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    Rajasthan Trek

    Rajasthan Trek -With rich history and vibrancy of colors to its name, Rajasthan doesnt fail to impress the weary traveler.

    If you thought Rajasthan was all about sight seeing and festivals, be surprised for there are a lot of reasons for you to get your adrenaline rushing. As a trekkers paradise, Rajasthan doesnt disappoint, since there are many options to trek and the adventurous at heart would be satiated no doubt.

    Trekking tours are conducted all over Rajasthan throughout the year, especially with the Rajasthan Wildlife Tour that brings the best of all trekking expeditions to fulfill your adventurous needs.

    Suggestions from thrillophilia

    1. If you are looking for an experience unmatched, one should then check out the Aravalli Trek. Home to the best trekking spots around Rajasthan, the wildlife and locations encompassed will thrill you and make you want to come back for more. This is a moderately rated trekking tour and one would enjoy it nevertheless. Keep at least a week in hand to explore and sight see with the help of the elephant safari. Your cameras would do a lot of work since the picturesque effect of the trekking spots is mind blowing. There is always something for every individual trekker to feast their visual senses on. Keep a week and a half in hand to enjoy this expedition.
    2. The Mount Abu Trek, getting around Kumbalgarh and even exploring Rawali Tatgarh should also be on your itenary. For those of you who are willing to strain a little more, the Guru Shikar trek should be your calling. It sits pretty at the top of the highest peak in the Aravalli range. Campfire nights are organized at the end of the day and one can unwind and relax under the star studded skies, mesmerized by the pleasures of the trekking experience gone by. 
    3. If you would like to experience trekking through the wildlife scenario in Rajasthan, the Godwar Circuit looks promising. Enjoy the Thar Desert using a jeep safari in all her glory, bare and yet welcoming, ride the famous Marwari horses, roam the plains and hills of the Marwar (or watch them via hot air ballooning tours) dominance and unwind at Mount Abu after the long trail. You would need around a week to enjoy this whole expedition of dune bashing.
    4. Another promising trekking trail in Rajasthan would be the Mewar-Aravalli circuit. Roaming through Narlai, riding Marwari horses, criss crossing the Aravallis etc, all in all its rated as a moderate based expedition, so no slogging there. Once again to enjoy such an expedition you would need around a week and a half to do so.
    5. Finally, of what use would it be to visit Rajasthan and not trek on the ship of the desert? The famous Camel Safari in Rajasthan beckons. Aptly rated as moderate on the difficulty level, you would be trekking through the dunes of the desert, right from Meghwalon-Ki-Dhani to Dhingsari. On this trek you would travel through various villages and hamlets, experiencing the rich heritage and culture of Rajasthan in all her glory, join the fun with microflight flying as well.

    The best time for all the trekking expeditions would be winters, however, seasonal treks are carried out on all days of the year!!

Trekking in Rajasthan

About the Activity:Lebua Resort, Jaipur consists of modern Indian tents for the traveler who appreciates a distinct, luxurious experience of local origin. Adjacent to the 16th-century Amber Fort, Lebua Lodge offers an ever-changing mosaic of color, form and patterns that invite intimate dialogue between man, nature and design. The futuristic cube-like tents are set in a sculpted landscape against a backdrop of rocky hills. Lebua Resort, Jaipur has air-conditioned tent boasts unrestricted hill views, with light- filtering curtains, a private pavilion, and the sumptuous comfort of an att
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A luxury guest house awaits you on the outskirts of Mount Abu so that you can experience the true essence of rich and beautiful Rajasthani culture with your loved ones! The new furnished rooms of this exclusive royal residence are open to public for a true luxury experience! The residence of the royal family of Rajputana is certified by the Government as a heritage building; what more do you need to experience true luxury in beautiful, beautiful Rajasthan? This villa is situated on a small hill and is surrounded by large rocks and flora that will make you fall in love with the place. Wi
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Krishna Niwas, Mount Abu is a heritage guest house built in colonial style and is located close to Adher Devi temple in Mount Abu. This place was a vacation house of Madame Elizabeth Sharpe of the East India Company and is one of the best among 52 Kothis in Mount Abu. This place is now restored to its originality keeping the heritage intact and put open to the interested visitors looking for comfortable stay in a peaceful environment. Krishna Niwas serves only vegetarian food. The rooms are air-conditioned, spacious, well ventilated with wall to wall carpet and equipped with all mode
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