the moment and I was gasping at the views.

    • Hampta_pass_trek_manali__ars_116.jpg
    • Hampta_pass_trek_manali__ars_133.jpg
    Story by Chetan Agarwal

     Rated : 5.0

    I took the trip to Sikkim Goecha la with Thrillophilia last year, and the cold still give me goosebumps and I still can’t believe I completed the trek. Amazing, I loved every moment of it…camping, our hot instant tea and my firangi dost.

    Story by Jehan Hussain

     Rated : 5.0

    If you are done with Rohtang and Leh then go for Sikkim Goecha La. Me and my entire gang decided to go here, just because of the pictures we came across. But hell of a trip…amazing place, just don’t forget DSLR guys.

    Story by Ali Hussain

     Rated : 5.0

    From the moment you arrive in NJP, all that will conquer your mind will be the trek that lies ahead. Hold some patience and start trekking on the second day and you will guaranteed with the most beautiful views and trekking experience in Sikkim.

    Story by Pretta Pereria

     Rated : 4.0

    North East is so beautiful, after having completed my trip to Goecha I can totally agree with it. It unlike the plain of south and crowded cities of India. It is untouched by the pollution and sits in the lap of nature. It is totally exquisite in every way possible. The trekking was also very peaceful and serene. Loved the entire trip.

    Story by Anita samar

     Rated : 4.0

    After the difficulties of the first seven days, we finally got to the Goecha La Pass on the eighth day. All the 7 days hard ascend and descend got fruitful on that day. Moreover, starting from the second day, the trek was so filled with wonders and surprises. Really loved it. It was exhausting but in a good way. I am glad I dared to go for this trip.

    Story by Anuja Ravikumar

     Rated : 4.0

    I joined the Goechan La trek in May when the temperature used to be decent enough during the day and fell around night. The stay arrangement I and the entire group had was really praise worthy. Talking about the trek, yes, it was one of the best so far in Sikkim. The views were unbelievably beautiful. Only regret, my lens broke down on the way; rest were all fabulous.

    Story by Gorakhanatha Varma

     Rated : 4.0

    The best time of trekking is the winter and I am glad that I went on this trek in the perfect season. The mountains and the forest is a wonderful view to look at.

    Story by Vedanga Sethi

     Rated : 4.0

    I am very enthusiastic for trekking and I go trekking at least once every year. I went to the Sikkim Goecha La Trek and had the time of my life. I feel it is the best.


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