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Best Camping Tours in Bagmati

Camping in Bagmati is a tour to be a must on your bucket list owing to the beautiful offerings of the place with the perfect rugged topography that one seeks for such vacation getaways. Originating from the Koshi River, Bagmati runs across the valleys of Nepal, separating Patan and Kathmandu. Deemed to be holy by both Nepalese Buddhists and Hindus, there are many parts of the river that are turned into religious baths and spots of ritual conductions.


Beyond these, the river twists and turns across varying geographic landscapes, changing colors as it changes terrains. The Bagmati zone as it is called has a lot of adventurous camping packages to offer. Names of a few famous temples falling on its path are Gokarneshwor, Guhyeshwari Temple, Temple of Pashupatinath, Koteshwor Mahadev, Shankhamu, Kalmochan temple, Tripureshwor temple, Pachali Bhairavl and so on.


Whether it be to Nagarkot to watch the morning sunrise or to National parks like the Shivapuri National Park. One can also go to Kathmandu and enjoy the various hiking and camping tours available here, like the Changu Narayan Hiking trail. Mosaic Adventures, Mountain Arch Adventures, Nepal Eco Adventure are some agencies that one can use to make requisite bookings. Experience sleeping in the lap of nature on the shore of a turbulent and holy river in these adventures. Enjoy watching stars embedded like diamonds in the velvet of the clear night sky. Carouse with friends around a campfire with hypnotic music to set the correct mood.


Camping and hiking take you out in the wilderness, away from the daily hustle and bustle of life and lets you experience peace and tranquillity even as you get excited and undertake activities like rafting, swimming and so on. Onc can enjoy these holidays with friends as well as family. Packages for myriad budgets and timelines are available at any time all throughout the year. One has to simply make up a plan get the bookings done and voila! They could be reveling in Nepal soon.

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