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  • The azure Bay of Bengal is a dramatic spot loved by snorkelers as it extends its cold water and the rare features under water exclusively for those who seek adventure at its best. Andaman and Nicobar Islands, a part of Bay of Bengal welcome tourists in plenty. The erstwhile tourists have reported so happily that all the islands in Andaman are the authentic destination for diving as well as snorkeling in India. The n number of beaches on the island, especially, the Elephant Beach and the famous Havelock Islands are extremely thrilling with their shallow and crystal clear water. A rejuvenating and exhilarating snorkeling at any place in Andaman would take you to witness the multi-hued arrangement of coral reefs, gentle marine lives and the beautiful seabed.

    With the proper equipment like specially designed tube that is called snorkel and swim fins, anyone can easily indulge in snorkeling which gives the clear cut views of what is happening underwater with less effort when compared to diving. Andaman’s shallow watersides and friendly beaches are proclaimed to be the most suitable space to do any type of adventure activity, especially water based. And that is the reason why people are blindly choosing Andaman Islands as their vacation destination to make the holidays memorable with an incomparable mélange of adventures.

    Some of the best places for Snorkeling in Andaman

  • 01Elephant Beach

    Among the spots on the island to do snorkeling in Andaman, Elephant Beach in Havelock Island is the remarkable one to indulge in utmost thrilling snorkeling. Right off the white sandy beaches, the crystal clear water that showcases the magical underwater world is so special to anyone who visits Havelock. One of the visitor friendly beaches in Andaman, Elephant Beach boasts of the undamaged array of colourful coral reefs in a great extent. 

    The coral reefs here are not much explored and thus preserve the original beauty intact it had during its formation. This is why, the snorkeling on Elephant Beach becomes more pleasant and pristine. You can arrive at the beach via a boat or by trekking. Elephant Beach is the most sought after beach after Radhanagar Beach in Havelock. Snorkeling here would be done with the help of an experienced guide who will explain everything you have to know about the activity. If you are a beginner, then do some practice snorkeling for some time and then start enjoying the proper activity.

    Location: Elephant Beach is located about 20 minutes from the Havelock Island dock if you are going by a boat.

  • 02Jolly Buoy Island and Red Skin Island

    Jolly Buoy Island is yet another celebrated tourist destination. It is near to Port Blair and there are hundreds of natural visuals to see and plenty of water based activities. Red, sponge and blue coral reefs are the exciting sights under water here at Jolly Buoy Island and thus snorkeling is a favourite activity for the tourists coming to this island. In between the corals, the beautiful marine animals will come to meet the snorkelers. Zebra Fish is the mostly seen fish underwater and it makes the sea world so pristine and flamboyant. 

    Along with Jolly Buoy Island, another important island is the Red Skin Island. Both of these islands will be open alternatively for six months a year. The tourists arrive here will get the opportunity to enjoy a glass bottom boat ride on the crystal clear water which enables everyone to see the magnificent scenery inside the water, beautifully. Despite that, snorkeling and diving are the extremely adventurous yet blissful activity available on Jolly Buoy Island.

  • 03North Island

    When we talk about snorkeling, we should never miss the name of North Island located near to Port Blair. The coral reefs and the marine life visuals that can be seen under water here are the major reason why people choose North Island as a favourite location for water based activities after Havelock Island.

    As the coral reefs of North Island are spread across a vast region, the entire island shines throughout but snorkeling would be limited to an extent. A guide will be accompanying you during the activity. Since the water here is crystal clear and shallow, it is not necessary that you should know swimming.
  • 04The Best Time to do Snorkeling in Andaman

    Apart from monsoon that happens during the months of June and July, any other time is best to visit places in Andaman and do snorkeling or diving.

    January to May is the period when the sea appears calm and the surface of the sea would be relaxing. During this time, diving or snorkeling would be done smoothly. The crystal clear water will make your way easier.

    From the month of September to November, the natives call it new season, the conditions would be highly favourable to do diving and snorkeling. The winds are unpredictable this time and also regular showers will happen which lead you to limit the activity to certain limits but still most of the day in these months, the climatic conditions are preferably good to do snorkeling.

    December also is considered to be a favourable time to do the water based activities though wind and us ual showers will be there. This period is called the transition time but still helps tourists to have a great time on the water.

    Anytime you visit, you will be able to take part in snorkeling in Andaman unless the climatic conditions are so rough. If you are visiting the island during on-season, the days would be sunny and the beaches will be filled with tourists. But during the off season, the shores are quiet but the climate would be unpredictable.

  • 05Things to Know About Snorkeling in Andaman

    The providers of snorkeling in Andaman have PADI certified guides and instructors and they are very strict about that as well. Mostly, you can reach the beaches or the spot where the activity can be done by boat. Guides will also accompany you throughout the time you indulge in the activity.

    A snorkel, an important equipment used in the activity is a tube around 30 cm long and the inside diameter is between 1.5 and 2.5 centimeters. The shape of it is generally L or J and at the lower end, there would be a mouth piece designed of rubber or plastic usually. Along with this, swim fins will also be provided by most of the snorkel clubs in Andaman.

    In short, the places or beaches which favours snorkeling are very rare and one among them is Andaman. The clean beaches, the turquoise water which is completely clean and the umpteen number of resorts and beachside accommodation options make Andaman Islands an astounding spot to do water based activities.

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