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  • About Tarkarli:

    A quaint hamlet in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, Tarkarli is known for its bountiful nature and the groovy beachfronts. Located at the confluence point of the mighty Arabian Sea and the Karli River, this picturesque village is adorned by a charismatic coastline and is now gaining immense popularity among the beach and water sport lovers.

    While the silent backwaters of the Karli River encourages the water sport enthusiasts to participate in a myriad list of water activities, the turquoise water of the Arabian Sea appeals them to go for scuba diving and discover the enchanting beauty of the marine life. In addition to all these, as the vicinity is steeped with lively glimpses of a bygone era, Tarkarli also proves to be an ideal destination for the history and culture lovers.

    Tarkarli Scuba Diving:

    Owing to the large stretch of clear and azure water, scuba diving in Tarkarli has become one of the most enjoyed and popular activities among the visitors to this region. Adding more to this, there is the wide range of marine life that entices the scuba divers to dive deep into the clear water and enjoy the mesmeric beauty of Tarkarli's underwater beauty.

    With plenitude of Tarkarli scuba diving packages, you can always expect a blissful and contended dive in this region. While in here, you can also indulge in other water sports like snorkelling, speed boat rides, boat rides and lot more. On your Tarkarli beach scuba diving expedition, you can also enjoy some of the fun-filled beach activities and enjoy around the beaches that showcases the pristine beauty of Mother Nature.

    Though the entire region is known for its groovy coastlines, the Sindhudirg Fort is known to be the most popular site for Tarkarli scuba diving. It is due to the clear water and the diverse range of marine life that makes this site an appealing destination for various dives. Also, on your way from the beachfront to the fort site, you can avail the glass bottom boats and enjoy a bit of marine life spotting. If you are lucky enough, you can also spot the playful dolphins during your boat cruise; you can also avail the different Tarkarli scuba diving packages that offers dolphin spotting as well.


    Types of Tarkarli Scuba Diving:

    Talking about the types of scuba diving, one can enjoy Commercial and Cylinder type of scuba diving in Tarkarli.

    1. Commercial Scuba Diving:

    One of the safest and delightful Tarkarli beach diving experiences, this type of dive involves the diving into the water with an oxygen pipe attached to the divers. The other end of the pipe is attached to an oxygen tank placed in a boat near the diving site. The presence of trained and PADI certified instructors ensure maximum safety and fun underwater during the commercial scuba dives.

    October to April (end) is considered to be the ideal time for this type of dive and it usually lasts for around half an hour.

    2. Cylinder Scuba Diving:

    Since the divers during commercial dives are attached to a pipe, the diving depth gets restricted to around 15-20ft. However, in cylinder scuba diving, the divers carry the oxygen tank along with them while diving. This not only allows the divers to enjoy a restriction free dive, but also allows them to dive around 25-30ft.

    Depending on the cylinder capacity and the depth of the water, these dives can last up to 30 minutes or more. To ensure utmost safety of the divers, they are always accompanied by trained and PADI certified instructors during the dives.

    PADI Certifications:

    PADI or 'Professional Association of Diving Instructors' is the most recognised and appreciated diving certifications for the divers. All the PADI courses comprises of training on the safety measures and how to carry a successful dive. In addition to diving physiology, the divers also get to learn about the basics of physics, different type of modules to develop their diving skills and also about how to use the safety equipment more efficiently.

    While Tarkarli scuba diving, you will be ensured with maximum safety while accompanied with a PADI certified diver.


    Important Info about Tarkarli Scuba Diving:

    October to April is the best time for these dives.

    During the dives, divers can reach up to 30ft deep; the lower limit of dives is 15ft.

    Even a non-swimmer can also participate in these dives.

    Facilities and equipment like oxygen tank, wet suits and other safety equipment are provided at the diving site.

    Before every dive, the participants are briefed about the dos and don'ts of scuba diving in Tarkarli.

    Separate wash rooms and changing rooms are available near the diving sites.


    Other Popular Water Sports in Tarkarli:

    In addition to Tarkarli beach scuba diving, the vicinity also serves as a befitting destination for several other water sports. Most of the water sports are conducted near the Sangam Point, Dandi Beach or Tsunami Island. Here is a brief about all the other water sports or things to do in Tarkarli:

    1. Snorkelling:

    Conducted in the shallow and clear water, snorkelling involves the divers to stay on the water surface so that they can enjoy and witness the underwater beauty without diving deep. During the dives, the divers are equipped with a snorkelling mask that allows them to enjoy undistorted views of the marine life and also breathe free at the same time.

    Be it the swimmers or the non-swimmers, everyone can participate in this exciting sport and enjoy the bountiful marine life of Tarkarli. Dives usually last for around 20 minutes and is conducted around the Sindhudurg Fort.

    2. Jet Skis:

    For those who want to pump in some adrenalines with the water sport options in Tarkarli, they can indulge in Jet Ski rides. Equipped with an extremely powerful engine, these watercrafts are in fact the best ways to cruise over the turquoise water at high speed and get your dose of thrill and adventure!

    3. Bumper and Banana Boat Rides:

    Both these boat rides are ideal for the leisure and fun seekers. While bumper boats might or might not be self-driven, banana boats are always unpowered and dragged by a high-speed boat. Both of them involves inflated tubes as the seat and promises fun rides to the participants.

    4. Parasailing:

    If diving underwater is not enough, you can opt for parasailing in Tarkarli and witness the magical beauty of the azure water and the playful beaches from high above the ground. While parasailing, you will be harnessed with a safety parachute that will be lifted up by a powerful boat or a vehicle. Once the pull reaches the buffer point, the parachute gets lifted up and offers a dream flight to the participants.

    5. Kayaking:

    The silent backwaters of the Karli River serves as an ideal host to kayaking. With a capacity of one or more, these water vessels can be steered with a pedal without much of techniques involved. Be it a swimmer or a non-swimmer, everyone who knows or can row the kayak, can enjoy kayaking in Tarkarli.


    How to reach Tarkarli:

    By Road:

    From Malvan: Tarkarli is only around 9km from Malvan and can be easily reached from the same. Direct buses and rickshaws are available round the day.

    From Mumbai, Goa and Pune: Daily bus service is available from all the three destinations.

    By Rail: Sindhudurg has the nearest railway station to Tarkarli; however, since all the trains do not stop in Sindhudurg. Kudal and Kankalvi; around 1.5 hours' drive from Malvan, also has the nearest railway stations to Tarkarli.

    By Air: At present Dabolim Airport, Goa, is the nearest airport to Tarkarli.

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    About the Activity:

    • The beautiful Tarkarli is a beachside haven to be explored in the company of family and friends!
    • Be amazed by the exotic underwater creatures with this scuba diving experience.
    • Embark on the breathtaking Dolphin Safari and the Tsunami Island Safari, and be taken by a rich past with a visit to Nivanti Fort.
    • Be surrounded by fascinating flora and fauna during the Sangam Safari, and witness the elegant crocodiles languishing in their natural habitat at Crocodile Point.

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