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    Team Building Corporate Day Out in Bangalore

    Outdoor Team Building

    A strong team is what makes a strong organization. And therein lies the importance of team building activities. But it doesn’t have to be confined indoors. There are outdoor destinations that are perfect for a day out filled with fun and exciting corporate team building activities in Bangalore.

    And to fully utilize these ideal locations, we have plenty of outdoor team activities lined up for you such as raft building, jungle survival, acid walk, cob web, ice walk, egg drop, pipeline, transporting, construction, obstacles, paint ball and tent pitching.

    1) Raft Building

    Build a strong raft with the help of your teammates. You need to make sure the raft is strong enough to withstand the rapids.

    2) Jungle Survival

    Survive jungle essentials with the help your team and a few basic elements provided to you. It is ‘Man versus Wild.’

    3) Cob Web

    You need to embrace your partner, coordinate your steps and avoid putting your foot on the ground to complete this race.

    4) Acid Walk

    Help your teammates pass through the spider’s web. It is much more difficult than it actually looks on paper.

    5) Ice Walk

    They need to coordinate their steps to avoid hilarious falls and getting bruised. This is one fun activity to do.

    6) Egg Drop

    Work with your team and build protective devices to prevent the egg from breaking as it falls from a height.

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    7) Pipeline

    Take the pipe from start to the end, working as a team. It may involve pretty funny situations and lot of challenges that you would have imagined.

    8) Transporting

    This game of transportation requires a team effort, suppressing your laughter and a killer instinct to win.

    9) Construction

    A game of construction is ideal to make your team bond stronger. It takes a lot of skill and working as a team to build something strong.

    10) Obstacles

    To complete this obstacle race, you need to have a perfectly balanced team, and more importantly, people who believe in teamwork.

    11) Paint Ball

    Team outing and a corporate day out in Bangalore cannot be complete without a game of paintball. It is absolute fun.

    12) Tent Pitching

    Pitch a tent. It is that simple. But when you get down to doing it, you realize it actually requires a great amount of skill.

    Indoor Team Building

    For days when it is too hot outside, you don’t need to change your plans for corporate team building activities in Bangalore. We have amazing indoor team building games for your organization which are really effective as well. Activities such as drum circle. Tower and Hanoi, Blind Fold March and Helium Stick really work well when it comes to building a strong team.

    13) Drum Circle

    They may not be musicians but they can still beat the drums in a synchronized fashion. At least that’s the goal of this exercise.

    14) Tower n Hanoi

    Solve this classic mathematics puzzle with the help of your colleagues and master one of the corporate team building activities in Bangalore. It takes quite a bit of smart work to do it.

    15) Blind Fold March

    Trusting your partner is the key to this game. That’s what makes it really effective and plenty of fun too.

    16) Helium Stick

    All you need to do is balance a stick on your fingertips. But even if one of you falters, the stick could go tumbling down.

    Ice Breakers

    Breaking the ice is important for effective communication and organization. But the new recruits often find it difficult to gel in an organization. Making the task simpler are ice breaking sessions which also make for an exciting team building and corporate day out in Bangalore. We have effective and fun ice breaking games lined up for you such as Key Punch, Head and Tail, Acid Ball and Pass D Holla.

    17) Key Punch

    They need to jump from one number to the next in consecutive order in this randomly arranged key pad.

    18) Head & Tail

    Compete to tell whether it's head or tail without communicating verbally.

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    19) Acid Ball

    Amongst all the corporate team building activities in Bangalore, Acid Ball is one of the ideal activities to encourage team work and spirit. While balancing a ball on a ring with the help of the team mates, every members would realise the importance of working as a team.

    20) Pass D Holla

    Stand in a circle and pass the holla hoop from one to the next without breaking the circle. Twisting anf turning is what this game requires.

    Corporate Team Building Events

    Looking to organize a fun corporate event team that could also act as a team building event? Let us help you out with effective corporate events in and around Bangalore. We have loads of ideas up our sleeves such as Corporate Yoga and others to make for an effective team outing.

    21) Corporate Yoga

    Deep breathing, early morning and twisting your body into athletic poses- yoga is even more fun when it is done as a team.

    22) Dirt Biking

    Activities which champions to bring out the best in you-the performer, the doer and the achiever in you

    23) Annual Day Celebrations

    To change things for the better and give you the Corporate Annual Day of your dreams.

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