Rutlan Island is a pristine, non-polluted and least visited island.

The beautiful Mangrove forest and coral reefs welcomes you to the 274 sq. km island. It also boasts of a coastline measuring some 60 km. There is a 45 acre Totani Resort which has little huts that can be used as a base camp for exploring the island. This island is the ideal place for eco-tourists.

The shallow waters of Rutland Island have a good representation of smaller fish and coral and are a good place for training for open water divers. It is an ideal place for training new divers. The island boasts of awesome rock faces and spectacular dive landscapes. The marine life includes trigger fish, grunts, goatfish and sting rays. The smaller fish that inhabits the Island live in these waters along with some beautiful corals.

How to get there

By Air: Chennai/Calcutta to Port Blair by air. Take a local transport or a ferry to Bala Reef.

By Sea: Regular passenger ship services ply between Port Blair and Chennai (1,190 km), Kolkata (1,255 km) and Visakhapatnam. Take a local transport or a ferry to Bala Reef.

Nearest Town: Port Blair which is 57 km away.

Distance: Chennai “ Port Blair “ 1190kms, Calcutta “ Port Blair- 1255kms

Best time to visit: October to May

Exact Location: Located across Macpherson Strait, Port Blair.


It is advisable to be registered with a scuba diving instructor from PADI or any such internationally recognized institutes. They offer proper training which includes academic sessions, dives in swimming pool and sea dives. If you go scuba diving alone make sure you have permission to dive and are properly equipped.

Other Attractions in the Vicinity

  • You can do snorkeling in the water. Snorkeling equipment is available at the Reef.
  • Cinque Island, Corruption Rock, Bala Reef, Fish Rock and Snake Island are few of the attractions in the nearby vicinity. One can travel between these island through ferries. A typical ride will cost anywhere between Rs 150- Rs 200.