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Anjushri Bhattathiri


Trekking in the forests and gaining height was a challenge for the first time trekkers like us. Family members enjoyed the whole journey a lot. Though ...


Himadri Chaturvedi


Properly organised trekking. It was a great experience. The trekking went well, as expected


A gentle trek which begins from the Bhagirathi valley and approaches the lake of Dodital, enveloped in absolute wilderness, to the elevated grasslands and passes by Darwa Pass, 4150meters towards the Yamuna watershed. Dodital trek region is very rich in its flora and fauna. It is a popular trekking spot in Uttaranchal. Dodital has steep and thick forests.

The Dodital Hanumanchatti Trek is organized at Lake of Dodital. We can also spend the days sipping tea, catching up with the local tales, roaming around the lake sighting birds or just observing the clear waters of the lake with the trouts making the occasional appearances.

Dodital is surrounded with snow covered Garhwal Himalaya trek. It is a great place for interesting activities like trekking and fishing. The trek from Dodital to Yamnotri Trek takes you through high altitude grasslands and dense forests. The scenery on the way is really astonishing!

Our journey will start from New Delhi to Kuflon. On first phase we will visit Kuflon camp, here you can get a chance to stay in camps with bonfire. Thereafter, we will move to Bevra and Darwa which are surrounded by green bushes, colorful flowers, and Rhododendron and Oak trees. Apart from this, you may want to visit Chopta Tungnath. Similar treks include theGaumukh Tapovan Trek.


  • Day 1 - On the very first day, we will depart from New New Delhi by boarding the Shatabdi Express at 7am in the morning to Kuflon. We will arrive to Haridwar at 1130 AM. Then after reaching Kuflon, we will follow the road that leads to Dodital, which is about 11 kilometers from Uttarkashi in the Assi Ganga valley and takes 6 to 7 hours to reach. Stay at night in Kuflon and enjoy the dinner.

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    Story by Anjushri Bhattathiri

     Rated : 4.0

    Trekking in the forests and gaining height was a challenge for the first time trekkers like us. Family members enjoyed the whole journey a lot. Though they were tired but they were happy. Good place for tourists who want a small trekking experience. The hotels were average but the food was relishing despite of scarce resources. Thumbs up.

    Story by Himadri Chaturvedi

     Rated : 4.0

    Properly organised trekking. It was a great experience. The trekking went well, as expected

    Story by Devika Mehrotra

     Rated : 4.0

    it was good, we had a nice trip with family. But the trek was tiring as every other trek is

    Story by Dhanpati Gill

     Rated : 4.0

    The trek was thrilling and the experience of the trip was as expected from us

    Story by Bhilangana Pillai

     Rated : 4.0

    It is a very beautiful place not overcrowded. Peaceful in all aspects. The trekking experience was breath taking. But the hotels were not professional. The services and housekeeping was sloppy. This type of situation cannot be managed with families.

    Story by Gandharv Jain

     Rated : 4.0

    The trekking staff who hosted the whole trip was very nice and skilled. He knows what he does. Management of the activities was good. Kids as well as adults had fun. The facilities and fooding arrangements were good too.

    Story by Aarya Agarwal

     Rated : 3.0

    They say that the journey is sweeter than the destination, but I was proved wrong as I took a hike to the Lake of Dodital in Uttarakhand. Passing through the hallowed doors of Haridwar from where my husband and I boarded a bus to the said destination. Once we reached the verdant slopes greeted us warmly. The intermitent specks of villages actually complimented our Dodital Trek in Uttarakhand. The paramount stillness of the lake, the slopes kissing the clouds at dizzying heights were marvels to watch. And this being my first time, it was quite an easy trek for me.

    Story by Gopal Ahuja

     Rated : 3.0

    Great experience to share with friends and family. The trekking activity was enjoyable. We all were tired and had a sound sleep in the rooms. The food delivered were average.

    • Everest_base_camp_trek_feb__2013__720p__080.jpg
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    • Everest_base_camp_trek_feb__2013__720p__266.jpg
    • Everest_base_camp_trek_feb__2013__720p__272.jpg
    Story by Shashikala Devar

     Rated : 3.0

    We organised a tour and trek for the beginners who wanted to know about Himalayas. They enjoyed the whole trip like we did when we were novice. Frequent trekkers might find it boring. The home stays were average but the food was relishing.

    Story by Brajesh Mehrotra

     Rated : 3.0

    It is recommended to stay healthy and fit for a trek like this. You might think that it is easy but for the beginners it is not. The stays were good and the weather was clear. But the physical exhaustion was too much. I wish I had my young lungs then.

    • Hampta_pass_trek_manali__ars_014.jpg
    • Hampta_pass_trek_manali__ars_020.jpg
    • Hampta_pass_trek_manali__ars_021.jpg

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