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This is a review for Devil's Circuit NCR - I couldn't find the page for NCR, so posting here. Extremely poor organization for the following reasons:...




Lack of safety measures which landed many people in hospitals with severe fractures and injuries. For some i know had injuries in the vertebrae or skul...


About the Activity:

Gear up yourself for some nerve- chilling adventure as India’s first and biggest obstacle running series, ‘The Devils Circuit’ hits Namma Bengaluru for the very first time.

Smear in the mud, go slushing in the ice, scale through the hurdles and save yourself from the bruises as this obstacle course is certainly a nightmare that will challenge your wits – feed the devil in you. Take your eyes off the watch and focus on reserving your strength as Devils Circuit offers you obstacle courses that will keep you longing for more and more.

Divided into two categories: the competitive category allows you to indulge in thrilling activities for a prescribed hours of time, and on the other hand for those who wish to indulge in this exhilarating adventure without any time bondage can pick Non-competitive category. The participants complete the obstacle courses with a medal and beer of course!

Brace yourself for new and innovative challenges such as  ‘The Ultra Challenge’ which comprises of a leaderboard where the winner gets to take home a brand new Maruti Suzuki Swift car (This challenge is only open to the Competitive Category with the winners automatically earning the points).

‘The Bootcamp Challenge’ which is to open to all the gyms in the city and the participating teams will enter a fitness competition. ‘Work out with Charan’ is the most exciting competition where the winner will get an exclusive workout session with superhero Ram Charan Teja.

Well, do not mistake this challenge run with any prior obstacle course experience, we repeat do not take this event casually -Devils Circuit aims to unravel the devil in you! While the participants raise their energies till the brim, the spectators on the other hand can indulge in delightful leisure activities such as Zumba dances, painting for kids, tug-of-war and Beach volleyball. And yes the winner gets to take home goodies.

So pump up your heart beat raise your adrenaline for these unexplored challenges that awaits you at Devils circuit.

Activities: Obstacle running series. Post your run, you also get automatic access into the biggest after party, with a live DJ, Zumba performances, Beach Volleyball, Football, Reebok Cross Fit Zone and a host of food and entertainment options.

Difficulty Level:  Moderate to Difficult


  • Age Group-16+
  • 7
  • End of Ticket Sale :- 26thOct Midnight
  • 7
  • Clothes suitable for the weather
  • 7
  • Appropriate Shoes suitable for mud
  • 7
  • Towel

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    Story by Priya

     Rated : 1.0

    This is a review for Devil's Circuit NCR - I couldn't find the page for NCR, so posting here. Extremely poor organization for the following reasons: 1: There is no availability of water or energy drinks anywhere along the course. There is water at the beginning where the race begins, nowhere else. Even a regular marathon or a 5k race has these arrangements well made. From the middle of the race, we had to walk around 1-1.5km just to quench our thirst. 2: Most of these 'obstacles' are not suitable for beginners or novices without adequate safety measures. There were absolutely none over here and incidentally as a result there were a couple of emergency situations as well during my race where the ambulance had to be called. Certain simple precautions like providing harness, having deeper pools while falling off etc couldve easily averted such situations. 3: In a bid to make more money, the organizers seem to have overbooked and there was atleast a 20-25 minute long queue for every obstacle. Makes one wonder, if this was actually a 'race' or an ATM line during demonetization. It defeats the whole purpose of any 'fun' in an obstacle course. 4: More than half of the obstacles involved dirty muddy water. Hyigene apart, I dont understand how rolling in muddy water is an obstacle that tests your 'strength and fitness' which is what Devils circuit even claimed it is. In fact, I did not see as much mud and filth in the Goa and Mumbai editions whose pictures were uploaded - just one or two obstacles were there. Somehow the NCR one had been made exclusively muddy and dirty. 5: Photographs: Despite specifically posing and asking the photographers to click photos, none of these have been uploaded, neither on the website nor on facebook. In total, I missed out four key photographs that were specifically clicked. This is not just me, I have seen numerous complaints on the FB page of a similar nature. Whats the point of paying so much money and participating in the event when you dont even get all your photographs? Addendum: The organizers actually responded to this review of mine on Facebook and all they did was Justify every bit of the issue I have mentioned above. Instead of addressing genuine customer concerns , these guys have been extremely petty in their treatment of the issue and have even resorted to blatantly accusing and insulting the consumers themselves. (Note that I was not the only one who raised these issues, there were several others) This is the worst form of management I have ever encountered in any event (and there is no count of the number of such events I have participated in, so I am not talking in thin air)

    Story by Jk

     Rated : 1.0

    Lack of safety measures which landed many people in hospitals with severe fractures and injuries. For some i know had injuries in the vertebrae or skull and others had twisted and broken hands or legs. Devils circuit has tie up with private hospitals and on the day of event the hospitals have good business. I saw 4 critical unstable fractures being surgically treated. And thats just the number of people who continued to be treated at that hospital while others went to see for other economic hospitals. No arrangement for energy drink or glucose on the track and you cannot take anything on the track as well increasing the chances of risks and injuries. Also, the obstacle section has multiple tracks with closely placed props which will cause injuries when many people are taking that obstacle or when you slip or fall from on the other track. Devil Circuit is trying to mimic American Ninja Warrior (ANW) but the organizers should know that the ANW takes care of safety in every possible way with clean and deep swimming pools and not just 2 ft mud pools with hygiene issues or mats placed on uneven terrain with wide gaps. For the target group of this event, the organizers dont even bother to have harnesses. It is not worth risking your entire life being bed ridden or scared for something like this. #devilscircuit #awfulevent #terribleplanning #nosafetymeasures #noharness #thinmatsonuneventerrian #filthymudpool #noglucoseontrack #severeinjuries #horriblefacilities #nouptostandardsofimitating #americanninjawarrior


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