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  • 01Places to Visit in Reykjavík

    1. Visit Hallgrímskirkja
    2. Attend concert at Harpa, while enjoying the landscape of Iceland
    3. Take a Golden Circle Tour
    4. Dine at Perlan while enjoying the city view
    5. Visit the Sun Voyager
    6. Visit Icelandic Phallological Museum
    7. Visit National Museum of Iceland
    8. Relive the Viking days at Reykjavík 871±2
    9. Rediscover the child in yourself at Fjölskyldu- og Húsdýragarðurinn
    10. Feel like a rockstar at The Icelandic Punk Museum
    11. Visit the Saga Museum
    12. Take a stroll at Austurvöllur
    13. Take a dip at Laugardalslaug
    14. Visit the artificial hot spring at Nauthólsvík
    15. Visit the famous Tjörnin lake
    16. Walk between two Continents at Þingvellir national park
    17. Hvalvatn
    18. See the northern lights 
    19. Tke a spa at Blue Lagoon
    20. Enjoy Nordic cuisine at Dill bistro
    21. Visit the Whale Museum 
    22. Visit the berlin Wall in Iceland
    23. Enjoy Viking Horse-Riding
    24. Take a Glacier and The National Park Tour with Cave Exploration at Snæfellsjökull 
    25. Take a ATV Quad Adventure at "Twin peaks"
    26. Shop at Álafoss for hand made Woolen Products 
    27. Stroll the trails of Elliðaárdalur
  • 02Places to Visit in Akureyri

    28. Find the Northern Lights
    29. Go skiing at Hlíðarfjall
    30. Visit Akureyri Church
    31. Go to the Arctic Botanical Gardens
    32. Go Whale Watching
    33. Go Horseback Riding
    34. Visit the Laufás Turf Homes
    35. Visit Jólagarðurinn
    36. Go on a family day out at Kjarnaskógur
    37. Eat icecream at Brynjuís
    38. Attend Akureyri Motor Event
    39. Visit Akureyri Art Museum
    40. Visit Hof Cultural Centre
    41. Take a Dive at Silfra
    42. Go river rafting in Skagafjörður
    43. Visit Motorcycle Museum of Iceland
    44. Visit Godafoss Waterfall
    45. Eat at Strikið
    46. Visit Pollurinn

  • 03Places to Visit in Hafnarfjörður

    47. Visit Reykjanesfólkvangur
    48. Visit Kleifarvatn largest lake of Iceland
    49. Relive the history at The Viking Village
    50. The Elf Walk in Hellisgerdi Park
    51. Witness the Viking festival
    52. Lord of the Ring fan? Visit Hellisgerdi Park 
    53. Enjoy Horse riding at Íshestar
    54. Camping at Hafnarfjörður
    55. Visit Hidden Worlds
    56. Attend a Rock concert at Rock n' Roll capital of Iceland
    57. Attend The Bright days festival
    58. Go swimming at Geothermal Swimming Pools at Hafnarfjörður
    59. Enjoy a game of Handball
    60. Go Scuba Diving in Geothermal Lakes
    61. Try your luck in Fishing 
    62. Visit The Hafnarfjordur Centre of Culture and Fine Art
    63. Shop at Alfagull
    64. Go seal spotting at Yntri Tunga Beach
    65. Try seafood at Tilveran Restaurant
    66. Go on a nature walk at Krýsuvík
    67. Attend Seaman’s Day Festival
  • 04Other Places to Visit in Iceland

    68. Visit Svartifoss waterfall
    69. The Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft
    70. Visit Hvítserkur, The Stone Monster
    71. Jokulsárlón
    72. Visit the volcanic Kerid Crater Lake
    73. Explore the Lava cave, Búri
    74. Climb into the heart of Thrihnukagigur Volcano
    75. Listen to the tales of sea monster at Skrímslasetrið
    76. Visit The Arctic Henge
    77. Dive into lava-rock cliffs
    78. Visit Niagara of Iceland, Dettifoss
    79. Explore the blood-red tunnel of hardened lava, Leiðarendi Lava Tube
    80. Experience Marce on Earth at Námaskarð
    81. Visit Keldur Hall
    82. Visit Öskjuvatn and Viti Lakes
    83. Visit Búðakirkja, The Black Church
    84. Visit Sigurgeirs Bird Museum
    85. Go watch Arctic Circle Marker
    86. Beer fan? Visit Giant Viking beer can in Akureyri
    87. Visit the mysterious Drangurinn Rock
    88. Eat at Geysir Glíma Restaurant
    89. Enjoy the The Volcano Show at Red Rock Cinema
    90. Experience folklore at Selárdalur Valley
    91. Visit Volcanic Island of Heimaey
    92. Experience the power of nature at Skeiðará Bridge Monument
    93. Visit the Icelandic lava field at Krafla
    94. Climb the highest mountain of Iceland, Hvannadalshnjúkur on the rim of the Oræfajökull volcano
    95. Visit Iceland's largest hot spring, Gunnuhver
    96. Visit Petra's Stone and Mineral Collection
    97. Visit the famous Seljalandsfoss waterfall
    98. Enjoy Icelands native food at Grillmarkaðurinn
    99. Eat at Kopar
    100. Enjoy delicious Fish at Fish Company
    101. Eat mussels at Kol Restaurant

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