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People Shared their Stories
Story by Deven Naik

 Rated : 5.0

woooooI just fall in love with this place, it absolutely the paradise of trekkers. The trails are not so though so anyone with some guidance can reach up to the destination easily. Talking about Padum, its exceptionally beautiful place guys, you gonna love this!!

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Story by Chandraketu Trivedi

 Rated : 5.0

A completely out of the box experience I was very scared in the beginning, but i must tell you guys once you complete the task it feels out of the world. Darch truly deserves our appreciation. Dont forget to carry your DSLR...

Story by Gaurang Varma

 Rated : 5.0

Waaooooo after the first round i was so excited to do this for the next time, being a trekker i can tell you its quite challenging sometimes that will keep you going uphills. The weather gets cooler at night making camping even more exciting...

Story by Deeksha Gill

 Rated : 4.0

Oh very tiring and challenging experience for me i got too tired in the first day itself, really trekking takes stamina and will power as well. But i enjoyed my camping activity . i wont suggest this activity to any senior citizen...

Story by Garud Desai

 Rated : 4.0

For the first day we stayed in the hotel of ladhak, and i liked the hotel and its service too and then the next morning we headed towards the destination. Our trekking started from Darcha in the morning and it was so well managed that everything went perfect. We really enjoyed our camping in Padum as well.

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  • Trekking_wild_zanskar_-_darcha_to_padum__india_027.jpg
  • Trekking_wild_zanskar_-_darcha_to_padum__india_030.jpg
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  • Trekking_wild_zanskar_-_darcha_to_padum__india_085.jpg
Story by Pushti Varrier

 Rated : 4.0

Wao it feels awesome, listening to your favourite music and discovering the new place and that too in such high points.. Darch Padum is one of the popular treks of himalayas... after reaching the peak point the views were just breath taking.

  • Trekking_wild_zanskar_-_darcha_to_padum__india_007.jpg
  • Trekking_wild_zanskar_-_darcha_to_padum__india_008.jpg
  • Trekking_wild_zanskar_-_darcha_to_padum__india_009.jpg
  • Trekking_wild_zanskar_-_darcha_to_padum__india_011.jpg
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  • Trekking_wild_zanskar_-_darcha_to_padum__india_034.jpg
Story by Acharyasuta Khanna

 Rated : 4.0

This place is always full of tourists especially if you visit in summers, i even saw some foreign tourists there . Darcha trails are quite challenging and perhaps this is the reason why it is so preferred by the trekkers.

  • Trekking_wild_zanskar_-_darcha_to_padum__india_005.jpg
  • Trekking_wild_zanskar_-_darcha_to_padum__india_014.jpg
  • Trekking_wild_zanskar_-_darcha_to_padum__india_015.jpg
  • Trekking_wild_zanskar_-_darcha_to_padum__india_016.jpg
  • Trekking_wild_zanskar_-_darcha_to_padum__india_020.jpg
  • Trekking_wild_zanskar_-_darcha_to_padum__india_081.jpg
Story by Bhisham Deshpande

 Rated : 4.0

Best experience and best holiday of my life was trekking from darch hills to padum....i felt padum was a very beautiful place and there exist many beautiful places to explore..i saw an elegant lake there amid of the mountains. It was a wonderful trip!!!

  • Trekking_wild_zanskar_-_darcha_to_padum__india_021.jpg
  • Trekking_wild_zanskar_-_darcha_to_padum__india_035.jpg
  • Trekking_wild_zanskar_-_darcha_to_padum__india_042.jpg
  • Trekking_wild_zanskar_-_darcha_to_padum__india_043.jpg
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Story by Chapala Pothuvaal

 Rated : 4.0

There are some point which are really difficult to hike upon so i wont recommend this trip to ladies, unless you are fit enough. Great experience!!!

Story by Aishani Bhat

 Rated : 4.0

Its the best adventure point to go with your friends...from the beginning itself we were very excited and finally had a blast!!!!

Story by Dakshayani Ahuja

 Rated : 4.0

The place is undoubtedly elegant and welcomes you with its arms open, you just cant stop yourself away from it . When we were at padum we ad spent some really good times with our team members, got to see the nearby locations. Camping and sightseeing was the best part of our trip.As per the views and scenes are concerned I dont think any camera can capture the beauty of the place, its truly mesmerizing.

Story by Gopaal Devar

 Rated : 4.0

I strongly recommend you to take all necessary measures and precautions before embarking on the trails, its not that easy for beginners, listen carefully to your guide. To me Its the best holiday destination, we stayed there for few days and it was a great experience !!!

Story by Shiv Sethi

 Rated : 4.0

It something that will boost up your heartbeat, i was feeling so fresh after reaching my destination padum. Just a Wao feeling!!!!

Story by Rageshwari Chopra

 Rated : 3.0

There is no mobile network so, so that might disappoint you because you wont be able to share your pictures right at the moment. Darch to paum is short trek, after reaching the peak point we took many snaps and selfies .