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  • Those were the days when Adelaide was the pious and introspective place. But now things are different, there are pumping art and live music scene, mainly multicultural flavours have been added to restaurants in Adelaide. If you are a food lover, then Adelaide has the best food in the market, which can leave your taste buds in a pleasure.

    This place is mostly famous for its menu, which honours Australia’s incredibly varied food history. Even the dinnerware is completely made of indigenous Australian ingredients; you can have a splendid experience at Orana on both weekends and weekdays. If you are a foodie, the impeccable taste of food at Orana will surely attract you.

    If you are an Indian or you love the taste of Indian food, then you should try Indian cuisine and varieties at Jasmin Indian Restaurant. The ambience here is romantic, warm and pleasant. If you are at Jasmin Indian Restaurant, then definitely try Blue Cheese Naan and Lamb Korma.

    Here are some of the Best Restaurants in Adelaide:

  • 01Orana

    This restaurant is famous for menus with the best Australian ingredients. The dining experience here can be a splendid one both on the weekdays and the weekends. The staffs are friendly, attentive and very well informed and the ambience is pleasant. The eccentricity of the food served with an impeccable flavor is sure to attract any foodie in this restaurant. Some of the dishes are even experimental, which is something that anyone would expect out of this restaurant. One of the best things that you would like about this restaurant is that 90% of the ingredients used in different dishes showcase Australia in an authentic way. Even the dinnerware is completely made of indigenous Australia ingredients. Therefore, get ready for a unique dining experience by visiting this restaurant.

     Location: It is located at East 285 Rundle Street, Adelaide, South Australia.

     Cost: The cost is approximately $235 per person.
  • 02The Playford Restaurant

    If you are looking for some high standard food, this is the ideal restaurant for you. The restaurant remains open from 6.30 am to 10.30 am in the morning and 6 pm to 10 pm in the evening. The environment of the restaurant is beautiful and has a vintage charm to it. Even the staffs are very friendly and attentive. The orders are served very quickly even if, it is loaded with customers. The menu is highly creative and the wine list is tempting, it offers some of the finest choices of wines in South Australia. It is a must try restaurant for every food lover out there. Once you try the lip smacking foods here, you will feel like coming here time and again.

    Location: The restaurant is situated at 120 North Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia.

    Cost: The price is reasonable, which us around $75 per person. 
  • 03Georges on Waymouth

    If you are looking for some of the highest qualities of European cuisines, this restaurant is ideal for you. You can expect to find some outstanding dishes here. The staffs are very attentive towards the guests, and they have excellent knowledge about the types of foods. All the dishes ordered are served generously. Even the starters and sides here are excellent. The combination of both food and service makes it an excellent choice for anyone. The restaurant is even vegan friendly and they have some gluten free dishes, as well. The overall ambience of the place is also lovely and heart warming. Therefore, it is definitely worth the visit.

    Location: It is located at 20 Waymouth Street, Adelaide.

    Cost: It costs about $85 per person on an average.  
  • 04Jasmin Indian Restaurant

    If you are passionate about Indian cuisines and its varieties, this is the restaurant that you must definitely visit. In fact, you can expect to find some refined Indian cuisines here. The ambience is romantic, warm and pleasant. As soon as, you step into this restaurant, you can smell curries. The impeccable service from the staffs will satisfy you. The staffs are not Indian, but the food is 100% Indian. Food is not only delicious, but also fast so that you need not wait for long. Blue cheese naan and lamb korma are highly recommended dishes of this restaurant. However, it remains closed on Mondays so you can aim for any other day except Monday.

    Location: It is situated in 31 Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide at the heart of the Adelaide city.

    Cost: The rates are very reasonable which approximately ranges from $36 to $70 per person.  
  • 05Andre's Cucina and Polenta Bar

    Renowned for some of the authentic Italian dishes, the restaurant boasts of generosity of flavours. Apart from that, the portion sizes and the services reflect the personality and the genuineness of the chef in creating each dish. Each dish served is explained wonderfully, and this is what makes the restaurant stand out. It embraces more complex north Italian dishes with its distinctive touches and flavours.You can expect to find some of the greatest varieties of Italian dishes including gluten free options, as well. The warmth and feel of an old European restaurant is something that you will love about this place. Apart from that, the services are heart warming and the foods are mouth watering. All diners have a great experience in this restaurant.

    Location: Situated at the heart of the city centre, you can access the restaurant at 94 Frome Street, Adelaide.

    Cost: The approximate cost of visiting this restaurant is $60 per person. 
  • 06Press* Food & Wine

    This modern wine bar and restaurant is highly impressive with its warm ambience and inventive dishes. Though known for modern Australia dishes, lots of food items on the list have Asian twists. In fact, it can be said that the Asian flavors blend perfectly with the modern style of dining. It goes without saying that every food item in the menu will seem to be intriguing, which is one of the major reasons for which this restaurant stands out from the rest. In fact, you can be rest assured that you will like everything about the food and the restaurant, as a whole. At times, you can manage to find a table even if, you do not pre-book it. The staffs are friendly and professional.

    Location: Located at 40 Waymouth Street, Adelaide.

    Cost: For a two course meal, expect to pay around $45 per person.  
  • 07Chianti

    Established in 1985, this restaurant is an amazing place for breakfast. In fact, you can expect to find some of the best foods you would find anywhere else in the city. The flavours are perfectly balanced and even the orange juice can be squeezed freshly on demand. You can expect to have a similar experience with dinner, as well. Each of the dishes is not only full of flavour, but also beautifully presented. You can look forward to a fine dining experience with complimentary starters and the palate cleanser. Apart from the food, you would also be highly impressed with the service and the ambience of the restaurant. Therefore, you must not afford to miss out visiting this place. Even good wine is served at the restaurant.

    Location: It is situated in Hutt Street, Adelaide.

    Cost: Expect to pay anywhere between $60 and $80 per person.  
  • 08Bread and Bone Wood Grill

    Mainly known for late night eats and some satisfactory meals, the restaurant specializes in grill and bar food. The cheeseburger of this restaurant is particularly famous, and many customers come here to try this food time and again. The staffs are friendly and helpful and they will serve the dishes very fast. However, many people are disappointed with the quantity of the food. In any case, you will love the mesmerizing décor of the bar with cosy booths. You can even find many different types of unique burgers here, something that you would not find anywhere else. This gourmet burger restaurant is worth the visit at least once. They even offer a good selection of gourmet hot dogs in the menu

    Location: The restaurant can be accessed at 15 Peel Street, Adelaide.

    Cost: You can expect to pay an approximate price of $16 to $35. 
  • 09Parlamento

    In order to have an amazing experience with Italian meals, you should visit this restaurant. You will be greeted warmly by the staffs. The menu comprises of many unique and interesting dishes that will bring water to your mouth. Regardless the dish you order, you can expect to get a generous serve and every dish is cooked to perfection. The standards of the foods were high, as a whole and you will not give a second thought in coming back to the restaurant time and again. Even if, you try any Italian dish here for the first time, you will just love it. Though seats are available, but it is a good idea to book in advance.

    Location: You can find this restaurant at 140 North Terrace, Adelaide.

    Price: The price range is around $36 to $70 per person. 
  • 10Concubine

    This restaurant is mainly famous for serving authentic Chinese dishes. The ambience is awesome with friendly and professional staffs. They are more than happy to help the customers in different ways. They even suggest dishes that are top specialties of the restaurant, and these are indeed excellent. Apart from the delicious and lip smacking dishes, the quantity is huge. Each dish blends perfectly with authentic Chinese flavours and they reflect some element of elegance and sophistication. Compared to other Asian restaurants on the street, it might be slightly expensive, but it is definitely worth the value of every penny spent. You will love visiting here for a refined dining experience like never before. Make sure that you make a booking before visiting this restaurant because it is quite high in demand.

    Location: The restaurant is situated at 132 Gouger Street, Adelaide.

    Price: Expect to pay anything between $40 and $70 per person.  
  • 11Peel Street

    This restaurant is highly popular and serves wide varieties of cuisines ranging from Asian, modern Australian and Middle Eastern. The fresh and simple ingredients used for cooking every dish bring out authentic flavours and reflects the diverse culinary inspirations. You can be sure that when your visit this restaurant, your expectations will surely exceed. Apart from the taste, you would also love the quality of the food, which is not compromised. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, while the staffs are friendly and helpful. Regardless the dish you order, you can expect it to be fresh and tasty. Even the serves are big, due to which you can easily share a dish between two people. You will look forward to visiting this restaurant time and again.

    Location: You can get access to this restaurant at 9 Peel Street, West End, Adelaide.

    Price: Expect to pay anywhere between $30 and $40 per person. 
  • 1282 Thai Eatery

    In order to enjoy an amazing and authentic Thai experience, you must visit this restaurant. Every dish served here is popping with flavours and originality. In fact, the freshness of the flavour will definitely bring waters in your mouth. Along with the amazing selection of food, the restaurant even serves some amazing types of beer, especially the South East Asian beers. The staffs are very friendly and the moment you step into the restaurant, they will greet you with a warm smile. The fresh and authentic Thai food served in a contemporary style will just impress you. Each dish is prepared and served to perfection, and the servings are enough to fill your appetite and desires. Make sure that you book in advance because this restaurant is very popular and it is always brimming with people.

    Location: It is accessible at 665 Grange Road, Grange, Henley Beach, Adelaide.

    Price: The prices are reasonable.  
  • 13Gaucho's Argentinian Restaurant

    With an intense desire to get an authentic taste of Argentina cuisines, you should come to this restaurant in Adelaide. You need not go to Argentina to get a taste of its food because this restaurant specializes in serving the famous cuisines of the country. In fact, when you think of steak, you should consider none other than this restaurant. The menu here deserves to be explored because they offer the option of some tempting palates. The restaurant has been operating for more than 30 years now, and it has carved a niche for itself in the food industry. A different class and sophistication is reflected through the high standards of foods served here. The environment is welcoming while the staffs are friendly.

    Location: It is situated at 91 Gouger Street, Adelaide.

    Price: The price might be about $150 per person.  
  • 14Mai Kitchen

    Renowned for the authentic traditional Vietnamese foods, this restaurant attracts the attention of lots of people. The staffs are super friendly and attentive towards each and every guest. Moreover, the services are super fast without compromising on the quality of the foods served. You can be assured that whenever you visit this restaurant, you will never have a bad meal. It is much better than other restaurants serving Vietnamese cuisines. It is a family friendly restaurant with great varieties in menu. It even has vegan menu. You will not only be satisfied with the taste, but also with the portion size. Right from the Vietnamese pancake to the satay skewers and salt and paper onion, you will love each and every dish served here.

    Location: It is located at 1-5 34 Wright Street, Ferryden Park, Adelaide.

    Price: Expect to pay anywhere between $60 and $80 approximately   
  • 15Ruby Red Flamingo

    If you are looking for some authentic Italian cuisine, this restaurant is definitely the ideal option for you. It is a lovely place to enjoy with your family and friends. The staffs are friendly and welcoming. They can even offer you menu suggestions and make sure that the dish is served at your table at the earliest. The chef makes special effort in using fresh and authentic Italian ingredients in making different dishes. You will also love the warm ambience of this restaurant. Though tables are available, but it is still a good idea to book a table in advance. All the foods taste great and they are even served in good sizes. If you love experimenting with foods, you can even try out some different menus.

    Location: You can access to this restaurant at 142 Tynte Street, North Adelaide.

    Price: The price ranges about $40 to $70 approximately.  
  • 16Sukhumvit Soi 38

    This restaurant is primarily renowned for its authentic Thai cuisines. Every dish is popping up with real Thai flavours, and this is what you will love about the food. Moreover, the restaurant serves gluten free options, as well which is very uncommon in Thai restaurants. You will also be impressed with the great service offered here along with the high quality of food served. You will definitely enjoy your dining experience here. Be it Pad Thai, seafood or pork ribs, you will just love the flavour and uniqueness of each dish. Since this restaurant is always brimming with people, it is always a wise idea to book a table in advance.

    Location: The restaurant is located at 54, Pulteney Street, Adelaide.

    Price: The prices are quite reasonable and you might have to spend around $35 to $40 per person approximately. 
  • 17Penfolds Magill Estate Restaurant

    While looking forward to a great dining experience in modern Australian and contemporary food, you should definitely come to this restaurant. The setting of this restaurant is amazing, and you will be fascinated with the simplicity. The menu is first class and you can expect to get sincere service from the staffs here. You will even like the long list of wines because it is as good as anywhere else in the world. The meals are delicious and mouth watering. The most important part is that you will not have to wait for long to get the dishes served to your table. The chefs here play special attention to every dish and are therefore cooked to perfection. Advance table booking is highly recommended.

    Location: The restaurant is located at 78 Penfold Road, Magil.

    Price: The average price is about $65 per person 
  • 18Cliche

    Renowned for its French cuisines and Tapas, you should try out dining in this restaurant at least once. Consequently, you will feel like visiting here time and again. The tempting palates served here will attract you time and again. Recently, they have even added some Vietnamese dishes to the already existing amazing menu. When you step into this restaurant and check the menu, you will be spoilt for a choice. In any case, you can explore lots of food options here. Even the ambience and interior work is amazing with French inspired artwork on the walls. The staffs are very friendly and they will cater to your requirements wonderfully. It is a good idea to book in advance, especially on the weekends.

    Location: The restaurant is situated at 26 O-Connell Street, North Adelaide.

    Price: The price range is about $36 to $70 per person.  
  • 19Apothecary 1878

    This restaurant is famous for some of the Tapas and European cuisines, and you can explore different types of cuisines. You can have an elegant dining experience. The dishes are simple and at the same time they are elegant. The beautifully listed European style bar will welcome you with a warm and amazing ambience. It is one of the visually stunning restaurants, and you will love the good food. Even the service is excellent because the staffs are friendly and helpful. The cool vibes and the drinks menu will give you some awesome experience, as a whole. You can taste some Italian wine along with some French cheese which will give you a greatly satisfying experience.

    Location: You can reach the restaurant at 118 Hindley Street, Adelaide.

    Price: You can expect to pay anywhere between $95 per person to dine into this restaurant.  
  • 20Golden Boy

    The setting of the restaurant is impressive and located at the heart of Adelaide you can get easy access to this restaurant easily. Some of the main reasons for the popularity of this restaurant are the cuisines. You can expect to find Asian and Thai cuisines here. The service is fantastic, and you will have friendly staffs to serve you. You will be welcomed with a warm greeting as soon as you step into this restaurant. Even the food is served promptly and in one word it is delicious. You can try the exquisite dish of pork pancake that comes with an exquisite sauce and Padthai. The restaurant always remains busy, even on weekdays. Therefore, it is always advised to book it in advance.

    Location: You can access this restaurant at 309 North Terrace, Adelaide.

    Price: Get ready to pay around $65 per person.  
  • 212KW

    The restaurant is renowned mainly for serving modern Australian cuisines. Therefore, if you want to get some finger licking foods, this is the restaurant that you should pay a visit. The cuisines served heart can satisfy your appetite and impress your souls. Each time you visit this restaurant, you will find something introduced to the menu. You can order dishes like calamari, haloumi, mushroom patch, potatoes and Ktefa. Each of the dishes is cooked to perfection and they are served quickly. You will enjoy the warm welcome and amazing ambience of the restaurant. Do not forget to try out some impressive cocktails from the drinks menu. Following this, you can order some heart warming dishes.

    Location: The restaurant is conveniently located at 2 King William Street, Adelaide.

    Price: The menu is medium priced and affordable. 
  • 22Botanic Gardens Restaurant

    You can expect to get some amazing views from the restaurant. One of the prominent things that you will notice in this restaurant is the eye for detail and quest for perfection. This is the reason why each dish is served to perfection. You can expect to find wide varieties of food items here. If you are passionate about food, you can certainly try out different dishes at different times, and you will not be disheartened. Yes, that’s right said the food is amazing, and you will feel like coming back here time and again. Advance booking is recommended to avoid any delay.

    Location: The restaurant is located at the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide, Friend’s Gate, Place Tress Drive, North Adelaide.

    Price: Expect to pay around $70 per person.  
  • 23Estia Greek Cuisine Restaurant

    This particular restaurant specializes in authentic Greek cuisines with some fantastic wines. You can sit back and relax with an amazing outside view. The restaurant will give you the chance to enjoy some amazing heart warming and lip smacking Greek cuisines like never before in a casual and warm atmosphere. You can feel fresh Greek flavours in each served, which will satisfy you to the heart’s content. In fact, you will enjoy traditional Greek dining here because of the range of Greek dishes available here. The staffs are friendly and helpful, and they will even help you in selecting your dishes. Even the services are quick. Apart from dining in the restaurant, you also have the option of takeaways, which is served promptly.

    Location: This restaurant is situated at 255 Seaview Road, Henley Beach, Adelaide.

    Price: The approximate cost is around $40 per person. 
  • 24Kaffana

    This restaurant is popular for its cuisines like modern European, grill and Tapas. In fact, it is mainly known for the Serbian inspired feasts with chargrilled red meat and alcohol. If you have not yet visited this restaurant, it is a good idea to try out the dishes here. In fact, you will love visiting this restaurant time and again because it is one of the top listed restaurants in the city. The dishes are highly innovative, and they are mouth watering. Even the ambience is loaded with great vibe, something that you can hardly expect to get at any other restaurant. You will be intrigued about the Serbian cuisines, and everything on the menu will be a new experience for you altogether.

    Location: The restaurant can be reached at 23 Peel Street, Adelaide.

    Price: The price might range from $60 to $80 per person. 
  • 25Marrakech Restaurant

    If you are looking for some authentic Moroccan cuisines, you should definitely visit this restaurant. The meal is outstanding with a pleasant and friendly ambience. The atmosphere is very pleasant and friendly and the staffs are professional. You will not only like the entrée and the main course, but also the dessert, which gives an authentic feel altogether. The entire restaurant is beautifully decorated in a Moroccan theme, and if you want, you can even interact with the head chef. At times, the waiter seems to have no idea about the menu, but in any case, you can be assured that you will not be disappointed. Booking is not necessary, but it might be helpful at times.

    Location: You can find this restaurant at 91 O’ Connel Street, North Adelaide.

    Price: Expect to pay around $40 per person, which is pretty reasonable. 
  • 26La Trattoria

    This restaurant is mainly famous for Italian pizza as well as seafood. The tasty Italian dishes will bring water to your mouth. The sizes of the potions are pretty good. The services are good, and you will never be disappointed. Food is certainly one of the main reasons for which the restaurant is always buzzing with people. You will even love the ambience of the place that is welcoming and heart warming. The ingredients used in each dish, especially the pizza are fresh and filled with flavours. Therefore, you will never be disappointed with the servings here. Booking is not recommended, but advance booking during the weekends might turn out to be helpful.

    Location: It is rightly located at 346 King William Street, Adelaide.

    Price: A dinner meal for four people along with a bottle of wine costs around $163.  
  • 27Strathmore Hotel Stonegrill

    One of the most common attentions of this hotel cum restaurant is its burgers. Apart from that, it specializes in several other dishes that bring waters to the mouth. The modern Australian dishes along with some other fusion foods also attract the attention of large numbers of customers from time to time. You can expect to have a great dining experience at this restaurant because each of the dishes is delicious. The staffs are attentive towards the guests, and they offer prompt service. You will love the quality of the entrée, main course and the dessert. Regardless of the dish you order, you can be certain that you will not be disappointed. It is wise to book a table in advance so that the availability of seats is not a problem.

    Location: The restaurant can be accessed at 129 North Terrace, Adelaide.

    Price: Compared to the quality and standard of food, the prices are reasonable.  
  • 28Sean's Kitchen

    For getting a taste of some authentic modern Australian cuisine, you should visit this restaurant at least once. Some of the talented chefs produce authentic and innovative dishes to serve the guests. Therefore, regardless the dish you order, you can be certain that you will never be disappointed. The ambience of the restaurant is absolutely amazing, and food will be served quickly. You will enjoy the fine dining experience with the high standards of food. However, some of the dishes are dry and therefore little disappointing. It is wise to get some suggestions and recommendations from the staffs or the chef before placing any order. You will however not be disappointed with the oysters and burgers.

    Location: The restaurant is located at the heart of the city Centre at Adelaide Casino, Station Road, Adelaide.

    Price: The approximate rates are about $40 to $70 per person.  
  • 29La Tombola

    Whether you are looking for some Italian or European dishes, it is best to visit this restaurant at least once. The modern Italian cuisines served here along with a comprehensive list of wines will just mesmerize you. The staffs are very attentive towards each customer and even the standard of food is very good. Some people claim that it is slightly but overpriced, but in any case, it is worth the value for money. The fine dining restaurant will offer you a cosy and warm atmosphere for you to relax and enjoy. Parking near the restaurant is not an issue and you will be greeted by a big smile as soon as you step into the restaurant. Each dish is flavourful and comprises of fresh ingredients, which altogether enhances the standards of the dishes.

    Location: The restaurant is located at 61 Unley Road, Parkside

    Price: The average price is about $36 to $70 per person.  
  • 30Madame Hanoi

    Whether you are looking for French or Vietnamese cuisines, this is the ideal restaurant for you. You can look forward to a great dining experience with friendly and helpful staffs ready to greet you with a wide smile. You will also love the ambience of the restaurant along with the high standards of foods served here. The dishes are served promptly and there is some unique element in each dish. However, some of the dishes are bland. In any case, the beautiful blend of herbs and spices makes the food amazing. The wine list is small, but it is complete local and hence nice. Once you visit this place, you will feel like coming here time and again. Early booking is a good idea.

    Location: The restaurant is situated at Adelaide Casino, West End, Adelaide.

    Price: Expect to pay anything between $20 and $35 per person.  



North Terrace

Located at the centre of Adelaide, the North Terrace gives the insight about the culture, history and architecture of the city. There are a number of buildings and structures like War Memorial, museums, art gallery, Casino, restaurants, hotels among others. There is a lot to do in and around North Terrace. After exploring the area, you can take refuge under one of the shady trees over the bench and enjoy your lunch while watching the world around you.

Highlights: Take a tour through the cultural boulevard of the North Terrace which includes galleries, museums, university and library. Visit the Art Gallery of South Australia and the South Australian Museum. Enjoy your meal and drink at any of the several restaurants and bars in the area.

Location: North Terrace is 20 minutes drive away from Adelaide Airport. It is a few minutes’ walk away from Rundle Mall.

Timing: N/A

Price: N/A 

Semaphore Beach

Bounded by a thick border of sand dunes, the popular Semaphore Beach is a place for all those who love to explore the historical side of Adelaide and know more about the rich culture of the city. Semaphore Beach is wide long beach beautifies with expansive foreshore and boulevard which remains effortlessly adorned by Art Deco buildings. Almost a replica of the grandeur of the Palais, this is undoubtedly a fascinating location to spend quality and experience classic gourmet coupled with best in class wine collection.

Other attractions nearby includes Semaphore’s iconic Time Ball Tower, historic buildings, ferry wheel, awe some boutiques and historic pubs. So go ahead and visit the destination for good time spend. Accommodation in the nearby location remains available for the interested visitors.  

State Library of South Australia

The State Library of South Australia is the largest public research library of the state. It has materials related to the information of South Australia. It consists of a number of materials and documents of the history of the region before and after the European settlement. The Mortlock Wing is not only a public library but also an art gallery and museum. It has the rich architecture with French roof. There are collections of some of the rare books along with general and heritage books.

Highlights: Book a guided weekday tour to the library where you can browse through the extraordinary exhibitions and appreciate the spectacular architecture of the Mortlock Wing. The informative tour will enlighten you about the history and important events of South Australia.

Location: The library is located in the North Terrace.

Timing: The weekday tour starts from 11 AM and 2 PM.

Price: N/A 

Port Adelaide

Port Adelaide has a number of attractions that one cannot miss while on a trip to Adelaide. Port Adelaide has a marine setting with a number of seafaring ships and grand buildings. The place has numerous accommodation sites including hotels and self contained apartments. There are also a number of cafes, eateries and restaurants to enjoy a hearty meal. With a range of entertainment options like theatres, events and cinemas, and museums and galleries, the Port Adelaide is an intriguing place to visit.

Highlights: Port Adelaide has the largest railway museum of Australia, The National Railway Museum with over hundred exhibitions. There are South Australian Aviation Museum and South Australian Maritime Museum which are the major highlights of the suburb. There are also several pubs and wine cellars across the suburb.

Location: Port Adelaide lies fourteen kilometers away from Adelaide in the northwest.

Timing: N/A

Price: N/A 

Seacliff Beach

Situated in the City of Holdfast Bay, Seacliff Beach is a suburb of Adelaide City and this suburb is adjacent to Brighton, Kingston Park, and Seacliff Park, Mario. Being South Australia’s most popular stretch of beach, seacliff allows the tourists to experience the most amazing beach holiday ever. It is backed by a park in the south direction, two club houses, and a caravan park, accompanied by boat ramp and a car parking area. It comprises of fronting rock flats as well as a high tide sand section, with a shallow sand bar taking the rocks to the north. Offering a good and easy access and a wide range of facilities and utilities, it provides a safe swimming experience with a very gentle surf. The visitors will not be able resist such an enjoyable place where there are water sports as well.

 Highlights: swimming, surfing, fishing, sailing club, life saving club.

Adelaide Botanic Garden

Based in North Terrace, The Adelaide Botanical Garden is a great choice considering afternoon stroll or a leisure picnic. Situated over a spread of 125 hectares, this beautiful garden was opened in 1857. The best part of the garden is the Palm House which is a Victorian glass house built in 1877. Designed artistically with stained glass this is a beautiful creation. The Bicentennial Conservatory, being the largest in the southern hemisphere is also another prominent attraction here.

The opening timings of the garden varies in winter and summer months however the usual time is from 7 am to 7pm. The entry in the garden is absolutely free. Information on the garden can be collected from the centre at Schomburgk Pavilion which is open from 10am to 4pm everyday. Apart from having leisure strolls one can also enjoy Australian cuisine at the Botanical gardens Restaurant along with some of the best wines. It’s indeed a good destination to spend few hours. 

Glenelg Beach

Glenelg Beach is the most popular and sought after metropolitan beach of Adelaide city. With easy access the beach is only a 20 minutes drive from city centre or for all those who love ethnicity can ride the vintage tram in North terrace and land at Moseley Square to take a small turn and reach the wonderful location. Sandy beaches, brilliant views, rippling gush of waters, buzzing of shopping strip at Jetty road, beach sports like volleyball, nice eateries, great nightlife, the location is a jam packed entertainment package for all visitors.

Apart from all the thriving and buzzing, one can get some good ocean adventures here too which includes snorkelling and scuba diving. Dolphin sailing tours are also quite popular here. For all the enthusiastic hearts the overnight adventure on a fishing carter is truly alluring. Some of the best restaurants are present on the beach side serving a host of cuisines for all to savour. 


Waterfall Gully

Located at the foothill of the Mount Lofty range, the Waterfall Gully is famous for the First Fall waterfall. To reach the peak of Mount Lofty range, you have to traverse through the popular trail that starts from Waterfall Gully. Along the route, you can view the steep slopes of the hills covered with vegetation and forests native to this area. You can enjoy the spectacular panoramic view of Adelaide from there.

Highlights: Halt at Utopia @ Waterfall Gully to enjoy snacks, breakfast and lunch. It is located at the base of the waterfall and is the only restaurant in Australia next to a waterfall. It is accommodated in a century old stone chalet. Location: 5 Kms east from Adelaide city centre.

Timing: 6 AM to 7 PM from Monday to Sunday. During Daylight saving period the time is 6 AM to 9 PM from Monday to Sunday.
Price: N/A 


Barossa Valley and Winneries

Barossa Valley is one of the oldest wine regions of Australia. It has around hundred and fifty wineries and celler doors. The region was first occupied by Europeans in nineteenth century. The wineries are mostly open for the tourists. At some wineries you will have to take prior appointment. The valley is also renowned for its world class restaurants, fresh and seasonal agricultural products, and skilled food manufacturers. Motorbike, bicycle and hot air balloon tours are available.

Highlights: The valley has meticulously designed wine and food trail which you can traverse through bicycle. Enjoy mouth watering meal of smoked meat and fresh bread at Butcher, Baker and Winemaker Trail. You can also visit the antique shops and galleries. Hire a tour guide for the spectacular experience of the valley on a hot air balloon.

Location: Barossa Valley is located around 70 kilometres from Adelaide city centre.

Timing: N/A

Price: N/A 

Cleland Conservation Park

If you want to experience the natural and cultural beauty of Adelaide, the visit to Cleland Conservation Park is a must. The area includes the renowned Cleland Wildlife Park, the Mount Lofty Peak and the famous Waterfall Gully. There are walking as well as cycling trails that let you enjoy the varied wildlife and picturesque view of Adelaide hills.

Highlights: Cleland Wildlife Park is the habitat of hundred and thirty native Australian species. These include the kangaroos and koalas. Stop by the Cleland Cafe for a refreshing meal and coffee. The cafe uses fresh and seasonal produces for their cuisines.

Location: The protected area is located twenty two kilometres from Adelaide.

Timing: The Cleland Conservation Park is opened 24/7. The Cleland Wildlife Park is open from 9:30 AM to 5 PM.

Price: The entry fee to Cleland Wildlife Park is $22 for adults. The fee for children is $11. 

Mt. Lofty

Mount Lofty is the highest peak of the Mount Lofty ranges in South Australia. The summit offers the sweeping view of the Adelaide city. Every year a large number of tourists from all across the world visit the summit. The most popular hiking route is from Waterfall Gully. Along the trail you can enjoy the picturesque beauty of the surrounding forests. There are seven other trails which you can follow to reach the Mount Lofty Summit.

Highlights: There is a visitor’s centre where you can find all the information related to the summit and the famous attractions nearby. The shop at the centre has sells beautifully crafted gifts. Stop by the Summit Restaurant and Cafe to have a meal while enjoying the magnificent view of the Adelaide city.

Location: Fifteen kilometer away from the Adelaide city centre.

Timing: 9 AM to 5 PM, 7 days a week.

Price: N/A 

Adelaide Festival Centre

Adelaide Festival Centre is literary the art and cultural centre of South Australia. It was built in 1973, and since then the centre holds some of the most beautiful arts, performance and cultural and artistic exhibitions. With six diverse venues in two different locations, the centre entertains a large number of audiences with concerts, theatres, gallery exhibitions, performances, community events and Cabaret Festival. An hour and half tour to the Adelaide Festival Centre will give you a glimpse of the life of the performers.

Highlights: Post events, you can enjoy a casual meal at the Foyer Café or sip delicious drinks at Foyer Bars. You can also enjoy the a la carte menu from Bistro, which offers you a magnificent view of the River Torrens.

Location: The Adelaide Festival Centre is located at King William Street and is easily accessible with public transport.

Timing: N/A

Price: Varies for different events. 

Maslin Beach

Located in the suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia, Maslin Beach is a famous beach of the city of Onkaparinga and the tourists can relish the beachside experience with their family and friends. The name of this beach is kept based on the town of Maslin Beach and it refers to the South Australian suburb.. It offers an alluring scenic walk, serene conditions, as well as crystal clear water. It provides the pleasure to experience one of the most beautiful sunsets of the evening. The best attraction that it offers the visitors cliff-lined recreation reserve starting from Maslin Beach town and ending at the Balance Point in the South. The first official beach whose southern half is declared as Australia’s nude beach and this area is away from rest of the beach.

Highlights: Less crowd, Lovely sunset, Eye-soothing coastal and cliff landscape, regular as well as Nudist section and more. 

Himeji Garden

Himeji Garden provides you a safe haven away from the busy city life. It is one of the most peaceful places in Adelaide. It is a great place to enjoy some quiet moments with your loved ones. You can enjoy picnic or explore the mesmerizing garden. It was gifted to Adelaide by the sister city Himeji. There are two traditional areas - The sensui area has mountain and lake while the kare sensui area has rock garden.

Highlights: You can take a walk under the canopy of trees to reach the old fashioned teahouse. You can also visit the traditional Japanese Zen Garden. The Adelaide central market is just a few minutes ride away.

Timing: 8 AM to 5:30 PM from Sunday to Saturday. It closes at 4:30 PM on weekends and public holidays during April to September.

Price: N/A 

Christies Beach

Based at a distance from the city centre, Christies Beach is another beautiful location to visit in Adelaide. With crystal clear water and towering cliffs the place is well beautified to enjoy fascinating scenic view that mesmerizes every mind. The beach is long and spacious that makes room for all and never feels too much crowded. Covered with small eateries run by locales this is an excellent sun soaking beach where one can spend some good time in the serene ambience, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Beach sports like volleyball is common here.

For all the coffee lovers, Viscous coffee at Christies beach s quite famous and a must stop. Coupled with great local snacks this is indeed a must have.

Adelaide Hills

Adelaide hills are actually part of the Mount Lofty. In contrast to the warmer Adelaide plains, these hills have cool and crisp air and pleasant climate. There are a number of summer houses in the region with prominent European architecture. But the hills are most famous for their wineries and cellar doors. In fact, it is reputed as the one of the most prominent wine producing region across the world.

Highlights: The wineries are the major highlight of the area. There are a number of guided tours for food, fine dining and wine experience. It is also the way to reach the Mount Lofty Summit which is more than seven hundred meters above sea level, and enjoy the panoramic view. Visit the Cleland Wildlife Park to witness the native Australian wildlife.

Location: Adelaide hills are just half an hour drive from the Adelaide central business district.

Timing: N/A

Price: N/A 

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