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Nepal is the closest neighboring country to India and is easily reachable from there. A lot of people came to know about this wonderful nation from the 2015 earthquakes that shook the entire nation. Kathmandu is the capital and has a lot of things to do, including offering the best sightseeing tours in Bagmati. It is considered to be the cultural capital of Nepal and is bestowed with traditional architecture, colorful cityscape, ancient temples, and the nature around. To savor your taste buds, enjoy local traditional cuisines and stopover at any restaurants that serve you the best flavours of the mountain cuisine. Kathmandu is a holy city, where you can surprise your senses, with just a look at the stunning and gorgeous temples. The more closer you go the more enchanting they get. Take a city tour that will give you the best of the Nepalese people and their culture.


You will also get a view of all the archaeological sites which were built during the ancient time. Pay a visit to the national parks, bird sanctuary, and some of the enlisted world heritage sites. Champa Devi is another pilgrimage site very famous in Nepal for the Buddhist stupa which is a Hindu shrine situated at an altitude of 2285 m south - west of Kathmandu. Inspite of being an adventure and trekking haven for most adrenaline enthusiasts, it also offers the best sightseeing tours in Bagmati for a slower and enriching experience of the mountains.

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