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    Rappelling in Uttaranchal

    Rappelling in Uttaranchal - You could go ahead and try rappelling, it is a fun activity and much safer as an adventure sport.

    You went trekking in Uttaranchal, enjoyed water sports and yet you have so much energy and pent up enthusiasm remaining, so why not try something else. Rappelling sport attracts many to the state of Uttaranchal every year, because anyone with basic fitness levels can indulge in it.

    When you first take a look at the surroundings where the sport is held, like rock climbing it might seem to shake you a bit, but trust us when we say it is challenging but not unsafe. It could seem a little scary because the rope always would be hanging free, sans the touching of the gear with rocks or even the walls of the cliff, but once again we shall repeat, rappelling is not tough and certainly not an adventure to be scared of. Yes, you need to have instructors around, so that you are safe and sound while enjoying this sport and Uttaranchal across its length and breadth provides you with ample places to rappel.

    Two ways to rappel

    You could go wet rappelling or dry, the choice is completely yours. In Uttaranchal when it rains, most of the kayaking expeditions comes to a halt because the rivers swell and the rapids pass grade 6 on the difficulty level, making even the most daring kayakers sit back. But the waterfalls around Uttaranchal with its amazing breathtaking views and an abundance of flora and fauna, gives you a chance to be adventurous even when it rains. And this time Uttaranchal allows you to go rappelling.

    Go back to the time when you were a child, remember getting wet or drenching yourself in the rains, what fun it isnt it? The same experience it would be when you rappel in the waterfalls of Uttaranchal. They say even a full grown adult has a child hidden and that urge would surely come out in you when you watch others rappel in the waterfalls, getting drenched and having a gala time experiencing this adventurous sport. You may have spent long hours under mighty waterfalls, but being right in the middle of the force of nature is an experience you shouldnt miss. And getting drenched in that force before it hits the rocky surface below is an experience one of a kind.

    What is wet rappelling?

    With the help of a rope that descends and using friction wisely to reach the ground through the raging waterfalls, this is known as wet rappelling. In the case of dry rappelling, you wouldnt be at waterfall sources, rather you would be engaging in the sport over small rocky terrains and cliffs. With water rappelling, you would experience descending the face of a cliff or rock and having gallons of water showering with force all over you. Your instructors would be around to help and guide you, also keep you well hooked and safe with the right techniques and gear. Hence there isnt anything to worry about, but to have fun with this very safe and totally adventurous water sport, so unlike rafting in Uttaranchal which requires skills and grade levels.

    The spots are well chosen for rappelling keeping safety in mind

    It is important to be very safe and have fun at the same time in the sport of mountain climbing and rappelling, just as it would be for any other outdoor adventurous activity, such as rock climbing or paragliding. Your instructors would always take you to safe spots to enjoy the sport, and would mount you on a top which is easily approachable.

    In the beginning you might be a bit hesitant to descend, but once you start going down, every slip makes you more confident. This would take you all the way down to the waterfall and the feeling of excitement and fulfillment would finally take over, just as it does when you go kayaking in Uttaranchal for the first time.

    The thrillophilia experience

    Imagine camping by night at the edge of the cliff and watching the mise-en-scene around as a bird would? You would see tiny hamlets across various local districts, roads that intertwine into one another as snakes, and the fields look lush and green, smoky in the evenings. All this said and then you have the cliffs face looking directly at you, challenging you to come and take the plunge, now who wouldnt want that for real? And if you still dont want to head on this venture, you always have the option of hot air ballooning to show you the length and breadth of this beautiful place.


Rappelling in Uttarakhand