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About India and Wellness

India has often been considered as a land of spiritual wellness, resulting in numerous spa and wellness tours of India. A lot of people prefer involving their body and mind in practices like yoga, meditation, and reiki. Wellness therapies are available at different places in India and all the centers work at different levels so as to offer services that would be best suited for your body to keep fit, clean and calm.  

What are spa resorts and wellness centers?

The word spa originated from the word balneotherapy, which is basically water treatment for the body. They include body massages, face massages and bathing. There are day spas, medical spas and ayurvedic spas. Spas provide services of aromatherapy which include the use of oil and alternative medicine with aromatic compounds.

They also provide various kinds of bathing which include hot tub bath, mud bath, sauna bath, hot spring bath and steam bath as well. The services provided by spas differ according to their services.

Most spas also provide body wraps, facials, body massages, nail care, personal training and  yoga services. Spa and wellness tours of India work on the theme of healthy living.

These centers are spread out in different corners of the country. The therapies carried out in these wellness centers may include the ones adopted in the ancient past like acupuncture and the traditional forms of medicine along with the modern techniques like electrical massages.

Top spas in India

1. Wildflower Hall Spa, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

The Wildflower Hall Spa is a Spa Resort owned by the Oberoi group of Hotels. The view from the spa is spectacular and offers you luxury at the height of 8,250 feet, in the midst of Himalayan Caravans.

The place has a magical view and the facilities provided in the spa are fantastic. They provide body therapies, Ayurvedic therapies, massages and also the special indigenous rituals of Himachal Pradesh. The spa in the resort also gives you specialty baths and yoga which are amongst the best spa experiences of the country.

2. Ananda in the Himalayas Spa, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, Ananda spa shares its borders with Haridwar and Rishikesh - cities of mythology. It is surrounded by Sal Forests and the beautiful Ganga flows beside it. The place is almost equivalent to a paradise and you can redefine life in here as you indulge yourself in some of the most traditional Ayurvedic techniques of spas and therapy, making it a prime destination for spa and wellness tours of India.

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With unique focus on the traditional Indian sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda; Ananda Spa creates a lovely synthesis between age-old therapies and modern spa technology. The personalised therapy and activities programme include de-stress, detoxification and cleansing, deep relaxation, anti-ageing, weight and inch loss, while also offering guidance in the areas of nutrition and exercise.

3. Kaya Kalp, The Royal Spa, Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Located in Agra, Kaya Kalp is a dedicated Spa by the ITC group of hotels. The spa is themed around the Mughal dynasty. The setting of the entire spa resort is grand and a lot of attention has been given to interiors. The services include themed massages with some of the finest services included in each package. The exotic pomegranate massage is another popular service provided by Kaya Kalp.

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4. Maya Spa, Kumarakom, Kerala

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The Maya Spa is a one stop solution to all health and wellness related problems. It is the largest spa of South India and is occasionally included in spa and wellness tours of India. The Maya Spa offers an array of treatments like the hydrotherapy, solar therapies, Swedish and Thai therapies and many more, it is a place that promotes solace and silence. The spa is open from 8 am to 8 pm with water treatments being available from 9 am to 6 pm.

5. Taj Lake Palace Jiva Spa, Udaipur, Rajasthan 

The Jiva Spa is situated on the Taj lake Palace which is located in a lake in Udaipur. The spa has implemented all the customs of royal Rajasthan. The spa also offers ancient methods of beauty treatments and massages. Apart from that, they offer Ayurvedic treatments, scrubs and yoga. Don’t forget to try the Signature royal treatments and other soothing spa sojourns if you plan to visit to Jiva Spa.

6. Sereno Spa, Goa

The Sereno Spa in South Goa has been voted as the best spa in the Indian subcontinent. It offers some of the best treatments to ease muscle tension and rejuvenate yourself. If you are feeling stressed out and to unwind, include this place in your spa and wellness tours of India.

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Treatments offered here include Swedish and Swiss massage, the Indian panchakarma and oil massage therapy and many more.

7. Taj Malabar Jiva Spa, Kochi, Kerala

The Jiva Spa in Taj Malabar, offers you the best of Kerala with exclusive oil massages and specialties to choose from. The view from the resort is breathtaking with gorgeous coconut trees and backwaters in Kerala. In Cochin, you can experience the great coastal weather with a hint of sea breeze in the air.

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8. Amatrra Spa, New Delhi

Amatrra is nothing but the silence that is observed during meditation and between the chants of OM. The silence is what helps you connect with yourself.

The Amatrra Spa in Delhi offers different types of therapeutic and rejuvenating treatments which are taken from Indian Ayurveda. The spa is built on a massive 45,000 sq ft venue which is located at the Chanakya Puri in New Delhi and it is open on all days from 6 am to 10 pm.

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9. Quan Spa, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Quan Spa is located in the J W Marriott hotel in Mumbai. The word Quan means the source of pure water in Chinese and is a water-themed spa in the hotel. The spa offers you great facilities and services with fitness and massage services.

They offer Ayurveda and Western style treatments, with various packages to choose from. With Sauna services and steam baths, Quan Spa is great place to get away from the bustling busy life in Mumbai to a quiet comfortable zone with peaceful ambience.

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10. Amarvilas Spa, Agra, Uttar Pradesh

The Amarvilas Spa at Agra offers a full serviced spa with all the treatments necessary to get you relaxed and refreshed. The place boasts of the best jetted and soaking tubs that provide soothing massages stressed muscles. The experience is sublime.

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The Amarvilas is also a luxury hotel with the best of amenities a prime choice for any spa and wellness tours of India. If you want to make the best of the trip to Agra, hop on board to Amarvilas and experience a ride that is unforgettable as you balance your mind, body and soul.

Top wellness centers in India

11. The Zuri Kumarakom Resort & Spa, Kumarakom, Kerala

Imagine you are resting in a place where the magnificent Vembanad Lake just flows calmly and you are lying down as every muscle in your body is de-stressed with a hot oil massage.

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The spas offer the best of Western and oriental massages and even authentic Ayurvedic ones. You can also practice yoga and meditation once you’re done stretching yourself.

12. Soukya, Bangalore, Karnataka

Soukya is a Holistic Health Centre in Bangalore which offers several traditional therapies that you can indulge yourself in. From Homeopathic therapies, Ayurveda and Panchankarma Therapies to Naturopathy everything is made for you.

Soukya also offers wellness programmes ranging from 20-day programmes to 50 days as well. You can choose your programme according to your need as they even offer weight loss and anti-ageing natural therapies.

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13. Ayurvedagram Heritage Wellness Centre, Bangalore, Karnataka

This is a heritage wellness center that is located in the outskirts of Bangalore away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The ambience is as peaceful as it could be for the spas are made of authentic bamboos brought all the way from different sights of Kerala.

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The Ayurvedagram offers the best of services both traditional and western, by professionals in the industry. You can indulge in anything from synchronised massages, herbal steam baths and therapeutic head and face massages.

14. SwaSwara, Gokarna, Karnataka

Located in northern part of Karnataka, Gokarna is a place that defines peace and serenity. The wellness centre offers you a great view of the beach and have themed the wellness centre close to nature’s elements.

The place is amidst nature and focuses completely on oneself and the element of sound. The packages start from 7 days and be extended up to 21 days. With massage treatments, Ayurveda treatments and yoga classes, SwaSwara is a place that one wouldn’t mind getting lost in.

The other wellness centers in India, include the Shreyas Yoga Retreat, Bangalore, and Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre at center Mysore and many more, if a wonderful and exhilarating experience is what you yearn for, just head to one of these amazing spa and wellness tours of India.

Benefits of spa treatments

Spas are offer massages and treatments that put pressure on some parts of the body so as ease out the tension.

These massages are beneficial for the following factors:

  • Massages ease out the knots in your nerves; it sends the oxygen to the cells and therefore improves your blood circulation.
  • Massages also stimulates the lymphatic system which carries the waste products
  • Massages releases a hormone called the Serotonin which enhances the ‘feel good’ state of the body and that makes puts your mind, body and soul at ease.
  • Massages release the tension in the muscles and thus reduce cramps.
  • Massages also help to ease chronic issues like arthritis and muscle spasms.
  • It exfoliates your skin as it rejuvenates the cells in your body as it filters the pores making the skin uniform and sculpted.
  • Heat treatment stimulates blood circulation and initiates the purifying process as well.
  • Cold or ice treatments on the other hand stimulate the immune and the lymphatic system
  • All the treatment have their psychological benefits as well, if your body is relaxed your mind also calms down.

How to make the most of spa treatments

Not all spas are created equally

Every spa has something different to offer and the services or the fashion that the services differ from every place. You need to clarify clearly of what you need or expect in order to make the most of the spa that you are about to visit.

Take a tour

Once you are at the spa, ask what all they have to offer and choose your service accordingly of what you exactly need.

Prepare a list of questions

Do your homework before visiting the spa, and prepare a list of questions that you need to clarify before the treatment, so that everything is clear. There might be certain things that you wish to be excluded, and you may end up paying extra for it.

Ask if there are existing promotions

If you are staying at the same resort, ask in advance about the package that they are about to offer you. Do not be hesitant to ask for some special discounts. If you don’t ask, you don’t get them in most of the cases.


If you are uncomfortable about anything in particular, or are experiencing some discomfort or pain in the service, ensure that you communicate clearly.

Don’t be late

Most of the spas ask you to arrive 30 minutes in advance, so that you can change and take a shower before the therapist is ready. If you are late, you may not be able to enjoy the experience in calm and end up hurrying in the entire experience.

Hope this guide has been helpful in creating your spa and wellness tours of India!

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