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Team Building Trainer Bangalore


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      Team Building Trainer Bangalore

      Team Building Trainer Bangalore

      Outdoor Team games

      A team bonding event does not have to be confined to a boring conference room. You could have a lot more fun doing it. As your team building training experts, we have put together quite a few outdoor team activities which are fun as well as catalyze to build efficient teams. At Thrillophilia, we act as your team building trainer in Bangalore, with outdoor activities such as raft building, jungle survival, cob web, acid walk, ice walk, egg drop, pipeline, transporting, construction, obstacles, paintball and tent pitching.

      1) Raft Building

      The teams have to build a strong raft which can withstand strong currents. The team that builds the strongest of rafts wins. As simple as that.

      2) Jungle Survival

      Step into the jungles, utilize all your team building training and find out ways to overcome and survive amidst the woods! With a few basic commodities and plenitude of time, each teams need to complete the tasks and mark their victory.

      3) Cob Web

      They have to work as a team in order to solve this cob web puzzle. It is a fun activity which works effectively to bring them close as a team.

      4) Acid walk

      Coordinate your every steps with that of the team mates, test you team building training and move forward towards the finishing line! Team spirit and the zeal to finish the race is the key elements to win this game.

      5) Ice walk

      Coordinate your steps, shout to each other and teamwork is all it takes to complete this race. Forget about winning it, just enjoy the experience.

      6) Egg Drop

      One of the most interesting team building trainer activity is the egg drop.Each team will be given a few materials and plenty of time to apply their brains and come up with a device that could prevent the eggs from breaking as they fall.

      7) Pipeline

      It looks easy on paper but this team activity actually takes a lot of skill set and team building training to get the task completed.

      8) Transporting

      This transporting is of a different kind. It is lot more fun, with its hilarious moments, and it does bring your team closer together.

      9) Construction

      A quintessential team building activity that definitely brings your team closer. It has been tested time and again. You cannot go wrong with this.

      10) Obstacles

      Some military training as a team can work wonders for testing the endurance of your employees while getting them to bond stronger.

      11) Paint Ball

      You can win this game only through a thorough team effort; and proper leadership of course. The perfect outdoor activity for team building.

      12) Tent Pitching

      It may look boring on paper, but it is far from it. It actually takes a lot of skill and working as a team to get this right.

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      Indoor Team games

      As your team building trainer in Bangalore, we dont just limit ourselves to outdoors. For days when outdoor does not work, we have got an amazing line-up of equally effective indoor team activities. Some of the games we have up our sleeves include Drum Circle, Tower N Hanoi, Blindfold March and Helium Stick.

      13) Drum Circle

      Get them to beat the drums in a synchronized manner. They may not do it perfectly but they will learn the art of working as a team in the drum circle.

      14) Tower n Hanoi

      This a classic Math puzzle which takes more than one brain to solve. They will have a lot of fun racking their brains over this one.

      15) Blind Fold March

      This is not so much a march but a walk which requires trusting your partner. Trust is one of the cornerstones of a good team.

      16) Helium stick

      Balancing a really light stick on your fingertips does not look like much of a task. But where there is more than one pair of fingertips involved, it can actually become quite interesting.

      [If you have any questions regarding team outings, you can let us know here]

      Corporate Team Building Events

      Your corporate events dont always have to about balance sheets and future growth plans. They can be so much more, like a team building event. At Thrillophilia, we are experts in organizing really fun corporate events that work great as a team building trainer event as well. We can organize a corporate yoga event, organize themed events for you, organize different annual day events as well as hold a Endurone Team Building Event for your organization.

      17) Corporate Yoga

      Get them together as a team and let them embrace good health. The corporate yoga event is great for make a start in making a healthy organization.

      18) Themed Events

      There are all sorts of such events we can arrange for you, from leadership honing ones to team building ones and so many more themes.

      19) Annual Day Events

      If you have gotten bored of organizing the same kinds of annual day events each year, come to us. We will add the much needed spice to them.'

      20) Endurone Team Building

      Test the endurance of your employees and get them working as a team as well. Having a sports day in office is just great.

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