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Bankimchandra Mukhopadhyay


Hadsar fort and Shivreni Fort are located at a considerable height nearly of 4680 feet and looks magnificent. Trekkers prefer trekking on Hadsar Fort a...


Som Gupta


Night trekking, Day trekking, Sight seeing, and overnight camping are some activities you can do in Hadsar Fort and Shivreni Fort. This is a very short...


About the Destination: Hadsar fort is amongst one of the many forts located in the Shayedri Mountain Range. It is a famous trekking destination as it provides a marvellous view of the fauna around and Manikdoh Dam. This fort is an evidence of the stunning medieval architecture with its structure archways, pillars and pathways.

Shivneri Fort is a fort located near Junnar. This fort was birthplace of Maratha hero Chatrapati Shivaji due to which it has been a significant location in history. Visit both these forts to experience history and relive it all over again!

About the Departure with Details: Though day trek is popular among the trekkers, night trek to Hadsar fort in this vicinity is one of the most sought after activities! Over the course of the trek, you can witness and enjoy not only the nocturnal beauty of the fort, but also of the entire region. On the other hand, Shivneri Fort trek will transport you back to the ages of Rajah and Maharajas in India.

Meal Types: Packed Meals

Activities: Night trek to Hadsar Fort, Shivneri Fort trek, Sightseeing in forts

Duration: 1N/1D

Maximum Altitude: 1100 ft.

Difficulty Level: Easy to Medium


  • Day 0 - Departure from Pune

    Late Night Journey to Hadsar Fort

    Assembling at the Fergusson College Main Gate at around 0945PM sharp, embark on a late night journey to the Hadsar Fort; the bus will depart from Pune by 1030PM.

  • Day 1 - Night & Day Trek

    Night Trek to Hadsar Fort, Day Trek to Shivneri

    Following your arrival in Hadsar by 0130AM, get ready to climb to the fort at around 0200AM; the Hadsar Fort trek will take almost 1 and half hours. After reaching the top of the fort by 0330AM, enjoy the nocturnal beauty and appeal around the fort. Hereafter, get some sleep for the night.

    Waking up in the morning; at around 0630AM, begin the day with a warm cup of tea and breakfast. Post this, start exploring the Shivneri fort before you start descending to the base by around 1000AM. Upon arrival at the base, head back to Junnar, where you will be having lunch. After lunch, proceed towards Shivneri, birth place of the great Maratha, Chatrapati Shivaji. Exploring the fort, start with your return journey to Pune by 0500PM; expect to arrive in Pune by 0800PM. 

Other Inclusions

  • To and for transportation between Pune and Hadasr
  • 7
  • All meals during the trek
  • 7
  • Experienced trek instructor/s during the trek
  • 7
  • First-Aid kit during the trek
  • 7
  • A printed brochure comprising information and guidelines relevant for the trek
  • 7
  • Safety equipment that will be used by trekkers during the treks

Things To Carry

  • During the whole trek all participants must follow all rules and instructions set by the guide of their group.
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  • Consumption of any form of liquor, tobacco products, cigarette or any other illegal substances in the camp, tent or during trek is strictly prohibited.
  • 7
  • Each trekker should think of it as their duty to protect the flora and fauna of the place being visited and they should not litter the grounds by throwing plastic bottles, wrappers etc.
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  • Trekkers should not deface or damage any monument or structure by writing or scribbling on them. Any violation of the above rules will be dealt with seriously, and may result in strict actions against the offender.
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    Story by Bankimchandra Mukhopadhyay

     Rated : 4.0

    Hadsar fort and Shivreni Fort are located at a considerable height nearly of 4680 feet and looks magnificent. Trekkers prefer trekking on Hadsar Fort at night sine its beauty reflects at night where as Shivreni is preferred for day adventure. The forts looks like any Royal palace having great architectural designs. In shivreni there is a lord shiva temple also where camping can be done. Both of these Fort trekking are awesome.

    • Night_trek_to_hadsar_fort_with_shivneri_fort_trek_2_37.jpg
    • Night_trek_to_hadsar_fort_with_shivneri_fort_trek_2_53.jpg
    • Night_trek_to_hadsar_fort_with_shivneri_fort_trek_2_60.jpg
    • Night_trek_to_hadsar_fort_with_shivneri_fort_trek_2_62.jpg
    • Night_trek_to_hadsar_fort_with_shivneri_fort_trek_2_67.jpg
    Story by Som Gupta

     Rated : 4.0

    Night trekking, Day trekking, Sight seeing, and overnight camping are some activities you can do in Hadsar Fort and Shivreni Fort. This is a very short trek and comes in your budget too. So if you are planning any weekend trip you can consider this trip then. Trekkers meet at Fergmson College Main gate, from where the exciting journey trek by late night after 12:00 AM. The entire night is spent on the peak and next whole day is invested in Shivreni trekking . The trekking conditions are favourable for all, the two forts are built long ago by medieval period emperors. The design and structures are worth watching. Best place to visit near Pune.

    Story by Vaijayanti Nair

     Rated : 4.0

    Shivreni fort is located at great altitude near junnar, and is a landmark of medieval architecture. Under the sun this shivreni fort shines like diamond. It is recommended to trek in winters. Another historical trek is Hadsar fort which shines at night. Trekkers from the trekking community have been praising the location for its moderate but beautiful fort. Great Holiday destination.

    Story by Ujjawal Jha

     Rated : 3.0

    You can reach these fort by two different ways, first path is tedious and rocky having a tough terrain nd actually the shortcut. Whereas the second path is long, time consuming but easy one. After completeing trekking to the Hadsar fort, camps can be fixed to taken some rest and in morning the shivreni fort trek can be started. Short two day trek will give you the lifetime experience.

    • Night_trek_to_hadsar_fort_with_shivneri_fort_trek_024.jpg
    • Night_trek_to_hadsar_fort_with_shivneri_fort_trek_048.jpg
    • Night_trek_to_hadsar_fort_with_shivneri_fort_trek_051.jpg
    • Night_trek_to_hadsar_fort_with_shivneri_fort_trek_054.jpg
    • Night_trek_to_hadsar_fort_with_shivneri_fort_trek_068.jpg
    Story by Anjushree Singh

     Rated : 3.0

    Hadsar fort trekking at night an shivreni fort trekking during day makes a great combination. Hadsar Fort trekking is done during night hours, beacuse the night views are more beautiful than day's. Both of the places are located at shayadri mountain range, so you can imagine how beautiful these forts would be. It's beauty is not the only attracting point but its history also welcomes large number of visitors and historians. Trekking is moderate and can be completed in two days.

    • Night_trek_to_hadsar_fort_with_shivneri_fort_trek_2_07.jpg
    • Night_trek_to_hadsar_fort_with_shivneri_fort_trek_2_08.jpg
    • Night_trek_to_hadsar_fort_with_shivneri_fort_trek_2_09.jpg
    • Night_trek_to_hadsar_fort_with_shivneri_fort_trek_2_18.jpg
    Story by Durgeshwari Ganaka

     Rated : 3.0

    i have always wished to visit the birth place of maratha Patriot Chatrapati Shivaji, the shivreni fort and hadsar fort. Trekking on these two location is easier but it tires you a lot. Not all trekkers are comfortable trekking at night so night trek at hadsar fort makes them uncomfortable. Generally trekking starts late night at arround 2 AM and it takes nearly two hours to complete this trek.

    • Night_trek_to_hadsar_fort_with_shivneri_fort_trek_2_11.jpg
    • Night_trek_to_hadsar_fort_with_shivneri_fort_trek_2_35.jpg
    • Night_trek_to_hadsar_fort_with_shivneri_fort_trek_2_54.jpg
    Story by Anila Talwar

     Rated : 3.0

    The two beautiful Fort trekking in Shayadri mountain range gives one of the best trekking opportunity both during day or night. Where the night adventure is suitable during late night after 12 AM. Hadsar night trek gets concluded in less time. So after getting at the peak point you can set up camps and sleep for fer hours. Next morning after having breakfast we went for shivreni ort trekking. The combination of day and night adventure makes it a unique holiday.

    Story by Leela Gill

     Rated : 3.0

    We were tired of climbing more than 150 stairs for visiting Hadsar Fort. But i must tell you guys Hadsar fort reveals its real beauty in moon light. The designs of the top structure can be notice at night also. Whereas Shivreni Fort is poplar as native place of Chattrapati Shivaji. Camping grounds are good for overnight stopover.

    Story by Smriti Pothuvaal

     Rated : 3.0

    Our trekking started at 1 AM and after 3 hours of continuous hiking we reached the Hadsar Fort Summit point. It was a great journey but since it was a night adventure so we got tired of walking ,so we slept there in camp for few hours. Next morning, shivreni trekking was started and being the day trek we had no difficulty in executing it. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip.

    Story by Jitender Sethi

     Rated : 3.0

    Our Hadsar Fort trekking completed quite well and entire credit goes to our experienced tour guides. In moon light the fort looks elegant giving you the royal feeling. As a care you need to have first aid box and water bottles in advance. You can not capture the scenes at night, for day trekking Shivreni Fort is the bet nearby location.


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