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Best Solo Tours in Himachal Pradesh



Minakshi Devar

28 June 2015

Well trekking on the hilly terrain of himalayas has always been my favourite trekking expedition. Spiti valley trekking has moderate trails and green surroundings. Better To go in summers, during rest of the season this Pin Parvati Pass experiences heavy snow fall so the condition becomes unfavourable for trekking. The exciting trip takes about eleven days, a worth visiting place.

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Ranjit Kakkar

15 March 2015

This is the amazing trek that one can ever take. This trek covers the three major possible treks in The Himalayas and one of the most challenging one. We started from Manali and crossed Kasol before embarking on the trek. For the nest 7-8 days we trekked around 5 hours on an average. Our trek leader was very professional and gave us enough chance to rest in between the trek. Food was very good and hygienic and they also served snacks with tea. Our camping arrangement was excellent. We camped at some of the most beautiful locations. It was an amazing trekking experience in the Himalayas for me and my friends, we enjoyed a lot. Special thanks to the organisers, our trek leader and support staff for making this one of the most memorable adventure of my life.

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Jyoti Joshi

20 March 2016

Very good option for trekking and camping. Beautiful scenery with snow capped Himalayas in the backdrop, exquisite meadows, refreshing springs en route. Spent a memorable trip. wanted the sheer joy of being etherized to the core by the beauty of the unknown. Trekkers can also explore this park area as its one of the richest biological parks in world. Small lodges are available with good local food.

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Rahul Singh

30 November 2016

Beauty can't be described in words but pictures do very well.

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Gopaal Gandhi

08 March 2014

Hampta pass trek is a beautiful trek path that can be done at any season. A couple of years back, I went to this trek in the month of March, and it was good. However, I read that going in the month of June-October is the best time to go. I did pick this trek and it was awesome. I had a really great trek here. The trek in Manali was even better this season. The rates of this trek are also not that expensive. It was indeed the best trek ever. I am so glad to have opted for it again.

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Anusuya Mehrotra

04 August 2015

For those on the first time for a trek in Manali, I would suggest the Hampta Pass trek. I guess, everyone can complete this easy graded trek within the allotted time of 5 days. But yes, while booking, you should be very careful as most of the Hampta Pass trek organisers do not meet up to the level. If you really want to join this trek, you can book with an organiser like Thrillophilia. I had a good experience booking with them.

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