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  • If you always get a little impatient with the sizzling aroma of delectable cuisine and would like to gobble down some appetizing food, from restaurants in Sri Lanka which is the place to be. Just take a walk and have a look around the local food and you will surely find multiple of them. All these foods are prepared from freshly grown produce to give you the most authentic taste.

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     However, if you are in Sri Lanka, getting a chance to taste the Sri Lankan Mild Curry Prawn Bisque will be nothing more than getting transported to the heavenly feeling. But since Sri Lanka is a place which is visited by many travellers so it has wide variety of multi cuisine options too which are equally delectable.

    Some best restaurants in Sri Lanka that you should visit:

  • 01Chutneys

    Indulge your taste buds with authentic South Indian cuisines at Chutneys. It has a delightful and chic ambience with sleek black furnishing brightened with pink tones. Best known for its neatly created menu with over 200 South Indian dishes from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, this chic restaurant provides you a wide assortment of gourmet.

    Despite the upscale ambience, the food is relatively cheaper. The open kitchen of the restaurant is a definite addition to its ambience. You are sure to enjoy the mouthwatering food and the atmosphere of the restaurant. If you happen to drop by the restaurant on Tuesday night, do not forget to indulge your taste buds with the delicious weekly vegetarian buffet.

    Dress Code: Long Pants for men, Colonial.

    Prices: Meals from LKR 500 Average Price for Two: LKR 4000


    Lunch: Daily 12 noon – 2:30 pm;
    Dinner: Daily 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm (12 midnight on Fridays and Saturdays)
  • 02The Lagoon

    The Lagoon is one of the best places in Colombo when it comes to seafood, though it is a tad costly. The ambience of the restaurant with its excellent yet simple interiors makes guests feel cosy. With the host of sea food joints available in Colombo, it is indeed tough to make a mark; however, The Lagoon has been doing a wonderful job so far.

    Highlights: With close to 150 varieties of seafood being cooked in this restaurant, guests are surely spoilt for choice here.

    Location: The restaurant is located within the five star hotel of Cinnamon Grand.

    Price for two: Approximately LKR6000.

    Speciality dishes: Singapore chilli crab meat dish is a must-try at the Lagoon. Feel the crab meat balls cooked in chilly- sauce melt in your mouth.

    Timings: This place is open from 12 to 2.30 in the afternoons and from 7PM to 12.00AM.
  • 03Bedspace Kitchen, Unawatuna

    Based in the Garden of Bedspace Guesthouse, Bedspace Kitchen was formerly popular with the name of Cookspace Kitchen. The lip smacking delicious variety is the key essence of cuisine served here. Be it the artisan breakfast or the garden lunch the flavour and taste is incomparable. Catering Sri Lankas best fresh produce the food here is cooked fresh and served hot. Be it the smoothies, fresh juices or cocktails they serve it all amidst the beautiful garden area.

    The open kitchen operates in serving both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes and follows a change in menu almost each day. However burgers, salads, vegetarian wraps and peri peri chicken are some of the specialities here. It provides a wide range of cuisines. The restaurant offers special nights on Wednesday , Friday and Sunday with special menus.

    Location: Egodawatta Lane, Unawatuna, Sri Lanka Timings:

    Monday to Sunday,8:00 am to 10:00pm
  • 04Lucky Fort Restaurant

    A trip to Srl Lanka would never be complete without relishing the mouth watering dishes of Lucky Fort Restaurant, Galle. Designed with simplicity and adorned with beautiful flowing arrangement, lavish greenery and wooden furniture’s this place provides a serene ambience and relaxation that helps to enjoy all the more the delicious cuisine. The restaurant mainly focuses on serving local cuisine but the charming factor is the menu changes each day providing a new surprise every time one visits.

    The irresistible diverse flavour is not restricted to vegetarian dishes as non vegetarian cuisine is also available here. The fresh fruit juices and the curries are some of the specialities of this food joint. There an ongoing offer of best Sri Lankan rice with 10 curries which is worth experimenting.

    Location: Parawa Street No 7,Galle, Sri Lanka

    Timings: Monday to Sunday,8:45 am to 10:00pm

    Price for Two: 714LKR to 1430LKR approx
  • 05Cafe Japan

    If you are a fan of authentic Japanese food, you should head right away to Café Japan in Colombo city. The customer service here is top notch. The place is not very popular; however, of late, it has been getting lot of attention through its food.

    Highlights: The restaurant’s highlight is that it cooks exclusively as per its guest’s preferences. All you need to do is to call for an appointment and specify how you want your food to be.

    Location: Bambalapitiya, at a short distance from the famous Galle Road.

    Price for two: Comes up to approximately LKR3500<LKR5000.

    Speciality dishes: Katsudon, which is a dish made from rice topped with any non-veg choice. How can you not taste Sushi in Café Japan? This place serves great Sushi.

    Timings: The restaurant is open from 11 to 2 in the mornings and from 5.30 to 9 in the evenings, on all days of the week except Tuesdays. 
  • 06Ministry of Crab

    Image Credit : Sai karthik reddy
    Ministry of Crab is definitely a must-visit place for crab lovers. You have definitely missed something in your lives, if you haven’t tasted the crab meat here.

    Highlights: The place is co-owned by legendary cricketers from Sri Lanka – Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara.

    Location: Dutch Hospital, Colombo.

    Price for two: Approximately LKR6000, which is indeed costly; however it is worth every penny.

    Speciality dishes: Singapore style crab meat in chilly-sauce, fishes cooked in rich butter sauce and clay pot prawn curry, are some of the must try dishes here. Since huge and fleshy crabs are available here, the place is apt for group diners.

    Timings: The place is open all through the year except Poya (full moon days). On weekdays, the place is open for lunch from 12 to 3PM and for dinner from 6 to 10.30PM. During weekends, the restaurant timings are 12 to 3.30PM for lunch and 6 to 10.30PM for dinner.
  • 07Flamingo House

    Flamingo House represents just one word – “strange”. Food, ambience and the overall customer service is reasonable here. It is quite an unique food joint that serves Asian and European cuisine styles.

    Highlights: There are murals of flamingos all over the restaurant, which justify the reason behind the place getting its name.

    Location: Horton Place, Colombo.

    Price for two: Approximately LKR3000, which is slightly on the higher side.

    Speciality dishes: The choice of cocktails was quite impressive and they were priced reasonably. Some of the reasonable dishes are the pork sandwich, lamb chops and dim sum. The place is quite fine for group dinners, but not recommended for couples, due to the exorbitant prices.

    Timings: The restaurant is open from 11in the morning to 11 in the night.  
  • 08Talpe Beach Restaurant & Bar,Talpe

    With fascinating ambience, cool drinks, lip smacking delicious food and friendly service, Talpe Beach Restaurant & Bar, becomes of the key attractions of Sri Lanka. The serene ambience coupled with fresh sea breeze excites the taste buds to taste some irresistible food available in this restaurant.

    The food available here is served as fresh as it can, be it the seafood which was just swimming or the fresh fruits and vegetables collected in the morning from the local market, stored chickens having an organic diet and the Australian beef taking a straight flight.

    Presenting both Asian and international cuisine.The restaurant is simple awesome in regards to food and ambience. It is truly a perfect site to enjoy the crimson sunset on the beach with a magnificent drink from the restaurant

    Location:Matara Road, Talpe, Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

    Timings: Tuesday to Sunday11:00am to 11:00pm, Monday closed

    Price: 1430LKR to 4290LKR approx
  • 09Licensed to Grill, Kandy

    Based in Dalada Veediya, Licensed to Grill is a small place near Torrington Square run by three young entrepreneurs striving hard to realise their dreams and serve in those people who love to have some good music, nice ambience, great food and some nightlife in Kandy. Ventured into the project with the dream of making big, these people have got it right with the quality and taste of the food which is both healthy as well as lip smackingly delicious

    Working with a limited menu of sea food, burgers, wraps, chicken BBQ , tuna and veggies they have ruled the concept of street food in Kandy. The menus consist mainly of western dishes and the price of the food is cheap and quite reasonable

    Location: Dalada Veediya, Kandy, Sri Lanka

    Timings: Tuesday to Sunday 5:00pm to 12:00am, Monday closed

  • 10Soya Centre, Kandy

    Based in YMCA building Soya centre is a beautiful eatery in a traditional décor which serves excellent cuisine from different parts of the country. The cuisines are all made of Soya which makes it all the more unique and must try for all visitors. It is a vegetarian restaurant where one can find a full course meal comprising of roti rolls, vegetable buns and sandwiches, all of soya.

    There are delicious and yummy soya drinks which are usually found in chocolate or orange flavour. The restaurant is an open air arrangement where one can enjoy the fresh breeze, the open sky and the mouth watering cuisine delights. The speciality of this restaurant is the soya ice cream which should not be missed. It is tastiest and the best option in vegetarian food.

    Location: Kotugodella Vidiya, Kandy Sri Lanka

    Timings: Monday to Sunday: 8:00am to 6:30pm
  • 11Helga's Folly, Kandy

    Located in midst of the calm and peacefulness of Kandy lies the beautiful hotel Helga’s Folly with eccentric interior design, huge candelabras, unique art pieces and antique artefacts that make an ambience exclusive of its own. Helga’s Folly is an excellent choice for delicious food too.

    Serving multiple style cuisines they have a lot of options to choose from. One of the best advantages of eating in Helga’s Folly is that one can get it all fresh and that too in delicious taste. Local Sri Lankan cuisine is also available here and one can try the best of the country dishes here. The outside area of the restaurant is quite serene that helps in fetching a great ambience.

    Location: Rajaphilla Mawatha, Kandy Sri Lanka

    Timings: Monday to Sunday: 8:00am to 10:00pm
  • 12Athula Restaurant, Dambulla

    A good option to taste irresistible food in reasonable price is provided by Athula Restaurant in Dambulla. Located in Yapagama, this is a small family restaurant which serves authentic Sri Lankan food. It does not have a huge arrangement but it is a favourite for both repeat visitors as well as locals.

    The food is essentially served in home cooked style and there is no fixed menu to serve the guests. There is no menu list also as the restaurant cook prepares whatever is available fresh in the market. Both vegetarian and non vegetarian meals are available here and all are provided in buffet style meals served in beautiful terracotta pots. Fresh fruit juice remains available for drinks. The place is not at all costly and is an excellent option to taste the native cuisine

    Location: Yapagama, Dambulla, Sri Lanka

    Timings: Monday to Sunday: 12:00pm to 7:00pm
  • 13Mangrovia Lagoon Restaurant, Hikkaduwa

    If the preference is Italian food then nothing can beat the taste of delicious Italian cuisine served in Mangrovia Lagoon Restaurant, Hikkaduwa in Sri Lanka. The food prepared here is usually farm fresh and the pasta is homemade. The best attraction of this exclusive eatery is the ambience and environment of the restaurant.

    The dining area is based towards the eastern end of the lagoon and with fresh air flowing in it’s a relaxing place to enjoy delicious with friends and family. The ambience is more highlighted with a light jazz music which makes it more arresting. Since food is prepared mostly with homemade ingredients, the quality is absolutely restored. Along with Italian dishes, Mediterranean dishes are also available here.

    Location: Beretuduwa Road, Hikkaduwa Sri Lanka

    Timings: Monday to Sunday: 12:00pm to 10:00pm
  • 14Sakura, Dambulla

    kitchen is delicious Sri Lankan food which is served in a buffet in its absolute authentic flavour. The buffet area typically holds 15- 20 dishes based on typical Sri Lankan cuisine. The food is extremely delicious and prepared on own by the proprietor and his wife.

    The staffs are friendly and give warm welcome to everybody visiting. The ambience of the restaurant is equally arresting with warmth and cosiness spread all over in midst of serene environment. One can look outside to find stretched paddy fields and the cool air flowing through the fields comes straight to the restaurant making it a pleasure all the more.

    Location: Palwehera, Dambulla, Sri Lanka

    Timings: Monday to Sunday: 12:00pm to 8:00pm
  • 15Asian Jewel Boutique Hotel, Hikkaduwa

    Away from the noise and buzz of proper town Asian Jewel Boutique hotel is an excellent location to enjoy delicious food in serene ambience. The calm and cool sea breeze provides a mesmerizing ambience which shoots up the taste buds and helps in enjoying the mouth watering cuisine in a much better way.

    They have availability of all kinds of dishes catering to many cuisines which not only quenches the hunger but also serves as a pleasure to the eyes. The dishes are served smoking hot and freshly prepared. One of the highlights of the kitchen is battered shrimp served with a choice of five different curries. The price of the food joint is also reasonable making it one of the most popular and preferred eatery in Hikkaduwa

    Location: Baddegama Road, Hikkaduwa Sri Lanka

    Timings: Monday to Sunday: 8:00am to 10:00pm