Pankhasari Trek provides an opportunity to you to experience crossing over from sub-tropical to temperate zones.

Pankhasari Trekking trails in the great Himalayan ranges are the ones that will attract you the most.

The Himalayan Treks offers trekking and mountaineering expedition opportunities to tourists seeking adventure. While trekking in Pankhasari, you will get to see exotic varieties of Himalayan flora, bird, and wildlife along this route. Trekking in Pankhasari has its own charm. 

How to get there

By Air: From Delhi to Bagdogra Airport and a 4 hours journey by road will take you to Darjeeling.

By Train: From Delhi to NJP Railway Station

Nearest Town: Kalimpong / Siliguri

Distance: Delhi - Bagdogra 1467 km

Exact Location: Pankhasari which is used for trekking runs roughly north to south and separates Himalayan West Bengal from other Eastern Himalayan ranges.

Best Time to visit: March to May


  • It is advisable to carry ones own provisions while trekking.
  • Foreigners must be in the possession of an Indian visa before arriving in India.
  • Indian tourists require no entry permits into Sikkim, except when traveling to the restricted areas.
  • A trek to this region is still permitted barring some points close to the borderline.
  • Prospective visitors to this area should enquire with their trek organizers for details for an alternative itinerary.

Other Information

Darjeeling is a must-visit place. 

The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, the Snow Leopard Breeding Centre and a major Tibetan Buddhist monastery.You also have the chance to take a ride on the famous Toy Train and wander around the busy bazaar area.