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13 April 2015
visited in last monsoon, recommended for rafting but not sight seeing. It was quite adventurous trip especially for first time visitors like me. Had the opportunity to enjoy the sights with my friends. It was a one day adventure but i wish i could stayed there for more days. There were all facilities like the low budget hotels, good restaurants and no communication problem as well. met with many local people and also saw other nearby places.
29 April 2015
Pushti Bandopadhyay Hogenakkal Falls Day trip
Apart from the usual landscape of the state tamil nadu, it also has beautiful waterfalls and one of them is the Hognekkal fall. Beside the fall there are many other locations like temples, hill towns and other coconut and banana plantations. Visiting this fall as a holiday break is the best thing that we had last month. We also enjoyed adventurous boat ride and it was indeed a thrilling experience for me.
16 July 2015
Very Good
One of the fewer but most visited water fall in the region, the hogenakkal falls is an elegant fall of south india. We enjoyed our first exciting trip to tamil nadu. Visiting a waterfall was a great refreshment for all of us, moreover the water rafting made the entire trip even more memorable. Since it is a very short so no tour guide is required, i will recommend you to try all sports activity.
24 November 2015
Tarun Deshpande Hogenakkal Falls Day trip
Very Good
i did many adventurous activities when i at Hogenakkal falls, including water rafting, Coracle Ride, and Sightseeing as well, but above all i loved the short rafting activity. In that waterproof boat i was included with five more people and it was so much fun. This short trip comes in budget so definately this should not be missed in any way. The fall looks beautiful and evergreen.
26 June 2015
Girindra Sethi Hogenakkal Falls Day trip
Very Good
Had visited Tamil Nadu last month for my office purpose and it was a sudden plan to go for the trip to the famous Hogenakkal waterfall. Tamil Nadu weather is pleasing, we had gone there in monsoon when the water in the river and the fall was high. Adventurous water rafting will impress everyone. The problem that we faced was with language, Tamil that took otherwise everything was just fine.
20 May 2016
Bhargavi Chaturvedi Hogenakkal Falls Day trip
Very Good
We had started from Bangalore, which is the nearest location from Hogenakkal falls. So this place is easily accessible and the facilities are also nice like the restaurants, hotels and travelling facelities. We spent few hours near the waterfall, the weather was also comfortable that adds another advantage to the trip.
02 February 2016
Dharmapuri is the major district of Tamil nadu where this fall is located, to visit the fall you need to take a bus from Dharmapuri and takes an hour to reach there. Low budget hotels are available at reasonable prices with nice facilities. The fall looks amazing and it is an ideal holiday destination for families with lot of adventurous sports activity options like water rafting and sight seeing.
19 January 2016
Had heared a lot of good things about hogenakkal Falls, so i was very curious to discover if such thing exists in the place or not, but to my surprise this place was more beautiful than my expectation. This tamil nadu region is also famous for carbonatite rocks which is believed to be the oldest in South Asia. So thi is also the reason why it atracts many people. As far as the waterfall is concerned then let me tell you guys its damn beautiful, you will love the striking sound of water.
12 January 2016
Well guys south India has been my favourite spot for holidays, last year we had been from coorg and this year we went to see the famous Hogenakkal Falls, which is located in Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu. While enjoying the holiday in Hongenakkal fall i felt as if i were in Goa.Yea the water rafting and crazy boating in the river is the great attraction of the site. Since it was a very short trip so we could visit other places. The place is also known as Niagara fall of India because of its beautiful views and height of the fall. Moreover the hide boat ride is quite famous among the travellers.
12 January 2016
Tanushri Guneta Hogenakkal Falls Day trip
Very Good
Its just a one day trip and you will get to discover the beautiful fall. Rafting was a better adventure for us, it feels amazing to raft on the cool waters of Hogenakkal. The best time to do this was monsoon when the amount of water is adequate. If you are planning to make a visit to Hohenakkal Falls, then you must try this amazing sports acticity, though its a bit scarry in the beginning but you will love it.