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What You Should Know More About Chukha

  • Q. Travel advice

    ·         Bhutan is not much known for crimes, but you need to keep your belongings safe though.

    ·         You should dress up modestly while visiting the monasteries. Generally try wearing full length outfits.

    ·         Bhutan’s weather is mainly chilling. You will need heavy woollens there.

    ·         Confirm with the authorities before capturing photographs inside the monasteries. Photography is generally prohibited there.

    ·         Carry a torch with you while going out at night. Being not much developed, Chukha experiences power cuts pretty often.

    ·         Carry your medications as you might not get good pharmacies everywhere.

    ·         Avoid places which get lonely after sunset.

    ·         Show immense respect towards the local culture. Disrespecting the locals and their culture will impose a negative image of you and your country on them.

    ·          Indian Rupee is the currency in Bhutan where 500 and 1000 rupee notes are not accepted. You will have to carry notes and coins with denominations of 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1.

    ·         Tourists from India, Maldives and Bangladesh need not to have visa to enter Bhutan.  

  • Q. Drinking laws

    The legal drinking age in Bhutan is 18 years. You are legally not allowed to consume liquor if you are younger. The locals brew a drink at their homes called Chang. You will also get branded drinks in liquor shops. 

  • Q. Our recommendations-things you can’t afford to miss?


    Phuntsholing is the main town of Chukha district. It holds much importance in the entire country as it largely contributes to the economy of the country. It joins Bhutan to India and helps in international trading. You must see the gate, called the Bhutan Gate, at the border between the two countries. A famous monastery called the Karbandi Monastery is there in the town where couples must visit if they are planning a baby. This monastery grew famous as an Indian tourist became pregnant after praying there. Apart from this, the crocodile breeding centre is a prominent tourist attraction.  The newly set up thermal power project is also worth visiting, but a special permission is required beforehand.

    Pagar Goemba

    Built in 1707, this monastery is truly beautiful amongst breath-taking mountains. It also has an interesting story behind its construction. It is said that, a black crow had shown Geshe Kuenga Gyeltshen, the one who established this monastery, the place where it is standing now. Don’t forget to know the entire interesting story from your guide or the locals.

    Rinchending Monastery

    This monastery is famous among newly-wed couples planning a child. It is said that an Indian pilgrim conceived after praying in this monastery, which is alternatively known as Kharbandi Gompa. Inside the monastery, you will see beautiful paintings of Lord Buddha which depicts his lifestyle and teachings. The monastery is surrounded by a beautiful garden with tropical vegetation. You will also get to see the low lands of West Bengal from this monastery as it is situated in Phuntsholing town, too close to West Bengal in India.

    Chukha Dzong

    If you are wondering what a Dzong is, well, it is a fort which is locally called so in Bhutan. The newly constructed Chukha Dzong is truly mesmerizing. Surrounded by pristine lush greenery all around, the entire location is a treat for your eyes.

    Crocodile Breeding Centre

    Located on the bank of Amo Chhu River, this crocodile breeding centre is in Phuntsholing town and is one of the major tourist attractions there. Consisting of five ponds inside, you will see a lot of crocodiles there, soaking up the sun. They are generally fed fishes in the afternoon, which the kids would love to encounter. You will need to pay Rs. 20 to enter the centre.

    Tshamdrak Goemba

    The main things to see in Tshamdrak Goemba include the 100 ceremonial drums. Also, a big stone worshipped as a local deity is a must see there. 

    Zangtho Pelri Lhakhang

    This beautifully built Buddhist temple was constructed by the composer of Bhutanese National Anthem, named Daksho Aku Thongmi. This temple is devoted to Guru Rinpoche and you will get to see beautiful paintings and statues related to him. The entire location is enchanting and spiritual with a few tourists throughout the day. You will surely love the place even if you bear no inclination towards Buddhism. 

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Natural beauty

    Bhutan is situated in the foothills of Himalayas and is truly alluring. The district of Chukha is slightly on the hotter side, compared to the rest of the country which makes it really comfortable. You can see mountain slopes covered with lush greenery all around.

    Buddhist influence

    Bhutan is mainly a Buddhist nation with monasteries all around. You can clearly feel the Buddhist influence there and as the Buddhists are peace lovers, the nation is peaceful.


    The locals of Bhutan are too sweet and have beautiful hearts. They love their tourists and are always ready to help. They, despite belonging from villages, are open and friendly and make a great companion to spend a good time with.


    Bhutanese delicacies are truly delicious. It has an influence of Chinese style of cooking with soy sauce and black peppers in almost every dish. Most of the dishes are grilled, stir fried or steamed which makes it super healthy and you can dig in to a platter without even feeling guilty. You will get to eat yak meat and pork slow cooked with a lot of vegetables. Also, the home made cheese is simply mouth-watering. 

    Woollen garments

    Bhutan is famous for its woollen sweaters, jackets, cardigans, caps and other garments. You will get a lot of shops there where you will get locally made woollen clothes. Do not forget to bargain hard. 

  • Q. Recommended reads for destination

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