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    Rappelling in Maharashtra

    Rappelling in Maharashtra is fast catching popularity; it is an exciting sport which would make you challenge your own limits and skills

    For those of you who like adventure sports and are in or around Maharashtra, there are plenty of options to choose from. You could go rafting in Maharashtra or have fun with your close ones rappelling as well. There is always something to make your adrenaline rush and water sports and adventure are great ways to release all that pent up energy. The monsoons in Maharashtra bring about a range of activities for you to do, and if you like trekking through the wilderness, water rappelling, or even water rafting; Maharashtra is the place to be.

    Why this sport is a hit in Maharashtra

    The hills and rocky slopes that surround Maharashtra gives the adventure seeker unlimited fun. Descending from waterfalls with the help of ropes and descenders is an experience which cannot be penned down in a few words. One can only imagine the feeling when descending down rapids and gushing waters from the various waterfalls around. The high volumes of water forcing itself through the rugged terrains, makes water rappelling a noteworthy adventure sport.

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    Bring out the bravery in you

    Rappelling is an exciting and a very adventurous sport to experience, but you need to always have trained and certified instructors around to keep you safe and sound. Remember, while rappelling one could face issues such as suffocation, loss of breath and other breathing issues, especially when the forces of the waterfall take over and you are descending with the force of nature. In some cases you could also turn upside down when you slip and fail to hold your foot against a rocky slope. Hence it is very important that one should only practice this adventurous sport under the watchful eyes of an instructor around. And if you know you wouldnt be physically fit to go rappelling, you could try other adventure sports around in Maharashtra, such as rafting, camping, or even paragliding as well.

    Give it a try and know the experience

    You have experienced trekking in Maharashtra and enjoyed it thoroughly, now its time you experience rappelling as well. Maharashtra has plenty of waterfalls and rugged regions where rappelling can be performed, but there is an age limit and a need to be physically active to indulge in this sport. Young teenagers can also indulge in kitesurfing activities as well.

    The best time for rappelling trips

    Usually it would be the monsoons, because the waterfalls would be brimming and overflowing at this time, making it ideal for tourists to come rappelling in Maharashtra.

    Famous spots for the adventure sport would be

    • Tighar
    • Kondava
    •  Malshej
    •  Vihigaon
    • Ullhas valley
    • Bhivpuri waterfalls
    • Khunewadi falls

    Dont miss out on Mahabaleshwar and Karjat

    In Sanskrit, Mahabaleshwar means the God of great Power, and we wouldnt disagree with that. Take a look at the breathtaking flora and fauna, the wildlife and the landscapes around this place and you would know why it is a haven for adventure seekers. While trekking in Maharashtra you would see there is a graying old world charm in conjunction with modern day life around here. Plenty of peaks, valleys, flora, chill air, and fresh flowers and exotic plants to seduce the nature lovers minds. No wonder Mahabaleshwar is known to be Maharashtras best hill station, and for your information it was once the haunt of the British Raj as well.

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    Things you could enjoy in this place would be

    1. Trekking
    2.  Rappelling
    3. Rope Climbing
    4. Wild Life & Adventure
    5. Mahabaleshwar Sightseeing , and
    6. Camping

    A little about rappelling in Karjat

    On the outskirts of Mumbai lies Karjat, and with immense rocky slopes and vertical rock edifices to its name, trekking and rappelling has off late become a craze in this region. Imagine being tied to a long rope and descending with the help of anchors and descendants, while the warm sunny summer breeze hits your face and flows through your hair?  This is all possible when you take an hour and a half drive from Mumbai and head towards Karjat. The best time to go here would be the monsoons, when the waterfalls are swollen and the fun and excitement is on the double.

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Rappelling in Maharashtra

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