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Breakfat With Parrorts In Abu Dhabi Includes


Breakfat With Parrorts In Abu Dhabi Overview

Do you like eating strawberries? These tropical parrots love it! 

The experience will provide you with an opportunity to meet and feed one of the most beautiful and rare bird species. It's time to see and explore their vicinity and surroundings. And what better way to spend a vacation with your family and friends, by gaining a great deal of knowledge about these Tropical Birds and a day filled with beautiful encounters and a gallery full of splendid pictures.

After an introductory briefing, you will then have a very special opportunity to meet and feed the Tropical Birds.
Tasty breakfast for you will be served in an amazing location. You will also get a chance to ask one of the parrot’s trainers any questions you may have. By buying this for yourself or for someone else, not only will it be an experience to remember but you will also be contributing to the conservation work and around the world helping, to save animals from extinction.

Your breakfast with parrots will last for 2 hours (9 a.m. to 11 a.m.)
- The ticket also includes a full day free admission to the zoo
- A breakfast of your choice
- A chance to feed ducks
- A complementary environmental tour guide from the park.
- Birds of Prey Encounter.

Note: Kids aged between 0-3 years are free of charge. Kids aged between 4-12 years are charged as per child fare. Kids above 12 years will be applicable as per the adult fare.

How to reach: 
By bus: 
Service Number(225): Starts from Al Shahama bus station towards Al Rahba hospital passing through Emirates Park Zoo and Resort. Service Numbers: 202, 210, 218, 420 Stop on Street 17 in front of Ramez Hyper Market, Al Bahya.
By car: 
Emirates Park Zoo is 45 minutes by car from Dubai and a 30-minute drive from Abu Dhabi city center. Directions from the NORTH (Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, etc.): From Sheikh Zayed Road (E11 ), take Al Bahia exit and follow the signs.


  • Breakfast


  • Breakfast

Other Inclusions

  • The opportunity to take amazing pictures as souvenirs
  • 7
  • Duck Feeding
  • 7
  • Complimentary environmental tour guide
  • 7
  • Birds of Prey encounter

Things To Carry

  • Comfortable Footwear
  • 7
  • Identity Card
  • 7
  • Camera


  • The experience is subjected to the bird’s health and availability.

Tour Type

  • This is a group tour

Breakfat With Parrorts In Abu Dhabi: Cancellation Policy

  • If cancellations are made 15 days before the start date of the trip, 25% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees
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  • If cancellations are made 7-15 days before the start date of the trip, 50% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees.
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  • If cancellations are made within 0-7 days before the start date of the trip, 100% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees.
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  • In case of unforeseen weather conditions or government restrictions, certain trips or activities may get cancelled. In such cases operator will try their best to provide an alternate feasible. However a cash refund will not be applicable for the same.
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  • Cancellations are strictly subjected to cancellation policies mentioned on the website & are irrespective of the date of booking.

Breakfat With Parrorts In Abu Dhabi: Refund Policy

  • The applicable refund amount will be processed within 10 business days
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  • All applicable refunds will be done in traveller's thrillophilia wallet as Thrillcash

Breakfat With Parrorts In Abu Dhabi: Booking Confirmation Policy

  • The customer receives a confirmation voucher via email within 24 hours of successful booking
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  • In case the preferred slots are unavailable, an alternate schedule of the customer’s preference will be arranged and a new confirmation voucher will be sent via email.
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  • Alternatively, the customer may choose to cancel their booking before confirmation and a full refund will be processed.

Experiential Activity


Inclusions: The opportunity to take amazing pictures as souvenirs, Duck Feeding, Complimentary environmental tour guide, Birds of Prey encounter

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    People Also Ask About Breakfat With Parrorts In Abu Dhabi

    1. What are the timings for breakfast with parrot in Abu Dhabi?

      To encounter the most fascinating experience of having breakfast with parrot in Abu Dhabi, you need to arrive at the location on or before 9.00 am. The activity is open from 9.00 am to 11.00 am. In these 2 hours, you can select your breakfast; take beautiful pictures with the tropical birds, encounter the birds to prey, and feed the ducks. In case of any modifications or cancellation, you need to inform the zoo staffs 3 days prior. The starting time at 9.00 am is cannot be changed at any cost. After 11.00 am, tourists can enjoy witnessing other animals and plants. Please note that the session with birds is subject to the bird’s health and availability.

    2. Is the whole place indoor?

      Yes. The Emirates Park Zoo is an indoor place, featured with both the wild and farm animals. This vibrant landscape is smaller in size when compared to other zoos, but gives the most thrilling feeling to its tourists, especially children. The place is specially built in some parts, where you can feed the animals and enjoy time with them. Similarly, they also provide a luxurious resort in close vicinity to the zoo. While staying, you can hear the lions roaring, birds chirping, and giraffes humming. It makes one staying in a whole new atmosphere.

    3. Are pets allowed inside the place?

      Due to safety reasons, no dogs and other pets are allowed inside the place. Just like other zoos and wildlife centres, Emirates Zoo also gives shelter to both wild and farm animals which are highly risky for pets as well as the animals. They can attack each other and lead to grievous hurt. Otherwise, cross all the barriers and getting closer to the animals also possess a threat to both of them. Moreover, the zoo staffs have the authority to remove visitors who do not follow the rules. Hence, the tourists are advised to leave their pets at home or hotel and have a pleasant visit to the Zoo.

    4. How much time is needed to explore the Emirates Zoo fully?

      One can take a minimum of 1 – 2 hours to stroll over the places and explore all the attractions. Some of the famous activities are Elephant Encounter, Sea Lion Presentation, Bird Demonstration, Zoo Zip and Climb, and Driving Adventure. Apart from having breakfast with parrot in Abu Dhabi, there are various things to do with animals like breakfast with Giraffe, Crocodile feeding, etc. thus it guarantees you the most thrilling experience one after the other. And they also provide exciting fun games that are sure to attract your kids. If you’re an animal lover, then this is absolute heaven, where you can create life-long memories with animals.

    5. How many species of parrots are there?

      There are totally 350 species of parrots in the world. They are varied based on their size, habitat, habits, diet, etc. since most parrots are social birds they live in groups called flocks. Interestingly, some parrots are nocturnal. They sleep during the day and search for their prey at night. Kakapo is one such kind which is now listed under critically endangered species. In Emirates zoo, the Parrot toes are zygodactyl (featured with two toes pointing forward and two backward).

    6. What food is given to parrots?

      Most of the parrots are fond of seeds. They possess strong jaws to break the outer layer of nuts and seeds. Others eat flowers, buds, insects, and sometimes fruits and extract its juice. The thick-billed and maroon-fronted parrots eat the pinecone seeds; similarly, Keas containing a narrow bill which is used to dig up the insects, pry bark from trees, and separate meat from bones. While having breakfast with parrot in Abu Dhabi, you will be served with your favourite dishes, and for the parrots, it is their seeds and nuts. As per the Zoo guidelines, no visitor is allowed to feed the parrots with outside food.

    7. How many parrots are there?

      Overall, there are 350 different species of parrots present in the world, though one-fourth of its population have become extinct. Due to dangerous factors like reduction of natural habitat, deforestation, pet trafficking, global warming, etc. some of the most beautiful and human-friendly parrots have been critically endangered or extinct. However, there are few interesting species of parrots are brought in the Emirates Zoo to protect and save them for the future. They have been highly-trained and came out of their fear zone.

    8. Where is Emirates Zoo Abu Dhabi located?

      Emirates Park Zoo and Resort’s exact location is in 12th Street, Al Bahia, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It is 35 km away from Abu Dhabi city and takes 35 – 45 minutes to come from Abu Dhabi bus station to this place, subjected to traffic conditions.

    9. How to reach this place?

      You can take a bus, hire a cab, or drive by your own. By Bus – Buses that stop near Emirates Park Zoo and Resort are 202, 210, 218, 420, and 225 (service numbers). You need to start from Al Shahama bus station and cross the Al Rahba hospital and reach the desired place. Similarly, one can come from Street 17 in front of Ramez Hyper Market, Al Bahya. By Car – The Zoo is 45 minutes travel by car from Dubai, and 30 minutes travel from Abu Dhabi city center. One can take directions from the North (Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, etc…) From Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), take Al Bahia exit and follow the signs. You can hire a cab and reach the destination straight away from Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

    10. Can we meet the trainers?

      Yes, indeed. You can meet the trainers during the breakfast session with parrots and after the session also. The trainers in Emirates Zoo are professionally trained and attained expertise in handling wild cats and other animal species. At the same time, they are so welcoming and happy to clarify your doubts about parrots and other bird species. To maximize your curiosity, they will also start sharing their most thrilling experiences with animals. You can just imagine how he or she might have encountered an animal and how did they overcome it. It’s always inspiring to listen to such adventurous stories and exploring their part of the world.

    11. Can parrots hurt me or my kids?

      It is absolutely not. Parrots are social birds, they love to be in groups, and that is how they live. Even though the parrots are fear of human beings, they will be trained and become human-friendly in a short span of time. Several birds wait for their moment to sit on your arm, your shoulder or even on your head. The important thing is that you should not get panic and discomfort. Some parrots try to imitate your sound and mesmerize you instantly with its unique skills. Hence, you can enjoy the whole time with these attractive intelligent birds and take some colourful photographs.

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