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  • Head out for an interesting night in Sydney and explore the amazing nightlife. Sydney is said to have the most interesting nightlife with the luxurious pubs and the thrilling neighbourhood. The nightlife in Sydney is a huge hit among the people with the clubs and the late night venues.

    Dance up to the live music, cabaret, bowling alleys which will lure you for sure. Whether you want to have some fun with your friends or listen to some local beat this place is has a lot of things to offer. As you know Sydney is said to be the one place which cannot be miss by the professionals. Make your weekend special as you check out these best pubs in Sydney. When you need to let loose and give yourself to the night we bring you the best nightlife that the city has to offer.

    Here is a Guide to Sydney Nightlife:

  • 01Pub Walking in Sydney

    Pub Walking in Sydney
    • h2 Hoursh30 Minutes
    • lSydney
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Gregg
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    About the activity:
    • Enthrall in this amazing pub walking tour experience in the vicinity's of Sydney like never before.
    • Start your tour after meeting at Harts Pub, corner of Essex and Gloucester Streets or The Rocks.
    • Visit four of its most iconic pubs in Sydney where you can enjoy a choice of craft beer or wine in each.
    • Spend some awesome time at some of the pubs like The heist of 1828,The hop thief, The Pub Bank,The Big Mac or The first execution.
    • Explore the unique streets of Sydney by hearing the famous thrilling tales and stories of the vicinity.
    • End this tour after 2 and half hour.
  • 02Full Day Sydney Inner West Brewery Tour

    Full Day Sydney Inner West Brewery Tour
    • h7 Hours
    • lSydney
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Gregg
    • 11% Off8,828
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    About the Activity:
    • Taste a range of great beers and learn about craft brewing in Sydney on a tour with a knowledgeable guide.
    • Get picked up from the mentioned point at 11:00 AM on Sunday or Saturday from the Keg & Brew Hotel, 26 Foveaux Street in an air conditioned bus.
    • You’ll also see the inner workings of the breweries and meet the people who are revolutionizing beer-making in Sydney.
    • Enjoy the delicious meal in The Henson at Marrickville and visit Young Henry's, Batch Brewing Company and Rocks Brewing.
    • End this exciting tour at 6.00 PM after getting dropped off at either Central Station or the Royal Albert Hotel, Surry Hills.
  • 03Bayswater Brasserie

    The place has been renovated and reformed into a Japanese fusion restaurant where you will find a fusion of Japanese, Mediterranean and western food. The restaurant serves some amazing sushi, a selection of seafood, meat and vegetable dishes. The food is simply finger –licking good and the moment the restaurant was opened it got a phenomenal response. The Japanese Fusion restaurant attracted people from various age group, making it a hot and happening place for many in Sydney.

    Highlight: Since it is a Japanese restaurant, so you can’t miss the chance to have delectable Sushi.

    Location: 32 Bayswater Rd, Potts Point NSW 2011, Australia
  • 04Candy's Apartment

    The Candy Apartment is an age old music club where people like to groove to cult music. The club is known to have pushed limits on the music tracks that they play.

    Highlights: You can get to hear both Rock, Hip-Hop, House and Electro and if you are lucky enough, you can also get a chance to listen to some party tunes too. This underground music night club will give you a chance to have some unforgettable memories and lets you come back to this place again and again. And since the nightclub has always been underground away from the sunlight so it is one of the most appropriate opportunities to have some real fun. This place is also considered to be a place which influences music trends in Sydney.

    Location: 22 Bayswater Road, Potts Point New South Wales.

    Price: $20 is the entry fee.
  • 05Hemmesphere

    If you are looking for extreme luxury then Hemmesphere is the best place to be. A beautiful place which depicts extreme grace and relaxation. A perfect escape to sit down in comfortable lounges and have some meaningful conversations with your loved ones. You can also try an upscale romantic candle light dinner to have a pleasant evening. For spirit sippers they will be delighted to watch fresh ingredients and spices being blended in front of their own eyes. You can try the amazing vintage dram which is sure to delight every spirit sipper.

    Highlight: The menu keeps changing as per the season and you can try some amazing decanted cocktails which are prepared by our special mixologists. You can also try the Rosemary’s Baby which is the show stopper of this place.

    Location: Level4 , Establishment 252 George Street, Sydney.

    Price: A$100 for two people.
  • 06Hotel Hollywood

    The moment you step inside you will find framed posters from the time when Hollywood sirens were photographed. It has a fun art décor with red lighting and a disco ball which makes the atmosphere a lot of fun. The place plays a soft blend of electro music which will take you to a different world altogether. The melodious songs are always perfect to either make you groove or have you perfect drink quietly somewhere in the corner.

    Highlight: The Happy Hours from 5 to7 pm Monday to Saturday. And if you want to try some good beer this is the place to hangout.

    Price: A$6o for two people which is inclusive of alcohol.

    Location: 2 Foster Street, Surry Hills, Sydney.
  • 07Argyle Hotel

    The hotel is located in ‘The Rocks’ which is one of the oldest buildings and is blessed to have a crazy nightlife. So if you are thinking of doing something really crazy then you cannot miss out on this place. It will let you freak out and experience life to the fullest. The hotel has an impressive archways which makes it a perfect blend of being ultra-modern place and yet being historic at heart. You can either sit around the high tables or can even relax in lounges.

    Food: You can try out some lobster rolls and wood fired pizzas which is completely amazing.

    Price: 30$ for entry exclusive of food and drinks.

     Location: 18 Argyle, The Rocks NSW 2000, Australia.

  • 08Slip Inn

    Enjoy some drinks and meaningful conversations with an absolute indoor seating and the courtyard that is placed downstairs is a pretty place to party. And a Danish flag at the entrance will leave you totally spell bound. And moreover the colorful interiors just adds to the chirpiness and liveliness of the place.

    Food: You can try some pork and wine to try some amazing food.  You can try some hard core Mexican food an absolute paradise for Mexican food lovers.

    Price: A$80 for two people with alcohol.

     Location: 111Sussex Street, CBD, Sydney
  • 09Orbit Bar

    If you are looking for something extraordinary then it is best to try Orbit Bar as it is located on the level 47 of the Australian Square Building with 360 degree view of the harbour city. The location is what the show stealer of this place. The bar keeps revolving which will make you feel as if you are too drunk. A good time to go is when the sun goes down.

    Highlight: You can try some organic vodka from this place which is hard to find anywhere else.

    Food: You can try some amazing cocktails along with canapes and nibbles.

    Location: Australia Square, 264 George St, Sydney NSW 2000.
  • 10Opera Bar

    Get a chance to experience the best beer garden by visiting the Opera Bar. Experience the panoramic view of the entire house. You can try some amazing lunch, dinner and breakfast while enjoying some perfect view.

     Food: You can try some fresh oysters and can also taste some local cheese and meat from the Meat and Cheese Room. The food is sure to satisfy your cravings and will leave you completely satiated. You can also tantalize your taste buds with some amazing line of cocktails.

    Highlight: Don’t miss out on Opera Bar Organic Pale Ale.

     Price: A$110 for two people but it offers some generous offerings which will make you feel full.
  • 11El Topo

    It is one of the most talked Mexican restaurant with a beautiful rooftop bar. Once you step in El Topo you will be mistaken that you have entered Mexico.

    Highlights: The place offers some 80 types of tequila which you will not find anywhere else. The place also serves some finest color of beers too.

     Food: The food that is served in this place has some authentic flavours of tamarind, chilies, avocado leaf and jicama. You can also try some homemade produce including tradition moles. Moreover, it is the only Mexican restaurant in Sydney which serves fried crickets.

     Price: A$80 for two people.

     Location: The Eastern Hotel, Level 3, Westfield Bondi Junction.
  • 12The World Bar

    If you want to have some really fun and would like to go simply berserk then you should visit The World Bar. It is located in an old Victorian terrace with a comfortable outdoor seating and the ambience is quite cool and sophisticated which makes it an ideal place for some good conversations. The bar has an energy and air of mischief.

    Highlights: You can try some food, teapots cocktail, craft beer and all sorts of other fun and crazy events. If you are lucky enough you can witness some movie premiers and head banging parties too. It has some cosy beer garden too which attracts a lot of travellers, locals and friends too.

    Price: $11-30. Location: 24 Bayswater Road, Kings Cross, Sydney.

    Food: The place serves some amazing pizzas, and the very special teapot cocktail.
  • 13Freda's

    A warehouse bar which has a lot of young crowds around. You can soak yourself in some live music which offers some good range of beers and that too at an affordable price range. A perfect place to visit after work which makes you feel a little relaxed and comfortable.

    Highlights: The live events and the music artists are something to die for as soon as you visit the place.

    Food: You can try Pork Nachos which are not just good but are great to have. The cocktails that were served in the place not only has a mature taste which comes with an amazing fruit concoctions too.

    Price : A$55 for two people.

    Location: 107-109 Regent Street, Chippendale, Sydney.
  • 14Tokyo Sing Song

    If you are looking for some off beat entertainment then you should miss Tokyo Sing Song, a basement bar mysteriously located in the King Street. The bar is a perfect muddle of Japanese Pachinko Parlour which adds to the quirkiness of the place.

    Highlights: You can listen to some live band and DJ’s performing which will let you go crazy. The opening hours of this bar is Wednesday to Sunday after 10 pm and uptill 6 am.

    Location: 145 King St, Newtown 2042.

    Price: A$60 for two people with alcohol.
  • 15The Cliff Dive

    Colorful and vibrancy is what best defines this place you will see exciting art works on the walls and the booths and everyone grooving to the beats of DJ. And what takes you by surprise if the Pineapple door which welcomes you to the world of Cliff Dive.

     Highlights: The cocktails are simply amazing and are served in tiki mugs which makes your drink even more special. It has over 16 craft beers and 40 plus rums to make your pick from. The place offers some amazing Kebabs too, you can choose from chicken, lamb and XO amongst others.

    Price: A$80 for two people with alcohol.

    Location: 16 Oxford Square, Darlinghurst, Sydney
  • 16Ivy

    Get a chance to listen to some diverse range of music at this hip and stylish roof top pool bar. And to add to your delight Thursday nights are obviously free entry and you can leverage the happy hours on Friday.

    Highlight: It is the only roof top bar in Sydney. The place has something for everyone from a grill restaurant which serves some amazing Japanese food to a lounge space and a dramatic den which will make you dance to the music of the DJ’s. Food: You can eat some good pizzas with cocktails and can surely try some Japanese cuisine too.

    Price: The entry fee is $20 per person.

     Location: 330 George St, Sydney NSW 2000.
  • 17Marquee Sydney

    A renowned nightclub with its presence not only in Sydney but New York and Las Vegas too. The club will surely liven up your weekend with some good music by both local and international artists every week. The chic nightclub has the best hospitality which is hard to find anywhere else.

     Highlights: This nightclub lets you witness the expansive view of the harbour too. This night club is closed on Thursdays.

    Location: Pirrama Road , Pyrmont NSW 2009.

     Price: Minimum $30 and can go upto $10,000
  • 18The Loft

    A perfect buzzy nightspot which can liven up your weekends and can allow you to loosen up a little bit with the comfy sofas around. You can spend some amazing time here just by listening to some great music and sipping in some nice cocktails too.

     Highlights: You can get a chance to lay your hands on some handcrafted beers which is what this bar is famous for. The ambience of this place is what makes it to be the true show stealer, it sits on  water overlooking the Darling Harbour.

     Food: You can have some great cocktails especially lime soda which comes with average food.

     Location: King Street Wharf , 3 Lime St.

    Price: A$100 for two people.
  • 19The Local Taphouse

    A lively tavern which serves some amazing craft beer is ‘The Local Taphouse’ which has a beautiful rooftop garden which adds to the beauty of the place. The room is quite nice and cozy and has been decorated with a birdcage light décor which makes the place beautiful to look at.

     Highlight: One of the best highlight to this place is the amazing range of craft beers that it serves.

     Food: It serves some amazing Modern Australian and Bar food. You should definitely try the famous Tap House Burger which is quite famous and is a must try.

     Location: 122 Flinders Street , Darlinghurst, Sydney.

     Price: A$60 for 2 people.
  • 20The Basement Nightclub

    You might have seen many pubs but might not have come across a pub like this. A 120 capacity basement in Sydney which plays contemporary music which is adored by both artists and artists. It is both dark and classy Basement where you can hear the music get chance to see the live band performing and at the same time gives you the chance to reach the bar too.

     Highlight: And you will get an amazing blend of jazz, blues and rock which makes your stay completely memorable.

     Location: 29 Reiby Pl, Sydney.

     Price: A$40 for two people.
  • 21Quarrymans Hotel

    A hidden gem which is discovered by people over the years. It is not known for its expansive boozing scene but still it has some high class cocktails which is not easy to be found anywhere else.

    Highlight: You can have some high class cocktails at the Sokoyo Lounge and Black Bar at the Star. The place has some 24 craft beers taps which comes with hand pump for enthusiasts.

    Food: You can try some strawberry wheat beer or an alcoholic ginger beer, you have them all.

    Location: 214-216 Harris St, Pyrmont, Sydney.

    Price: A$70 for 2 people with alcohol.
  • 22The Victoria Room

    An absolute paradise for tea lovers, it is one of the upscale tea venues Sydney has ever had in the past decade. It will make you feel that you have entered the Victorian era once you have been to this place with big and bold chandeliers, colors and even elegant furniture too. On a weekend afternoon when it doesn’t serves tea the tea room gets transformed into a cocktail bar room. The place comes with an extreme luxury. The Victoria tea room has been the award winning cocktail bar.

     Highlights: One should definitely try the sapphire tea, traditional chicken, salmon and cucumber variations. You can also try the mini cappuccino cup which is definitely a big treat.

     Price: $45 for a classic tea

     Location: 235 Victoria Road, Darlinghurst, Sydney.