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    Top Five Corporate Getaways around Bangalore

    Tired of the incessant ringing of the phone, the ceaseless flow of work mails and the increasing stuffiness of your work cubicle? Break free and explore the beautiful world around you with your colleagues. Corporate life can be agonizingly tasking but it’s time you plan that well deserved break and breathe free in a beautiful countryside around Bangalore in the company of your colleagues.

    Bangalore is blessed with natural wonders within and around it from misty mountains to rock laden flatlands, there are a number of beautiful Corporate Getaways around Bangalore which can serve as an ideal location for a corporate off-site or team outing.

    From sightseeing for nature lovers to action packed activities for adventure enthusiasts, these locations are ideal for corporate getaways from Bangalore or a quick weekend vacation. Through Thrillophilia, you can put up at comfortable lodges and resorts in these locations and enjoy to your fullest without worrying about anything else.Although there are many such in and around Bangalore,

    Here are our top five corporate getaways around Bangalore:


    Situated at a distance of about 100 km from Bangalore, Bheemeshwari is a place of breathtaking natural splendour. The verdant green landscape with beautiful mist covered mountains and the sparkling waters of the River Cauvery are a welcome break from the monotony of city life.

    Bheemeshwari is a highly popular destination for corporate getaways around Bangalore. There is no limit to the amount of fun you can have at Bheemeshwari and with a little help from Thrillophilia you can make the most of your stay at Bheemeshwari.

    For nature lovers, Bheemeshwari is as good as a paradise. You can go sightseeing or on a nature walk and explore the area for little surprises. You can visit the riverside and spend some quiet time admiring nature and its creations.

    The gurgling water of the River Cauvery amidst the lush greenery, the gentle chirping of birds, the clear blue sky above and the mist covered mountain peaks peeping out of cotton candy clouds are sights that will wipe away all memories of work and stress.

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    Activities to do in Bheemeshwari:

    1. Rafting 

    Challenge the waters of the River Cauvery with your handmade raft. Rafting is quite popular in Bheemeshwari, but the fun only doubles when you are up against the river in your own raft. Thrillophilia organises raft building as a team building exercise. You can team up with your colleagues and build a sturdy raft to challenge the river.

    2. Trekking

    The Skandagiri hill near Bheemeshwari presents a fantastic terrain for trekking. It may seem a little tricky to those who are new at trekking, but seasoned trekkers will love the challenges the hill throws at them.

    Trekking can serve as a fine team building exercise when undertaken with colleagues as it facilitates interaction on a personal level between team mates and strengthens the team spirit.

    3. Jungle Survival Camps

    Jungle Survival Camps

    This activity organized by Thrillophilia makes you face your fears by making you brave through the unknown dangers lurking in the forest and lead your team back to the starting point. An excellent team building exercise, which may seem scary in the beginning, but will turn into great fun as the game progresses!

    Apart from these activities, you can have fun staying at the beautiful jungle lodges in Bheemeshwari, go cycling into the wilderness, set up night camps at the Bheemeshwari Wildlife Sanctuary, go rock climbing or zipline across the River Cauvery if you care for extreme sports.


    Bandipur is one of the most popular corporate getaways around Bangalore. Situated at a distance of 215 km from Bangalore, Bandipur is rich in flora and fauna and is hence a very popular destination among nature lovers, tourists and for weekend getaways.

    The Bandipur National Park is a great place for a quick and adventurous getaway from the maddening city life. Here are some activities that Thrillophilia provides to enrich your experience at Bandipur:

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    ?Activities to do in Bandipur:

     4. Jeep Safari to Bandipur Forest

    Drive into the wilderness and spot wild animals flitting about in their natural habitat. Watching animals in their natural habitat is much more fun and exciting that those at the zoo. So hop into a jeep with your colleagues and get set for this enthralling journey into the forest!

    5. Tiger Safari

    The Bandipur Forest Reserve is home to several White tigers and Royal Bengal tigers. Watch these majestic creatures in their full glory as they stride under the dense canopy of the forest.

    6. Treasure Hunt

    Go treasure hunting with your colleagues in the forest. This interesting team building is fun and entertaining and boosts the team spirit. Also, it lets you explore the forest and rummage through the foliage and discover little surprises!


    Image Credit: Riju K - Flickr

    Chikmagalur is situated at a distance of 270 km from Bangalore and is one of the best corporate getaways around Bangalore. Blessed with a diverse landscape that offers mountainous terrains, grassy valleys and glittery streams and offers ample opportunities for sightseeing, trekking and adventure activities.

    Chikmagalur derives its name from the Kannada words that mean ‘the town of the younger daughter’ as the town was given as dowry to the younger daughter of King Rukmangada.

    Chikmagalur is also known as the ‘Coffee Capital of Karnataka’ due to its expansive coffee plantations. The aroma of coffee blossoms welcomes into the town and takes you on a fantastical journey across lush green and misty countryside that relaxes and relieves the mind and body.

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    ?Activities to do in Chikmagalur:

    7. Rafting


    Take on the waters with your friends on a sturdy raft. Enjoy the beautiful countryside and indulge in some action packed water sports in the beautiful Chikmagalur.

    8. Jummaring

    Climb up the lush green slopes of using a jumar. Throw team challenges and dare your opponents for a climb up to the top!

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    9. Cycling

    Pedal away to glory amidst the blissful surroundings of Chikmagalur. Use a compass to find your directions to your destination and make your experience even more adventurous. Explore different cycling trails in the forest and stumble upon surprises along the way!


    The Bison Resort,Kabini

    The Kabini Wildlife Reserve, a much sought after destination for the nature lovers, it is also one of the popular corporate getaways around Bangalore. Situated by placid waters of the Kabini River, the reserve showcases a wide range of flora and fauna.

    You can take a ride across the river in a pretty little coracle or trek through the forests of the reserve. The reserve also offers opportunities for various other activities. A serene and sublime destination, Kabini will ease your mind off all worries and relax your body of all stress.

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    Activities to do in Kabini:

    10. Kayaking

    Kayaking is a great team building activity and it ensures enjoyment and entertainment. Get into a kayak with your friends and spend some peaceful time amidst the scenic splendour of Kabini.

    11. Trekking

    Trek through the beautiful forest of the reserve and you may be able to spot some wildlife.Kabini is known for elephants and if you are lucky, you may be able to spot some with their herd at a watering hole.

    12. Rafting

    You could also partake in team challenges such as raft building, where you will be provided all materials to build a raft and asked to construct a sturdy one using your skill and intelligence. Such team challenges test your strength and ability and also ensure enjoyment. Once you are done, you can take on the waters of the River Kabini in your own raft!

    13. Paintball

    Have fun shooting colours at your team members in a game of paintball. Team up with your colleagues and indulge in a game of paintball. As much fun as it seems, the game also tests the leadership and strategy skills of an individual.


    Heritage Resort Image

    Coorg is blessed with divine beauty. The town still retains the old world charm with narrow lanes and closely spaced hutments.  However, the natural beauty of Coorg is matchless in terms of landscape and terrain. Blessed with a diverse terrain, Coorg has something or the other to offer to every visitor and this makes Coorg a very popular corporate getaway around Bangalore for team outings.

    From sightseeing or heavy duty action packed activities, Coorg provides the terrain and the opportunity for you to enjoy to your fullest. 

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    ?Activities to do in Coorg:

    14. Microlight Flying


    Take to the skies with a light weight aircraft that can be operated with or without an expert by your side. Enjoy the superb view of the landscape from the skies and revel in the blissful experience. The pleasant wind and the beautiful sky give you company as you feast your eyes on the beautiful landscape of Coorg.

    15. Photography Challenge

    Beat your colleagues in a photography challenge. Explore the area and present your perspective of the region through your pictures. Capture the beauty of Coorg in a way no one else has done before and lock them away in your memories through these beautiful pictures.

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    16. Trekking

    A trip to Coorg is not complete without a trek on the mountain slopes of the region. Pick your preferred terrain and choose from the Tadiyandamol, Brahmagiri, Nishani Betta etc trekking trails. The trails will take you through areas of breathtaking natural beauty and also present a challenging terrain at the same time to give you an exciting and entertaining experience.

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