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    Top Bangalore Resorts For Team Outing

    Bangalore, Indians city capital is the largest city full of beautiful gardens and sceneries. Ranging from pink cassias to beautiful purple jacarandas, from golden acacias to scarlet gulmohurs qualifies the city for tourist center. The diverse evergreen trees, great traditional parks, streets and bustling buildings spice the city with uniqueness and beauty. Nevertheless, balmy climate as well as metropolitan culture is one of the facets leaving tourists relaxed and in a joyous mood.

    Bangalore offers a number of resorts for team outing. Corporate teams can plan their training sessions around the some of the leading resorts with Thrillophilia including:

    • Golden Palms
    • Eagleton
    • Wonderla Resort
    • Silver Oak Farm

    For those who have had a tour to Bangalore city appreciate the beautiful flower gardens, diverse wild animals and enjoy the lake climate. The presence of several flower gardens, lakes, pools and other historical sites ensure that visitors are not left unoccupied. Moreover, the palace, precious temples and forts available present enough evidence of its sumptuous appearance. Dont forget Ulsoor Lake where great picnics take place. Leave aside natural features and diverse wildlife, the mixture of different people in the town create interesting environment for guest and tourists.

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    Friendly resorts for team outings

    Golden Palms Day Trip

    Golden Palms Resort

    Golden palms engulfed in Indian traditions, provide the best facilities for team outings. As you step to golden palms entrance, the ancient land will welcome you warmly.  The leading features that make it the ideal place for corporate outings include:

    • First class conferencing facilities
    • Superb banqueting
    • Suites
    • Standard hotels

    Focusing on accommodation facilities, large-sized VIP rooms, free parking areas, fire protection equipment and cooking facilities are available. The pool at golden palm is enough for friends and the entire family. It actually gives children enjoyable experience when trying out new and advanced pool. Additionally, next to the pool is Solaire restaurant full of varied and several Indian dishes. Golden palm which is located 1000m from the main town; it owns elaborate entrance for various guests.

    Confidence Amoon Stylish Resort

    Confidence Amoon Resort

    Confidence Amoon resort owns many interesting activities for visiting corporate teams. You can engage in a variety of activities including:

    • Swimming
    • Cricket
    • Golf
    • Badminton
    • Pool

    Delicious meals offered in this place will leave everybody amazed. Many call Eagleton a Golf village. Tourists who like nature, trek on evergreen grass with a mixture of beautiful palm trees is enough evidence of what a great day will be. Confidence is packed with;

    • 24hr swimming pools
    • Indoor games like table tennis
    • Cricket stadium
    • Childrens play ground
    • Large amphi-theatre

    Nevertheless, King Sanctuary Jungle resort is the senior most wildlife resort in the entire India. King Sanctuary houses more than 60 tigers, elephants, reptiles, birds and other mammals.  The environment here is pollution free, relaxed, and secure and population free. Heritage resort gives you a precious opportunity to watch fish shimmering, migratory birds and ancient temples. Heritage resort is actually located 1850m away from this city.

    Luxurious Wonderla Resorts

    At Wonderla Resorts, your corporate team can bring out the child hidden in them. Build within the amusement park, a mixture of nature and wildlife will leave you joyous and inspired. As you approach Wonderla, you will be welcomed by lush greenery and beautiful features. Here, your team will learn a lot at the amusement Park while swimming and enjoyingrides. Additionally, Wonderla has quality facilities such as celebration halls, dining restaurant, luxurious rooms, recreational areas and pools.

    Silver Oak Farm Resort

    The silver oak farm is a perfect place for adults and kids alike. Your team will never forget having an amazing time watching beautiful hills and touring the palaces. Nevertheless, the golf village provides everything your team would desire. From golf academy, residential enclave and hotels, the resort will give you a joyous experience. Silver Oak is full of different trees swayed by monsoons is a perfect setting for everyone to enjoy.  Games and luxurious facilities together with corporate events make this place to be perfect place for spending a weekend with your teammates.

    Eagleton Golf Village

    Eagleton Golf Village

    Spend your time along with your team tee off some amazing moments in Eagleton Golf Village. The golf course offers a diverse range of challenges on lush green rolling hills. Without concern, you have avid golfers or novices in your team, everyone can join the game and have a great time.

    The golf course delivers multiple purposes. Every team member would get the chance to enjoy to their best level while spending time in a beautiful natural oasis. The resort offers an experience that is simply unmatchable and your team would certainly thank for such a dramatic weekend experience.

    Club Cabana

    Club Cabana has a wide range of outdoor games to offer to your team including:

    • Tennis
    • Table Tennis
    • Badminton
    • Chess
    • Cards
    • Snooker
    • Bowling

    Your team members can also choose to spend the weekend in the Lazy River enjoying the mild current. Club Cabana offers the perfect setting for organizing a corporate meeting or event that can be followed by a thrilling experience.

    Magnolia - The Complete Corporate Outing Resort

    Magnolia offers a golf course, an executive floor, a poolside bar and much more to make the perfect spot for organizing a corporate team outing. You can give a relaxing experience to your team for achieving their quarterly or annual sales target. The resort offers spa, massage, local tours, games room and corporate meeting facilities.

    Feature-Rich Clarks Exotica

    If you want to reward your team for their hard work and give them a relaxing experience, head to Clarks Exotica. It is the ideal resort offering special events facilities, gym and dining options to spend an amazing weekend with your team. The resort offers lush green grounds, swimming pool and facilities for almost all types of games.

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    Ramee Guestline

    Ramee Guestline

    Ramee Guestlineoffers high-end corporate and recreational facilities that make it the ideal destination for taking your team for a relaxing weekend. The unique convention halls make it the ideal spot for organizing high-end business meetings. In addition, there are:

    • 2 big swimming pools
    • Golf Course
    • Business Center

    Then there are a number of avenues for sports activities so that your team and clients can have a great time after the meets.

    Emerald Isle

    Emerald Isle offers all the facilities required for creating the perfect combination for team outings and corporate events. The resort has:

    • 3 Conference Halls
    • Swimming pool and water slide
    • Outbound learning activities
    • Banquet gardens

    Almost 6.5 acres of the area is dedicated solely to outbound learning programmes so that you can choose any spot to engage in learning activities with your team.

    Confident Cascade

    Confident Cascade resort is perfect for team outings and you can arrange a wide range of activities including games to evoke team spirit.The resort offers:

    • Table tennis court
    • Badminton courts
    • Billiards table

    You can also play some thrilling games in and around the pool in the whitehouse.

    Park Field Resotel

    Parkfieldis a highly popular resort among corporate organizations in and around Bangalore for organizingworkshops, events, team building activities and conferences. It has vast open areas, play areas and swimming pools in addition to indoor facilities. It has a large pool that is the ideal spot for organizing a number of activities.

    Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodges

    Visit Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodges to enjoy a variety of team building activities. Corporate teams regularly visit the resort to enjoy bonfires, acid walks, paint balls and ice walks. The activities allow you to bring the teams closer and rejuvenate them to increase their performance.

    Hold Corporate Meets in Banerghatta Jungle Lodges

    Bannerghattaofferssome amazing sounds, wildlife and nature camping activities for corporate teams. You can hold your seminars, meetings and off-sites, and then spend the rest of the time exploring the wildlife and forests of this beautiful natural retreat.

    It is only 25 km from Bangalore, and offers as the perfect weekend getaway for corporate teams or for organizing corporate events. It is also the perfect spot for holding your quarterly, half-yearly or annual meetings.


    Angsanais a 4-star resort plus spa that offers a variety of activities including paintballand other sports. It is the perfect resort for holding conferences, off-sites and even dealer meets. Give your team the perfect reward by bringing them here.

    In case you need any assistance regarding the same, you can call our thrillophilia travel experts.

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