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    Rafting in Maharashtra  

    It does have two famous spots for river rafting.

    Rafting in Maharashtra? It takes you by surprise doesnt it? Well the same would happen to anyone who never looked beyond the glitz and glamour of Maharashtra confined to Mumbai or Pune. There is much more to do in Maharashtra than what is thought about the state otherwise, and if you are an adventure seeker like the rest of us, be assured you dont have to travel too far to enjoy rafting adventures.

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    Your thirst for thrills and excitements comes closer to you than you thought. A drive which is just two and a half hours away from the hustle and bustle of crowded Mumbai or Pune, and you reach the rafters haven, Kundalika.

    What is so great about river rafting in Kundalika?

    From the cozy belly of the Sahyadri hills flowing into the Arabian Sea, river Kundalika now has become a paradise for river rafters and for those who wish to go camping in Maharashtra. The river Kundalika actually begins it journey in Bhira which is a small town in Maharashtra. On either side of its banks are three most important towns, namely Salav, Roha and Kolad. With the help of advanced irrigation methods, thanks to the well known Tata Powers Mulshi Dam project, the river is fed every morning and is perfect for rappelling in Maharashtra.

    Within an hour of its release from the Dam, the river starts to swell. While you raft in the waters of the river or indulge in kayaking, you would find many small hamlets and retreat centers along the banks of the river. In addition to that, the locals have taken to grow water melon and mangoes as their chief fruits, and nachni and rice as their main farm crops. This is because the waters of the river have deep concentration of rich minerals necessary for the cultivation of these plants and fruits.

    Coming back to the adventure of Kundalika

    Talking about the river rafting adventure you can have and enjoy at Kundalika, there are ample ways for you to enjoy the offerings of the dam. Every year there are thousands of adventure seekers from the nearby metropolitan cities throng the river to quench their passion for adventure sports such as river rafting. Rafting on the Kundalika is done with the help of the gushing rapids generated by the dam.

    Difficulty levels: Grade 2 and 3

    The total length of the river rafting circuit offered by Kundalika is of fourteen kilometers. And when the monsoons hit the river and region, plus with the immense rushes of water being released by the dam, the camping adventure is double the fun to say the least.

    Best time to be at Kundalika is during the onset of the south west monsoons. Summers have no fun at this spot, since scarcity of water hits the region.

    Karjat and river rafting

    Thanks to Karjat, adventure seekers around the state of Maharashtra have another option to fulfill their adventurous passion of river rafting. At a height of 636 feet and on the banks of the Ulhas River, when the monsoons begin around the region, this place is a spectacle to nature lovers camping there and river rafters.

    What you would find around

    1. Plenty of waterfalls cascading and keeping you spell-bound to begin with
    2. The hills are soaked as waters overflow and gush down forming rapids, perfect for the river rafter who wants to challenge nature
    3. The terrains are pristine and verdant to say the least, and with breath taking views that can keep you hooked, Karjat is slowly making waves as a well known river rafting spot

    The best time to be at Karjat

    As with Kundalika, the best time to be at Karjat for adventure seeking thrills and river rafting would be the monsoons. The upper portions of river Ulhas provides plenty of river rafting opportunities and thrills.  You should be at the Kondana Village camping, which is around fifteen kilometers from Karjat to enjoy the adventure in totality. Ideally, July till September would be the best time to be at this region.

    If you do plan a river rafting trip to one of these places, do check out thrillophilia first!!

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