Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park covers 281.5 km² and is made up of 15 islands and the open sea creeks running through the area. Corals form the main attraction of the marine park.

There are also a good number of terrestrial lives found in the park like mammals, wild boar, spotted deer, civet and the fruit bat.

Reptiles like krait, cobra, king cobra, vine snake and python are commonly found here. The park is also a favorite hunt for bird watchers.

Accommodations are mostly in the form of forest rest houses, which are available only after taking special permission for overnight stay.

How to get there 

Chennai/Calcutta to Port Blair by air. Take a local transport or a ferry to Bala Reef.

By Sea: Regular passenger ship services ply between Port Blair and Chennai (1,190 km), Kolkata (1,255 km) and Visakhapatnam. Take a local transport or a ferry to Bala Reef.

Nearest Town: Port Blair which is 57 km away.

Distance: Chennai - Port Blair - 1190kms, Calcutta - Port Blair- 1255kms.

Best time to visit: October to May.

Exact Location: Wandoor, 30-km Southwest of Port Blair, Andaman Islands


One doesnt need to swim much for snorkeling in the park. Snorkeling equipment can be hired at reasonable rates. Guides are available for assistance.

Even though food and drink is provided on organized tours of the park, it is advisable to carry a lunch pack from Port Blair.

Other Attractions in the Vicinity

Attractions in the nearby vicinity are Jolly Buoy Island, Red Skin Island and Mangroves that grow on the beaches.

There is a chance for ecotourism on the islands of Jolly Buoys and Red Skin which offer glass bottom boats,Scuba diving and Snorkeling as a way to see the parks coral reefs and marine life

Foreigners need permissions to visit Andaman Islands. This is obtained after arriving at Port Blair. The permit is valid anywhere between 15-30 days.