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22 Team Building Exercise in Bangalore


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      Team Building Exercise in Bangalore

      Team Building Exercise in Bangalore

      Outdoor Team Building Activities:

      An outdoor session of fun activities can lift the spirit of your entire team. It can also imbibe a sense of working like a team. And when it is done in amazing locations, it can be even more fun. That’s what we help you out with- organizing effective and fun team building exercises in Bangalore.

      We have plenty of ideas with us, from something as simple as a game of pipeline, transportation or acid walk, to something more challenging such as raft building, jungle survival, cob web, ice walk, egg drop, tent pitching, obstacles, paint ball and construction.

      1) Raft Building

      Held each other out and build a raft from the materials provided to you. A really fun and interesting activity.

      2) Jungle Survival

      Work like a team, learn to trust each other and survive the fears of a jungle.

      3) Cob Web

      It takes teamwork and trust on each other to solve this interesting puzzle that will have a lot of funny moments to it. The unlimited fun associated to cob web makes it an exciting team building exercise in Bangalore.

      4) Acid Walk

      Match the steps with your partner to complete this walk in the quickest time

      5) Ice Walk

      Transform yourself into penguins for this race, which takes a lot of coordination and skill to complete.

      6) Egg Drop

      You have to protect your egg from breaking by building safety devices from the materials provided to you.

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      7) Pipeline

      Take the pipe from start to end without keeping it down and working through the various obstacles.

      8) Transporting

      A special from Thrillophilia, your teams would have a lot of fun doing it.

      9) Construction

      This is a really effective strategy to make your workforce bond better and work like a team.

      10) Obstacles

      A little bit of military experience to pump up your team and get them going once again.

      11) Paint Ball

      Delegate responsibility, listen to your leader, strategize to beat your opponents. A quintessential team game.

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      12) Tent Pitching

      It is much tougher than what it looks like on paper, and very effective too.

      Indoor Team Building Exercises:

      You don’t necessarily have to step outdoors in the scorching sun or muddy grounds to get your employees to work like a team. There is plenty you can do indoors too. And we have a lot of ideas to help you do exactly that.

      While outdoor team building exercise in Bangalore can be a lot of fun, we make it equally un indoors too, with games such as Tower and Hanoi, Blind Fold March, Helium Stick and Drum Circle.

      13) Drum Circle

      Make them sit in a circle and ask them to beat the drums to the same beat. It is therapeutic and great fun as well.

      14) Tower n Hanoi

      They have no choice but to work as a team in order to solve this classic mathematic puzzle.

      15) Helium stick

      This looks really simple on paper, but trust us- it takes a lot of teamwork and suppressing your laughter to complete this task.

      Ice Breakers:

      An ice breaking session could be great to break new recruits in your organization. It paves the way for better bonding and hence, better teamwork in the future.

      At Thrillophilia, we have specific ideas which make for great ice breaking sessions. We have games such as Key Punch, Acid Ball, Head and Tail and Pass D Holla to help the new recruits start feeling like part of the organization.

      16) Blind Fold March

      They learn to trust each other, follow each other’s direction and thus bond better with this really interesting indoor game.

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      17) Key Punch

      Spread the numbers in random order and ask the new entrants to cover the entire number pad in ascending number order.

      18) Head & Tail

      Compete to tell whether it's head or tail without communicating verbally.

      19) Acid Ball

      Try to balance a ball on a ring with the help of your team members. Together you succeed individually you fail

      20) Pass D Holla

      Passing the Holla Hoops from one to the next is a really challenge, and a hilarious one at that too.

      Corporate Team Building Events:

      Transform your corporate event into a team building exercise in Bangalore. It is really effective and a unique way of making your organization more efficient. We have experience as well as expertise in organizing interesting and effective corporate events such as annual day celebrations, corporate yoga, Team Enduron and a lot more.

      21) Corporate Yoga

      Let them embrace good health and fitness with a group yoga event in Bangalore. Agreat way to de-stress.

      22) Annual Day Celebration

      Celebrate your annual day differnetly get away from you office.

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